creating a slow moving fan for music videos, movies, stage shows, and effects

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
Remember, light and shadow processing can be an art form.
The farther away from the light source, the more blurry the shadow is.
If you want a clear fan then you have to cut out a huge piece of cardboard.
As for the quality of the construction, the cardboard is not the best, but it can satisfy its purpose and be easily replaced.
Also, the shadow design is based on your cardboard cut effect and as you can see in this tutorial, I tested two different types of cardboard cuts.
So start making some cardboard.
Three blade fans, four blades, hell, you can cut off the pac-
Man, if you want.
In the picture below, I\'m just trying to find a good center point/balance point for the center of the fan.
These pieces are then bound together and duck tape can be added if additional support is required.
Once completed, find the center balance point again and punch the mark on the cardboard.
The DC motor will be perfectly installed in the 3/4 pvc t adapter.
Simply cut the PVC pipe into 5 pieces and support the longest neck of the fan, keeping all the normal legs short.
Connect all the parts and pat on the cardboard to make sure nothing touches the shaft or floor.
Very simple: connecting the front (Red)
To the board and the battery, negative (Black)
If done right, the LED light should be on.
Next, you can plug in the motor and flip the switch.
Turning potentiometer (knob)
Adjust the speed.
The motor should start to turn and use it to turn the cardboard.
This motor is designed fast enough to fit the look you want and run slower than any standard fan.
The result is very cool, if you try the shape of the fan and the distance from the light, you may be surprised at what you can achieve, try wrapping the cable around the bottom of the fan and set it up no matter where you want to go
Hopefully this will help with your next movie project or stage performance.
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