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UL Global Security Science (
Laboratory of underwriters
Established a state. of-the-
Gulugram\'s art facility is the second such center in India after Bangalore.
UL conducts safety audits of companies from all walks of life, testing, inspecting and certifying products to ensure they meet global safety standards.
Suresh Sugavanam-V-
P and MD, UL South Asia-talked to Sharad Kohli about the new lab and what India has to do to create a culture of security.
Q: Has the new 80,000 square feet facility changed the rules of the game?
A. The facilities of guluk are the second \"center of excellence\" of UL \"(CoE)
In India, second only to Bangalore, in line with our \"India, India\" strategy, support domestic manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements and enter domestic and global markets.
Gurugram CoE marks the benefits of integrating various functions.
With the rapid integration of several technologies and products, there is a clear need for easy cross-departmental access
Perform functional testing and participation under one roof.
For example, smart lighting manufacturers rely on lighting and technology (eg. cyber security)
Experts who meet regulatory requirements and improve products.
Toy manufacturers are looking for electrical, electronic, mechanical and chemical safety experts.
In UL, we believe
Positioning of experts and testing capabilities will benefit manufacturers and regulators-ultimately, ultimatelyconsumers.
With the center of excellence in gulugram, we are pleased to lead this change in India.
From your perspective as a market leader, what position do you think India is in providing reliable testing, inspection and certification (TIC)services?
A level of participation of global and domestic third countries
Political party TIC companies working with governments, industries or consumers are on the rise and they have greater acceptability and appreciation for their contribution to developing a strong quality ecosystem in the country.
However, we need to be aware that at no time will the TIC industry compromise in terms of quality of service or meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
In addition, it is necessary to adopt a number of global best practices to facilitate the business, especially \"Made in India\", without affecting safety, Test quality, inspection and certification \".
Q: When it comes to safety culture, have people\'s attitudes improved over the years?
Sustainable economic transformation is carried out simultaneously with improving safety and quality parameters.
In India, we are still at an early stage of development in building a culture of security.
There are challenges in raising awareness of safety and quality at the consumer level, acceptability at the manufacturer level and enforcement at the regulatory level.
This pull must come from consumers who must demand safety, and this push must come from manufacturers, industry agencies and regulators.
Of course, there is a growing sense of security and an increasing degree of openness to be audited or to adopt global standards-however, we still have a long way to go.
Q: What do you think is the potential for growth in the field of security science, both domestic and global, over the next decade?
Several market research reports indicate that TIC services are growing at 5-
6%, in the past five years around the world.
Much of the growth in demand for safety and performance testing and certification comes from developing countries, including India.
This is mainly due to the higher quality, performance and safety standard compliance required by changing regulatory scenarios.
With the rapid growth of connected products and technologies, the traditional growth trajectory of TIC company will also appear incremental jump.
The known and unknown risks posed by new technologies such as cyber security and digital payment will generate a need for security science to address these challenges.
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