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defects in led lighting

by:Marslite     2019-12-28
LED with its great advantages in its excellent energy saving function, is becoming more and more popular in this era of energy shortage, and of course it is the first choice for people.
Almost all of the lighting industry has begun to enter the LED lighting industry.
There is no doubt that the development of the LED industry has a huge space and broad prospects.
At present, compared with traditional lighting, LED has a relatively small market share.
Although LED has always been a hot topic, we must be soberly aware that there are still some problems in the current LED lighting industry.
Although LED lighting is very energy efficient, there are also some defects.
The first is its weight.
This LED has to be much heavier than a traditional light, as it is equipped with a cooling fin.
Therefore, its weight is a big challenge for the lamp holder.
Second, the life problem.
The key factor that determines its life is the drive board inside it.
Sometimes the Wick will be damaged first, but the driving system will not be damaged.
In addition, its luminous output is seriously degraded, so it is difficult to maintain in areas with high voltage fluctuations and serious interference around it.
The second is efficiency including PF value and system efficiency.
The most popular design is the PFC style adopted due to the low current LED power.
If the LED wants to be the most popular lighting product, the above issue must be addressed.
Despite the above defects, the LED is still a perfect replacement for home lighting.
Focus on brand building, lighting production and other aspects, and improve its practicality.
The relevant chips are: 5TUZ47C.
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