come for the party and stay for the play: live theatre looks at new ways to draw a crowd

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Modern stage art includes Facebook, wine night and audience participation to increase audience participation.
The castle\'s customers have gathered at the theater for the annual Christmas carols show for 19 years, and this year they have met a different festival tradition.
Of course, in the current iteration, this is the last time to see the show (
New products will be released next year. .
However, activities around the relatively ancient board, like a bright silver bag, whether in the castle or in the live theater elsewhere, are props and activities that mark the change.
The new executive director and marketing master of the castle, Chantell Ghosh, launched a three-
The Dickens Festival that coincides with the Christmas program.
It includes a Christmas market and a bright Li pavilion, as well as delicious tea (
At various prices), a $250-a-
Elizabeth dinner (
Complete the living room game and dance on the stage of the new festival show Christmas in Pemberley.
Have a hugMy Coke machine.
More than 1,000 people took pictures and posted on social media at the Dickens Festival.
\"We really like the customer experience,\" Ghosh said . \" He was dressed in themed costumes for the opening night show.
\"They don\'t just come to the show.
They took part in an activity.
\"The fuss about Dickens happened after a similar fuss, one was the opening season musical of Castle, which saw unprecedented evidence of corporate sponsorship (
There are plenty of signage including plugs for air lingers and Clover roof), and an Irish-
The style bar, which has street artists, is set up in the Shotor Hall before each show, and a new agreement that allows customers to bring wine to their seats in the brand\'s suction cup
Ghosh said that there were 50 temporary ticket buyers who became season ticket users.
New thrust of the castleevent-
Social support
Community-media gatheringconnected —
Can be in
Profitable theaters across Canada.
It may not be an extensivebased movement;
Theaters outside the castle and similar theaters in Toronto or Vancouver rarely have the resources to extend their performances to activities outside the stage. (
The theater invested $25,000 for the Dickens Festival, and the rest was borne by the \"angel donor. )
As part of the Dickens Festival in December, the castle hosts a Christmas market.
Photos of Brent FelzeinBrent Felzien/postmedien, there is evidence that some theaters are using new strategies to attract more viewers, including Facebook Live, post-
Display Products, themed snacks and other shiny toys. (
Every performance at the Crow theater in Toronto has signature cocktails. )
These technologies are concentrated in the category of \"audience participation\" and are increasingly considered key to attracting and retaining drama --goers.
There are many reasons for pushing.
Despite the exceptions, statistics show that attendance at the theater has generally declined.
In order to survive, art managers must learn new ways to attract audiences.
The theater is also increasingly difficult to convey their message in the dazzling media and entertainment environment. traditional media have reduced their coverage of the theater, the audience is aging, and there are too many leisure choices.
It\'s hard to count the audience-
Statistics Canada did not collect this information.
But in the United States, the theater group
Profit theaters with a budget of $500,000 to more than $10 million a year point out that overall ticket sales have fallen over the past decade.
Attendance at the live performance (
Not a tour)is down 6. 5 per cent.
A big concern for theater administrators, TCG noted, is that while the user renewal rate remains around 75, it turns out that it is difficult for new users to attract.
Subscriptions are a valuable support base, and sales of subscriptions have declined between 2008 and 2017.
To complicate this fact, theater audiences are becoming greedy;
In the castle, customers aged 45 and over account for 74 of the total number of customers.
There is no difference in other theaters in Edmonton, and the average audience at Quindicina theater is 50 years old.
New blood needs to be sustainable over time.
Another factor that affects the number of viewers is that the public can spend entertainment dollars in many ways.
Annetta Latham, assistant professor of arts and cultural management at MacEwan University, said it was a challenging time for the theater.
\"The theater is with everything else --
\"Netflix,\" Latham said.
\"There are too many choices for people between the ages of 18 and 35 . . . . . . The theater faces the challenge of any live art, which is a very busy cultural scene.
\"Activities around the show are a way to stand out and help sell tickets.
Latham noted that, as held in every new drama at the Northern Lights Theater, the circle meetings of the conversation and directors are usually attended by actors with the audience backstage (
A metaphor)
Help the \"mystifying\" live theater.
Annetta Latham, assistant professor at MacEwan University, said it was a challenging time for live drama.
Greg Southam/PostmediaGreg Southam/PostmediaImmersive Theatre (
This involves audiences of varying degrees, either putting seats on the stage or breaking through the fourth wall)
As the audience seems keen on this approach, the popularity is also increasing.
Rebecca Norson\'s recent show sales are active in Edmonton
Blind Date and undercover
Invite the audience to perform with the actors on the stage.
Also successfully taking advantage of the immersive experience was the installation of an extended run game called Dr in Toronto in September. Silver.
It\'s about a cult leader, and some of the show\'s viewers shouted when they received the blue Kool Cup. Aid.
Even a small theater group joined the battle.
Last year, the Elop music theater in Edmonton teamed up with the food truck meat Street pie to make special pies for sale under the operation of Sweni Todd, stephen thornheim\'s 1979 musical series tells an unpleasant story of murdering a barber and conspiring with a pie. maker Mrs.
Introduce a new, very popular ingredient to you.
The elopement effort was carried out after a remake seen in London, England, in 2014, and Sweni Todd completed a pre-sale in an actual pie shop in Harrington. show pie-and-mash meal.
Some theater groups look for new audiences by telling stories of different groups of people.
Representation on stage, including indigenous peoples and hearings
Damaged community
The castle will produce the storm with deaf and hearing actors later in the season and produce two Aboriginal works
Last year\'s highlight, this season\'s red patch and last season\'s God\'s children, is a musical about boarding schools.
\"We hit our target with God\'s children,\" Ghosh said . \".
\"We didn\'t disclose our forecast, but it was important that it was $300 higher than our target.
It brings 700 new audiences to the building, who have never participated in Castle dramas before . . . . . . There are more new audiences than any other show this year.
\"Guided by Vern Thiessen, the theater at Workshop West playwright has been a huge success in the 2017/18 season, and the daughter of the local story Cafe is now heading to Calgary for a run.
The theater entered its third year, and in addition to black art, a deaf art celebration was held.
Thyson was slightly dissatisfied with the idea of chasing ticket sales and getting the tramp to sit in his seat.
\"We don\'t rely on ticket sales to make a living, otherwise we will die,\" Thiessen said . \" His theater earned more than half of its income from non-theaters.
Government sources
\"Ticket sales are part of it and we want people to see our show but it\'s not be-all and end-
All of us exist.
\"The mission of the West workshop is to create a new Canadian theater, and ticket sales are not the only criterion to measure the success of this effort.
On the other hand, thyson wants to share these Canadian stories and come up with ways to increase this possibility.
Since he served as artistic director nearly five years ago and inspired by his years of work in New York, Tyson organized the salon after the show to discuss the social issues raised in the drama.
For example, Matara, which runs in December, was inspired by the Edmonton Valley Zoo elephant Lucy and, after discussing the zoo\'s impact with experts and animal welfare advocates, held five post-show feedback sessions.
Vern Thiessen is the artistic director of the Workshop West Playwrights Theater.
Perry Mah/Postmedia, Perry Mah/PostmediaThiessen Live these feedback sessions on Facebook Live
Another popular social media tool for art
This has proven to be a success, attracting 1,700 viewers in Matara\'s five salons.
Tyson said they sold Matara\'s tickets to people in the animal welfare community who had never been to the theater before, which made him happy.
On the other hand, he is not holding festivals about black art and Deaf art for black people and hearing --
The injured entered the theater.
Instead, these groups have compelling stories to share and space should be set aside for that.
Tyson and other Edmonton art directors say one of the biggest problems with live theater today is to say the word.
Squeezed by cuts and closures, the print and broadcast media have dramatically reduced art coverage.
In any case, young people who don\'t read newspapers, posters, used to be a popular way of spreading, seem to get lost in the hustle and bustle of crowded digital spaces. “It’s super-
\"It\'s hard to get anyone interested,\" he said . \".
\"That\'s why you see people doing outreach because that\'s the only way we can get the message across.
Jeff hasram, artistic director of the beautiful new Vasona theater
A lottery in itself)
It also condemned the lack of artistic coverage in local media.
But he said there was no quick solution to the problem of attracting the audience.
Teatro focuses on attracting viewers by talking directly to customers and finding out what is useful to them.
Hasram says the charming theater is part of his customer experience, and the theater takes advantage of that.
Popular stars like Mathew Hulshof, Rachel Bowron and Jenny McKillop are stars on the stage, but they are also at the box office, taking tickets and talking face to face-to-face --to-
Meet customers face-to-face at halftime to learn about their experiences.
Haslam is not worried about the age of these customers, and he is not worried about chasing people between the ages of 18 and 35 to increase ticket sales.
\"There are 50 new crops --
He said he pointed out that people go to the theater when their children are older and they have more time and money.
Hasram insists that one way to make the theater fun is to \"give people what they want \".
\"The season of Teatro revolves around the work of the cult --
Stewart Lemoine, the most popular playwright, emphasizes clever, relaxed storytelling.
Last year, Teatro\'s ticket sales increased by 20, flat with the previous year.
\"We have built our entire theater around a relatively vague playwright, at least on the international stage, and we have done a good job,\" Haslam said . \".
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