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director of bema productions\' from door to door inspired by gran

by:Marslite     2019-09-09
Content: where is the door from door to door: Congregation Emanu-
El black box theater, 1461 Brand Street
Open at 7: 30 on Saturday. m.
Continue tickets on January 15, 17, 19 and 22: $20 for rocket tickets (250-590-
6291 or ticketrocket. co)
Her memories (sometimes)
Attracting Zelda Dean to her unhappy grandmother in the drama directed by congration Emanu --El.
\"She\'s not an easy-to-get-along woman,\" says Dean, who hosts the comedy --
Drama from door to door.
James Sherman\'s game is 154 on Saturday night-year-
Old Congregation Emanu
El, the oldest continuously active synagogue in Canada.
Dean, 75, happens to be the office manager of the synagogue.
She is also a veteran of theater, performing and directing more than 120 plays professionally.
Dean runs two dinner theaters in Calgary and creates Beth Israel Players in the city, the first Jewish theater company in Western Canada.
Bema Productions is staged by door to door (
The name comes from the Hebrew word \"bima\", the altar of the Torah).
Created by Dean, the team has now entered its third season, including professional lighting designer Annie Weeks.
The actor from one door to the other is Christine upright (Equity actor)
There are also Pam Miller and Katya Delancy.
\"People are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work we do.
\"We are not just an amateur company,\" Dean said . \".
Door-to-door is the story of three generations of women --
A grandmother who had been troubled by her immigrant past, daughter and granddaughter.
The schedule is from 1936 to 1999.
During this period, the audience learned about the compromises and joys that these women experienced in their lives.
Dean said her own grandmother, a survivor, lived in \"terrible fear\" as she fled Cossack\'s raid on the Russian Jewish community \". “That’s why [
From door to door]spoke to me.
My grandmother is a strong woman and I don\'t remember her laughing so much.
I didn\'t understand what she was going through until I grew up.
Bema Productions was founded after Dean and others held the festival to mark the anniversary of the Emanu-150. El.
Its first one is 17 stories, a drama Dean commissioned by Caroline Russell about personal lossKing.
This 2014 production means a lot to Dean.
She returned to the theater 15 years later. year absence.
During this period, she and her husband raised their grandchildren after their daughter died.
Bema production\'s shows\'s show includes a survival guide for the old lady named the best drama last year at the Victoria Fringe drama festival.
Last March, Africa
The profit company performed a violin show on the roof, raising $4,000 for the Syrian refugee family rally Emanu
El is a sponsor.
\"I want to use drama in a good way,\" Dean said . \".
\"What we are doing is using the theater so that people can help people.
No one is paid;
The participants were volunteers.
Profits from the latest show will be used to buy stage lights for future works.
The goal of Bema Productions is to stage plays that allow the audience to think and entertain.
Dean stressed that it is not necessary to be a Jew to participate in the Bema production program.
Part of its mission is to accommodate the entire community.
\"We are a theater group,\" she said . \"
\"We just happened to live outside the synagogue.
\"Time colonists.
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