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denmark martyr museum draws controversy for including terrorists in exhibit

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
The Martyrs Museum features historical heroes like Joan of Arc and some of the perpetrators of the recent terrorist attacks.
The idea is to try to understand what drives some people to dedicate their lives to a cause.
Who is a martyr?
Behind this seemingly simple question is a controversial new exhibition by Danish artists, which has sparked heated debate.
Even before the opening of the exhibition, known as the Martyrs Museum in May 26, critics claimed it supported terrorism, which Danish Culture Minister Bertel Haarder described as \"crazy \".
\"The controversy focuses on the portrayal of historical figures such as Socrates and Joan of Arc in the vicinity of modern times --
Suicide Bombing
The exhibition is hidden in a former slaughterhouse behind Copenhagen\'s central railway station. Its white-
The walls of the tiles are lined with portraits and \"reconstructed artwork\", such as the poison vial that Socrates drank after being sentenced to death and the podium where the doctor is located
Martin Luther King
Delivered his \"I Have a Dream\" speech.
But that was twice. a-
Day guides led by actor Morten Hee Andersen say the space is brought to life with music and stage lights.
In part, when the guide fell on the floor to tell the story of Maximilian Colbe, the visitor was locked in a meat locker, a Franciscan friar, he voluntarily replaced the Jews who starved to death in the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.
In addition, the tour guide assumes the position of the lotus flower, telling the self of 1963 with trembling hands
Thich Quang Duc set himself on fire, and he spent his life protesting the treatment of Buddhists in southern Vietnam.
Photos of the incident shocked the world, when the United StatesS.
Involved in the Vietnam War.
Finally, the most important part of the headline news is: in a room, the reconstructed artifacts flashing under the flash hit closer to home.
A keyboard that melts from the zero point of Sept.
11 attacks in New York
Portrait of Muhammad Atta, one of the people who carried out the attack.
And a portrait of two brothers, Ibrahim El-
Set off his Bakraoui and Khalid el-during a march at Brussels Airport-
An hour later, Bakraoui detonated himself at the subway station.
There was a crumpled coffee cup in the airport and a nail display that was used as shrapnel in the attack.
In these artifacts, it is here, and the guide talks about Omar Ismail mostrfay\'s speech to the hostages in the Paris attacks of last November on good and evil, the attack killed more than 100 people.
Critics say it was a provocative act to sell tickets.
Artist Henrik grimbock says this is not the case.
The word \"martyrdom\" has appeared more and more in our minds since 9/11.
\"If we don\'t talk about our time while doing this show, it\'s going to be weird in many ways,\" grimäck said . \".
Ida Grarup, the artist\'s companion, says the show does not recognize this behavior, but rather tries to explore many definitions of the word \"martyrs.
\"Looking at the world through the eyes of these terrorists is a few minutes different from compassion or understanding them,\" Grarup said . \".
Not everyone agrees.
\"I don\'t like relativity.
I think they\'re relativists, \"said Alex arundson, a right-wing culture spokesman.
Danish People\'s Party.
\"If you are a Westerner, you must take a stand.
You might say that there are martyrs in Islam.
But we don\'t think they\'re martyrs. They\'re murderers.
They\'re terrorists.
\"The artists note that some of their most outspoken critics are also staunch supporters of the Danish newspaper that published the Prophet Muhammad\'s inflammatory cartoons 10 years ago.
\"A lot of Danes feel that freedom of speech is a very important thing and they like to talk about it.
But when something they don\'t necessarily agree with happens, it\'s not freedom of speech, it\'s wrong, \"says Sociology student Tea Ingemann Olsen, who spent two hours visiting the Museum of martyrs.
But in a country where the tradition of freedom of speech is very strong, few critics really suggest closing the exhibition.
\"This is an ignorant, stupid exhibition without any deeper knowledge.
But they have the right to do so, \"said arundsen, spokesman for the Danish People\'s Party.
\"I don\'t have to go if I don\'t like it.
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