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director kshitish date on what went into the making of the award-winning play

by:Marslite     2019-09-21
Kshitish Date talked in a few hours on today\'s stage aesthetically dealing with such a sensitive topic because of the times we lived when we heard the word \"item\"
Goods or products)
Not the first thing I thought.
Instead, we believe that the item number or item number is referencedlooking girl.
The project song not only objectively targets women, but also conveys the message that the girl is called the project, thus strengthening the male gaze. Pune-
The naatak company\'s drama solved the problem in a unique way. Set in the B-
The film tells the story of Sapna Shetty, who is a newbie and she gradually gets rid of her bondage and becomes a superstar.
Her story is told through the eyes of her assistant, L Rakesh, and how the male Shawen society uses the image of a woman to sell its products.
The director of the show has captured two meitas (
Outstanding Performance in the drama award)
2018. discuss how to deal with such a sensitive topic beautifully on the stage.
In the theater world, there has been rampant dialogue on parental, feminist and equality.
Afterwards, they helped me express my thoughts and opinions while directing the show.
Gave us a chance to narrow down and take 90-minute play.
We also discussed the issue with the actors to see how they see it and whether they have faced it as well.
Whether it\'s in movies, advertising, theater, any form of pop culture or media, we can notice the objectification and merchandising of women in each medium.
We read a lot about it and discussed it in detail.
When we were writing the script, I had already begun to imagine how the show looked on stage.
There is a dirty studio floor, a rusty light rack, etc.
It was very interesting for me to direct the show and rebuild the studio on stage.
The bed plays a very important role.
Setting is the setting of B-Grade film.
In such a scenario, all activities are carried out around implantation.
For this story that has to be told on the screen, the importance is very low.
The producers of these films are well aware that they want to entertain and entertain people.
Manipulating the double bed on the stage and letting the light man stand around it, the photographer moving around it is a task.
Ensemble actors include light men and live boys to see the whole play from their eyes and perspective.
L Rakesh is a light boy who has existed for so many years.
He accepted the reality of life and did not hesitate about it.
No character in the play makes a sound to the system.
In fact, they have accepted the way things work, which is a statement in itself.
We watched several movies.
It\'s a very tiring experience to look at them completely, obviously because of the content ().
We went to the studio where these films were filmed and asked the manager how many films were made and what the duration was.
Because we learned that the three films were filmed in 10 days, the reality is even more terrible.
Only actors will change because the main settings are the same.
We bought sex magazines that were available at railway booths, and I asked the actors to read aloud so that they could correctly express the wording and nuances and understand the thinking processes of these people.
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