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dance teachers: please put some clothes on your students

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
We need to talk, dance teacher.
You have to stop letting the kids dance in public in their underwear.
Maybe you added some rhinestones to your underwear, or you strategically placed a piece of chiffon somewhere, but come on. . .
Underwear is Underwear. we all know it.
Dance parents, even if your dance teacher thinks it\'s okay, you shouldn\'t allow your child to do so.
I went to dance shows and competitions and felt like I was wearing the Emperor\'s New Clothes.
\"Of course, of the hundreds of adults present, I am not the only one who thinks it is inappropriate to have the child come on stage and dance in shorts. Am I?
You may want to know what qualifies me to make such a point, so this is my seniority: it is certainly enough to convince you that I am an expert in dance competitions. . .
But I was considered a stubborn person. it-
Please feel free to ignore my impressive resume before that and blame it on my annoying.
It won\'t be the first time I \'ve made a strong opinion that I\'m sure is irrefutable, just to have people tell me I\'m a jerk.
I\'m not a serious man.
If you know me, you will know that I am good at nitpicking and have a strong liberal tendency.
I am open to most things, especially art.
But as the years passed, I saw the children\'s dance costumes getting smaller and smaller. . .
Well, the costume seems to have completely disappeared, replaced by what they call \"hot shorts\" or \"lantern pants\", wearing Victoria\'s Secret bra when they perform for the audience, under the light of the stage.
I don\'t know what I find most objectionable. sending 8-year-
Wear it like this or send it 17-year-
Young people in this dress
Maybe dance teachers think they dress students like the people they are eager to be. . .
Maybe a vague Copeland or Beyonce.
So, I\'ll show you one: Misty Copeland is not covered up by this photo or the incredible business story she took for the lower armor movement. But. . .
I adore Beyonce and think of her as a positive example of empowering girls.
Obviously, she doesn\'t wear much in this picture.
But I think even the lady.
Carter is going to show off the objectionable C: I can go ahead and talk about this picture and this 6-years-
When the video went viral a few years ago, olds\'s performance almost detonated the Internet.
This is the definition of \"not suitable for their age.
\"But I only focus on clothing now.
I \'ve seen dozens of teenagers dancing in \"costumes\", like the show D at competitions and recitals: Do you understand what I mean?
She\'s not as naked.
However, please note that she is in the rehearsal space, and no one else in the photos and catalogue calls it \"sportswear \".
\"For dancers to be able to see their bodies, it is important to check their bodies and lines during class in front of the ruthless mirror.
But is dance class one thing in front of the audience? I vote no.
This trend seems to begin when young dancers no longer wear tights.
But you can dance barefoot in tights without feet.
At least one layer of tights can be added.
I was sitting next to a man in a match recently and he told me he couldn\'t watch a dancer like this --
It made him very uncomfortable, he said, so during these numbers he rolled on Facebook.
His daughter is only seven years old. . .
When she was a teenager, they probably just wore a thong and shorts.
I think the costume should be to enhance the story of the dance work or advance the dance.
Look at Exhibit E: what story are you telling and asking girls to wear a bikini while dancing on a pole?
Perhaps the dance teacher who does this is actually preparing a career as a porn dancer for the kids.
I don\'t object to porn dancers. I enjoy it. Doing a strip show. .
When the performer is over 21 and everyone in the audience is over 21, I am enjoying a delicious cocktail.
In the \"family friendly\" dance competition. . not so much.
Now, I realize that there are some people who perform in public wearing very little clothes --
Like track and field stars or gymnasts.
They are dressed in aerodynamic clothes that help improve speed, or because anything else is going to get wrapped together on the uneven bars, they are wearing leotards.
Of course, dance teachers have to make sure that the costumes they choose do not trip their dancers and do not get in the way of their movements.
But there is a good taste and I don\'t want to tell you, but you have crossed this line, dance teacher.
Dance teacher, please reconsider your dress selection.
Dancing parents, please say your objections if you have such a dress.
There are few such outfits that don\'t make the dance more competitive, and parents shouldn\'t be afraid to express their concerns about unembodied clothing.
Maybe I\'m wrong, maybe I\'m just a jerk, but I think our kids deserve better. Stay tuned. . .
In future posts, I will provide my expert opinion on waves, leg stretches, crotch shoot, props, music selections, etc.
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