couple turn wine-country dream into reality

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While most office workers are afraid of long trips to and from work, Lori Hall is actually looking forward to her car.
Not the bumper. to-
The traffic was heavy and every morning she drove leisurely through the wine country of the Niagara area to Hamilton\'s office.
For Hall, who has just moved to a 14-year-old private dormitory, this novelty is still fresh. 5-
In September, 40-year-old husband Mike and 11-year-old daughter Kennedy and 6-year-old Madeline were at the Oasis of hectares near Vineland.
The couple decided to move to wine country, the climax of their years exploring the area in their spare time and have been living in the nearby town of Grimsby since 2001.
\"We will drive out and see the vineyards,\" said Hall, 42 . \".
\"I always walk a long way home from where we came.
I hope this is my commute.
\"In the summer of 2015, the couple decided they were ready to move.
When two potential houses collapsed in search of a new home, this spring they found the property they had always dreamed of owning in Pelham, henry is a short drive from the famous Pelham family winery.
Hall recalls the exact moment she fell in love after being shown in her backyard.
\"This is heaven!
She said when she visited the venue. The real-
Real estate agents on both sides warn the couple that they both work full time
While in Hamilton, they may be overwhelmed by huge farm property.
It is located on the septic system and there is no gas pipe and they need to bring their own water.
Despite their lack of experience in Country Life, Hall said she and Mike were determined to take the challenge and told the agent: \"Yes, we can, we are doing it!
\"While the backyard triggered love at first sight, 1970 of the design was inconsistent with their taste, so decided to completely destroy the home and start over.
They hired the architectural design company of Santy.
And contractor Brad Nexen and set 4 deadlines.
During the five months of reconstruction, an ambitious plan was finally completed by the deadline, just in time for the family to host a Thanksgiving dinner.
The couple are very close.
In all design and layout decisions, there is a passion for expressing their personal taste and sometimes a difference.
\"We want to do every inch the way we want it,\" she said . \".
\"We are definitely HGTV. crazy people.
We choose from different styles.
This house is a bit of an identity crisis!
\"Their goal is to find some common ground between their favorite styles: modern, artisan, industrial and rural. The mid-
Inspired by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, century modern architecture connects the family to the surroundings.
\"We cut every possible area of the House and added huge windows,\" Hall said . \".
\"We let the woods of the forest enter our house. ”A 4. 8-
The meter slider window is a resistor.
Hall envisioned an Open
In concept space on steroids, more than half of the houses are now open to the second floor.
A bedroom upstairs was demolished to make way for the two
Floor kitchen with library ladder.
\"The kitchen is at the heart of the house and every room goes through it,\" she said . \". While the two-
The floor kitchen was Lori\'s splurge and Mike got big in the main bathroom and he chose number 2. 7-metre-
Long shower with separateand-
Her shower desk
\"It takes up the whole bathroom,\" she said with a smile . \".
The sanctuary of the master bedroom, including a strike deck overlooking the backyard, is the most peaceful place for the lobby to feel at home.
\"This is the quietest place.
\"All you hear is birds,\" she said . \".
The family bought the house for $950,000 and put in $600,000 for reconstruction, including all appliances and lighting.
Hall sees this as a significant investment, especially as the Niagara wine region continues to be welcomed on the world stage.
\"This is a very conscious decision we made.
\"We know this is the best place to put our money,\" she said . \".
The most recent valuation of the house is $1.
8 million, Hall says you can\'t pay for the happiness it brings to her family.
\"When you drive into the driveway, your stress level drops immediately,\" she said . \".
\"Like magic.
Now is their forever home, she says, and her dreams for the future of her family are all around here.
\"I want the girls to get married in our backyard.
I want them to fill our homes with their families.
I want me to grow old there with my husband, \"she said.
Number: $1.
15 million: the original price of the House;
The lobby paid 950,0003, $500: square foot 4 space quantity: the number of bedrooms after the second floor where one bedroom was used for the kitchen.
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