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dancing in the dark: new york club turns lights out

by:Marslite     2019-10-14
With gorgeous lights and lasers increasingly becoming the norm for concerts, a promoter in New York is trying a new effect to bring the focus back into the music-darkness.
In an experiment on Friday night, more than 300 electronic music enthusiasts gave up their smartphones dancing under the lights --
Sealed rooms when their senses recalibrate the audio.
When the DJ warms the crowd with dance, after the first hour of moderate lighting --
Friendly Family Music, the stage turned black except for a lamp
The Eprom\'s light bulb during the main disc has a heavy track, but the bass has a quirky melody riff.
\"We want people not to be distracted by shiny objects and to focus more on what the actual product is.
The concert is about music, \"said Jay Rogovin, executive consultant at the good-looking group entertainment agency, which made its debut on the first\" light souut \"show.
Hope to further shake the senses, the light show--
A knitting factory in Brooklyn. -
At a few points, the Red Flash flashed in shock to remind the crowd of darkness.
The settings seem to ease the suppression with some clubs-
The audience throws their arms into the air with a happy abandonment, otherwise this abandonment may be hindered by the selfconsciousness. -
Please don\'t call
How difficult it is to prove zero
The concept of distraction may be that at least one person is smuggled into a mobile phone, and as is common in the program, he keeps sending messages to his friends all night.
On arrival, fans were asked to store their phones at start-up firm Yondr.
While they were allowed to keep their phones until they left, the devices were still locked inside when the staff opened the bags using techniques similar to department store safety labels.
Despite the theme, the club is hardly on the court-
Black, no one fumbles in the dark.
In addition to the lighting red emergency exit required by law, the light in the corridors and bathrooms also permeates, and the bartender also puts it on several tables --
Lights and candles.
Minimum lighting is unsupervised, says Rogovin.
Pro moters believes that some minor importance is maintained for security reasons to prevent people from tripping over each other. -
Response to effect overload
Stage drama has a long history in pop music, and the emergence of electronic music in the 1970 s brought a variety of visual ideas.
Jean-French pioneer in electronic music-
Michelle JAL has found a complementary form of expression through elaborate lighting performances that sometimes cover the whole city, while German innovators such as Kraftwerk and orangesbased music.
However, with the rapid popularity of electronic dance music in recent years, becoming the pillar of the summer music festival, visual effects have become essential --
Light that has little to do with sound.
In the UK, the dark concert also began, and last year the blackout performance brought experimental music without lights.
The \"dark dining\" that started in the late 1990 s followed a similar philosophy in the restaurant ---
Especially Paris.
Chain-based Dans Le Noir--
Food is served in the dark, designed to encourage diners to zero their tastes.
The latest New York concept comes from Rogovin\'s colleague, Blake Oates, who has tried the idea on a small scale in Atlanta.
Rogovin plans more New York versions.
Although he wants to bring the series elsewhere, he doesn\'t fantasize about standing against it. MTV revolution.
He suspected that the dark concert could accommodate more than 600 people due to logistical and security issues.
But he hopes that light souut will be seen as \"a little more mature\" compared to the kitschier party in New York, such as a video Carnival --game themes.
\"We\'re really trying to make people experience more, think more, not just binge --y feel.
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