consumer electronics show 2001

by:Marslite     2019-10-13
If you have read how analog and digital recordings work, then you know there are a lot of differences between the record and the cd.
One of the more vague differences is the ability to capture a piece of music.
Familiar sound-
Generated by sliding a record under a phonograph pin--
Is the standard effect of dj.
But because it is generated by sliding the needle along the analog track, it is difficult to reproduce it with a digital CD.
At this year\'s Consumer Electronics Show, American DJ, the leading manufacturer of club lighting and audio equipment, launched the world\'s first single
A cd player that \"scratches\" like a turntable. The PRO-
SCRATCH 1 takes the digital audio signal of the CD and interprets it as an analog signal to produce a realistic record
Scraping sound
Scratch control is the disc-
The shape of the platter, with a groove and a finger indent, gives the same feeling as the record.
This allows the dj to create the scratching effect they want without tracking rare records. The PRO-
SCRATCH 1 also has many other useful features, including the ability to cycle the sample or play the sample back.
If you have a separate mixer, you can use Q Start, which is a component that lets you jump to the \"hint point\" programmed on the CD \". The PRO-
SCRATCH 1 also has a few built-in-
In sound effects such as Echo, Bop effect and Trans effect.
In addition, the device allows you to sample, store, and recall your own sampled sound.
The American DJ also shows Pocket Scan, a portable device that can produce club lighting effects.
Pocket scanning is unique in that it combines scanners and lasers (two popular light displays) into a lightweight unit.
The unit uses 5 megabytes
Watt-diode laser for razorssharp laser-
Beam effects and halogen lamps projecting 14 scanner gobo patterns--
Shapes such as stars, flowers and triangles-in 15 colors.
Pocket scanning is an intelligent lighting device, which means that it can create complex lighting displays based on programming or sound input.
If you connect it to the DMX-
Compatible controller, you can program various lighting modes to match the music.
You can also set the pocket scan to sound-
Activate mode so it responds to ambient sound or stand-
Use the built-in separate mode
In sports
To create a more complex display, you can link multiple pocket scan units together, one of which controls multiple slave units.
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