collaborating with mes brings new luminaire to market faster

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
ChallengeThe customers are leading OEM brands in the category of industrial lighting and have developed a new embedded downlight series
Value of business applications. These break-
Make the most of the new generation of high
Perform led, which requires less space to produce soothing, comfortable lighting.
In order to adapt to the advantages of LED lighting technology, customers have adopted a new lamp design using aluminum die casting. Speed-to-
Release is critical for any new product in the commercial lighting space, so the customer hired an aluminum die casting specialist to help it bring the new product to market faster: MES.
The solution aluminum casting specialist works closely with the design and production engineers of the customer to provide feedback at each stage of the development process.
MES draws on its own \"best practice\" experience in working with manufacturers, providing advice on optimizing component design and simplifying development processes.
This collaboration produces assembly designs that meet or exceed all the desired functional requirements of the part.
In addition, the component is designed with the help of MES to be produced at the lowest possible cost to ensure the best possible quality.
Once the design freeze is reached, MES moves quickly to establish the necessary production tools and deliver multiple components that are fully compliant with the customer\'s production part approval process (PPAP).
The deep tooling capabilities provided by MES allow eight tools to be built at the same time, which is a key step in achieving the customer\'s positive delivery goals.
By working extensively with MES in the design and production steps of new fixtures, customers are able to exceed all of their internal metrics in development and delivery. The full-
The service approach of MES, and the willingness of the MES team to help customers find solutions beyond their supply chain needs, allows customers to take advantage of the competitive advantage in the market by significantly reducing the time required from initial design to market release.
It allows customers to showcase their new products on light fair 2019 for maximum industry exposure.
In the end, smaller development windows lead to more efficient development processes and lower development costs.
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