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By elaine louieoct.
Renovated outlet nightclub, below, open to the public on Saturday, spraying sweaty, dancing bodies with a fog machine.
The club is also equipped with Gobos--
Templates that can be projected--
Therefore, the silhouette or logo of the customer can be transferred to the floor.
David Marvisi, the owner of the club, designed it to be constantly changing, so customers can customize fashion shows and corporate parties.
Little Vasquez, head D. J.
There is a booth on the hydraulic lift. The in-
House painters can also customize the walls (
Orange on Halloween).
The Blue Room turned white and the circus room. -
There are many colors on the wall, \"said Jessica Gira, chief operating officer for export.
The acrobats will perform on some Saturday nights, swinging from new rigging on the ceiling. A three-
The walls of the layered secret room that are not shown are embedded with light boxes so that the walls can change color and there is also a lighting truss that rotates to project images on the walls and floors.
The renovation cost $8 million.
Exit 610 West 56 Street (11th Avenue), from 10 p. m. to 4 a. m. ; admission, $30; (212)582-8282.
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Nightclub of personality chameleon
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