comedian aparna nancherla makes light of the heavy stuff

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
The upcoming comedian Aparna Nancherla spent the year of the week on TV comedy shows, tours and new albums, just putting it there --
All of this while struggling with some very tricky personal issues like depression on stage.
Nancherla\'s very dry sense of humor is active through her very expressive face, dancing eyebrows and a brilliant smile.
She told NPR\'s Audie Cornish that in the early days of her career she was told that she did stand like someone who had never seen a stand.
\"But what they mean is as a compliment because I\'m kind of like I think standing is done for myself.
\"To a large extent, the audience\'s first impression of you was a few seconds before you came on stage --
No matter what you look like, what you sound like, there is an immediate judgment.
So I feel like a lot of times for me I have to fix this, and some people say, \"Oh, that\'s not what we expect,\" kind of like, \"I know.
I don\'t look like you saw it before, but let\'s admit it and move on.
\"It\'s fun to deal with the spotlight because I have a lot of anxiety and I still have stage fright and the like.
So I think I am. . .
I know my body too well, so I feel that my words are sometimes separated from my body, and they are not intertwined.
With regard to anxiety and depression, I think I started talking about anxiety and depression at work for the first time, a way to free myself from my mind.
Like, at the time I was a bit of a stick to the rules, fighting them in a real way, so I felt creatively blocked, I thought, \"Well, if that\'s all that\'s going on with you right now, maybe try to write it down.
\"For me, sadness and laughter are linked in a strange way, because it feels like once you get to the end of one, you start to get into the other.
I think for me it\'s like, with depression, I\'m constantly questioning things, but there\'s no element of that hope.
I feel like comedy is a questioning thing that adds a little bit of hope because you take the air out of it a little bit and you\'re not just like, \"Well, I guess that\'s what it is.
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