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Return from past moderators to Lester\'s owner pageCNN\'s reliable source advice for Leicester Holt;
Interview with Janet Brown
Interview with Brian Fallon
Prepare for Monday\'s presidential debate;
Host Trump\'s show late at night. Aired 11a-
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Brian Stell, cnn anchor: Hey, good morning.
This is Brian Stelter, and welcome to the reliable source special edition of the University of HEMPSTEAD Hofstra in New York.
The stage where we are now has become the stage for the presidential debate.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are here to face
The first time.
In fact, behind my shoulder you might see the stands
Ins from Trump, Clinton and Lester Holt, who now pretend to be debating.
I just heard from Trump.
How many people are saying in the comments.
So, they are now playing the role of practicing the stage and camera angle in the debate 34 hours later.
This morning we will be talking about debaters, forms, and people in the middle, Lester Holt, and we have new details on how he can prepare.
Also, in a few minutes, the head of the debate committee will be here for an exclusive interview to take us through how all this is combined.
Also, we will hear from late-night host Holt\'s colleague Seth Meyers why he didn\'t want to be the host.
But let\'s start with the role of the media in this room.
We are the broadcaster here, and we are the judges.
Clinton and Trump are not just competing with each other.
They\'re competing with us and your expectations.
Host Lester Holt is also under tremendous pressure.
So, let\'s start with two people who came here and they \'ve done that and they\'re already on this stage.
Jim leehler presided over 12 presidential debates.
He is a former news anchor for PBS\'s evening news.
Ann Compton served as a panelist in the 1988 and 1992 debates.
She is a retired White House correspondent for ABC News.
Thank you both for coming this morning.
Thanks, Brian.
Jim lerler has presided over 12 presidential debates: It\'s a pleasure to be here.
Jim, I know Leicester is busy preparing, but he\'s on a little vacation.
If he\'s looking at it now, what advice do you have on Lester Holt?
Well, two things.
First of all, he must remind himself that it is not about him, it is not about the host.
The second thing he should remember is that whatever he does on Monday night, he will be criticized for it.
Because the rules have changed.
These rules are much more open than in previous years and previous electoral cycles ---
The candidate can now--
You can talk to each other directly and ask questions to each other.
There is more time to invest in each topic, every issue, the job of the moderator is to keep the flow, to make sure everything is maintained, to be fair, and so on.
The job is much more difficult and he will be criticized no matter what he does because someone will come out in less time-
Well, there will be announced winners or losers, and losers, and people will say, oh, it\'s the moderator\'s fault, he let things go, or he cut things off, etc.
But as long as he understands that, Lester will be fine, he will, and he will.
Stell: his job on TV is the best and the worst.
Ann, you--
What do you think of Holt\'s position as a fact?
Inspectors on the stage?
There are a lot of things that have been done about whether the host should step in if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton clearly lie.
What position do you have on this?
Ann compton, a former presidential debate panel member: Well, you know, there\'s a reason why radio reporters are often hosts in this regard.
We do not want to put the absolute error of the facts on the table.
While the moderator should give other candidates a chance to check the fact that a reasonable opponent who is trying to tear each other up because the Democrats say X and the Republicans say Y doesn\'t mean you don\'t have the truth somewhere, there must be some sort of check.
It also means --
Remember that the host is not just a referee.
The host is the pitcher in the game, whether he plays fast or curve is important, and how much time these candidates have to really explore the answer is also important.
Jim, NBC sources told me that Leicester would not be a potted plant.
This is a quote from two NBC sources who will step in when necessary to actually check the candidate.
Do you think this is appropriate for Holt?
LEHRER: Well, the key issues and key phrases are \"when necessary \".
I happen to disagree slightly with Ann\'s approach.
I think that if a host is sitting at the table and starting to moderate the idea, oh, I have to make sure that all the facts are verified, what has been said, you know, what--
This is a different role.
The first feature I see for moderators is to make sure the process is in the candidate.
The moderator should jump out of the picture as much as possible, whether he is a potted plant or not, there is no correlation.
When it\'s all over, it\'s about the two candidates.
They are players.
The host is the host, not one of the participants.
Compton: Yes.
Ann, your answer? [11:05:01]
Well, Jim is right.
The host should never be the story at the end of 90 minutes, but it\'s also the host who raised the question and was so frequent during the campaign that the candidate will tell you what they want to do.
The real question for me is, how will you get it done?
Why do you think this should be done?
The host must have some leadership.
Brian, I also thought about it and see how long these moderators need to prepare this year.
I think Jim and I-
The interesting thing is. COMPTON: --
From now until the 36 hours of debate, I don\'t think, Jim, we have more time than we have been chosen to prepare our own questions.
This is the case in most cases,--
I have had more time to inform me in the last few debates.
But, look, the way these rules evolve, there are not many questions that the host is prepared for, and the host should be prepared enough so that you can listen, continue, and decide ---
It\'s important, it doesn\'t matter, but you have to keep all the information in your head so that you can have the most stressful situations like Monday night, lester Holt might do that.
He has to make a lot of quick decisions. he has to keep all the information in his head.
There is no place to see.
Someone in his ear helped him.
He is solely responsible.
Stell: this has changed a lot compared to the primary election.
Except for the people who arranged the debate, there was no one in Holt\'s ear.
Let me ask you two about X-
This is a factor for Donald Trump.
We \'ve never had a TV star like Trump on stage, and the closest thing to it is actor Ronald Reagan.
But Trump\'s expertise does come from \"apprentices\" in his business days \".
Let me play for you what Trump said to Holt earlier this week. (
Start Video Editing)DONALD TRUMP (R)
By the way, Lester is a Democrat.
Man: I don\'t know.
Look, this is a false system.
Lester is a Democrat.
They\'re all Democrats, okay?
This is a very unfair system. (END VIDEO CLIP)
In fact, Lester Holt is a registered Republican.
But this is an example of Trump\'s work in the references.
The same is true of Clinton\'s campaign.
Clinton is not directly involved, but Clinton\'s campaign team is also involved.
Jim, does a unique candidate like Donald Trump need a different kind of moderation?
No, no, absolutely not.
Remember, the 90 minute debate, people will see the candidate, Donald Trump.
No matter what he does or says, everyone will see it.
And the whole --
In fact, there will be thousands of people ready to jump what he said.
Look at what he said.
The inspection will continue until election day.
No one will, including--
I mean, Donald Trump won\'t quote \"get away with any punishment.
All will see there.
More people will watch the debate, and it is likely that everyone who voted in this election will see part of it, and a large part will see the whole debate.
Everything will be there.
The job of the host and the work of Lester, he knows, is also to facilitate the revelation of this person and Hillary Clinton.
Who are these people? Who are they?
You will see them side by side for the first time in the campaign, and the only time during the campaign is during the debate.
LEHRER: you want to measure this person and you can do that.
I think Jim--
Ann, is gender important soon?
The number of women presiding over the debate was small.
Martha radaz is also in it this year.
Is it important for a woman to debate the presidential campaign for the first time on stage?
I think the gender factor is over.
She has been in the public mind for 24 years.
I interviewed her in the public spotlight.
I think what\'s really important here is the audience, millions of viewers, who haven\'t really decided which way they\'re going.
This is for them.
This is for viewers who want to know how Donald Trump will deal with people who are his obvious opponents ---
How Hillary Clinton will speak and behave in the president\'s way.
I think that the current form of debate provides so much oxygen that they can really have a detailed discussion on one issue and communicate with each other, which makes the world different and important
I agree with the 100%.
Jim Le and Ankang kampton-
Thank you both very much at this point.
Thank you, Brian.
STELTER: in the debate hall, here is the head of the debate committee.
I\'m going to ask her to pull the curtains open and talk about why their format is important and how it all comes together.
Is it possible that Clinton or Trump will not show up?
After that, we will get the answer. (
Business break)[11:13:48]
Welcome back.
We are from Hofstra University, the scene of the presidential debate on Monday night.
We were in the lobby, the camera was there, pretending to be standing --
Actually ins practice behind us.
What you may not know is that although you can watch the debate on CNN and almost all other networks and websites, the debate is not made or sponsored by any TV network.
They are actually run by the presidential debate Committee, a non-profit organization led by Republicans and Democrats, so what must the committee deal with in this extraordinary year?
Who can ask better than Janet Brown, executive director of the Commission? She is now in an exclusive interview with me.
Nice to meet you, Janet.
Janet Brown, executive director of the presidential debate Committee: Thank you, Brian.
Is everything ready?
This is a brand. new set. Is it ready?
Everything is ready. It is a brand-new set.
We are very proud of this.
Stell: How hard is it to get Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on stage tomorrow night?
You know, because there\'s been speculation throughout the summer that Trump might be trying to pull out of this debate.
Brown: We have had productive, civil, and progressive communication with these movements.
Everything went well. -
Everything is focused on what you see behind you, which will bring everything together in the debate tomorrow night.
STELTER: Are there any major issues behind the scenes, are there any complaints about the event? [11:15:02]
Brown: No, I\'m happy to say that almost everything is consistent.
Very productive.
Who will sit in the front row?
We know the Clinton campaign has invited the Cuban president.
Trump has threatened to invite Gennifer Flowers.
Now, the campaign says this has not happened yet.
Is anyone not allowed to sit in the front row?
Brown: The first few rows are usually relatives and friends of candidates.
It is up to them to decide who is sitting in these seats.
But most importantly, Brian, let everyone understand that there is a very small audience behind us and there will be a live audience tomorrow night.
The audience is numerous, the important is the domestic audience at home and abroad.
The job of everyone in this hall is to respect and silence and make sure--
Brown: keep quiet and make sure to keep an eye on candidates and their positions all the time.
STELTER: some people on Twitter ask me, why is there an audience?
Brown: You know, we \'ve had debates in universities and in Big School parks, almost every debate since the start of 88 years.
This is a great opportunity to engage young people at the end of the day, the largest civic education forum in progress.
Students at Hofstra University will get plenty of such seats and I think it\'s just a great opportunity for them to get involved and see this for themselves.
The live audience made the candidate do something different to the person they spoke to, and I think it made it warmer, but unlike the main debate with the audience involved, no one here, I think people sitting in these seats will respect that.
You mentioned the audience at home, what is your ratings forecast?
100 million?
Brown: I don\'t know. That\'s what --
You are professional. STELTER: OK.
Brown: the internet says they think about it in this context.
What makes this debate different?
Why is format important?
Brown: format is important because 90 minutes without any business disruption is the only opportunity for the public to see leading candidates in the same situation answer the same questions that the candidate and the committee are unaware.
The host is responsible for selecting those.
This is a unique opportunity to learn more about candidates that are designed to get rid of any time distractions.
Six. 15-
Each time is used to answer an important question.
STELTER: What about so many fact checking issues that have been discussed in the past few weeks?
Does the Commission want Lester Holt to do a fact-finding?
Brown: the Commission has asked independent, smart journalists to act as hosts and we have them decide how to do that.
But I have to say that in our history the moderator thought it would be appropriate to allow the candidate to be the one to talk about the accuracy or impartiality of what other candidates or candidates have said.
Personally, if you start to understand the fact
Check it out, I\'m not sure what big facts are and what small ones are?
If you and I have information, do your sources on unemployment agree with my sources?
I don\'t think it would be a good idea to have the presenter basically serve as Encyclopedia Britannica.
I think this person is better able to promote and rely on candidates to basically correct each other when they see fit.
STELTER: What is the most difficult part for you in all the preparation process?
Brown: maybe the hardest part is ---
Considering the time is too long
The to-do list is to be able to maintain the view of the fact that we are really lucky that we can see the civil substantive debate in this country.
This is a remarkable aspect of our democracy, and it is an incredible privilege to commit to it.
I always wish we could have more than three. what about you?
Yes, we are playing games. We\'re game.
You like to do more. -
If the candidate wants?
Brown: It\'s a short time. three presidents, three presidents, and one vice president seem to be enough.
But as you know, working together is a great thing.
Thank you very much, Janet.
Thanks, Brian.
Good luck tomorrow night.
Brown: Thank you.
STELTER: It\'s a serious business for the next show to debate the expected game.
Both parties are in reference.
How are Hillary Clinton prepared?
What did her campaign say to reporters?
Immediately after the break, she received a letter from her campaign spokesman. (
Business break)[11:23:30]
Hey, welcome back.
The mock debate continues behind me at Hofstra University, the scene of the presidential debate tomorrow night.
These are positions.
Trump and Clinton\'s ins are now on stage.
And a position-
It\'s Lester Holt.
What they are doing is rehearsing the lighting, the stage, the microphone and the location of everything on the stage.
You know, this has been built in the interior of the normally a sports complex at Hofstra University for a few weeks, and now it\'s in the debate stage, where we won\'t be able to see 36 hours of fireworks.
Let\'s talk about what each movement is doing and try the references.
There is the work of debate host Lester Holt in the references.
There is also the work of the references, which means that other media, journalists will talk about the debate before and after the debate.
So, let\'s talk about this now with one of the events.
Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon joined me from New York.
Nice to meet you this morning, Brian.
Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign press secretary: It\'s a pleasure to be with you.
STELTER: you all posted a list of seven deadly lies from Trump.
You have posted more.
A page brief to reporters detailing the lies that you all see from Trump and his campaign team, and if they come on stage, you think Lester Holt should refute those lies.
Why all the profact-
Check location?
Fallon: We have never seen a candidate like Donald Trump in the history of presidential politics.
Just today, there is a new story about politicians.
They evaluated his claims on the trail in the past week and judged him to lie about every three minutes. [11:25:01]
It was a man of political facts last year who accused this year\'s scammers and said 75% of the charges were all lies of Donald Trump.
So our point is if you\'re going to leave Donald Trump on the debate stage for 90 minutes and have a moderator take his hand away and say they won\'t admit --
Looking at the candidates, they will sit there and close their ears and listen to the lies of Donald Trump, which will expand the unfair bias against Donald Trump.
This is equivalent to giving him more time to speak.
Stell: you\'ll agree with me, though, and Clinton sometimes covers up the truth?
You may not agree with me, but do you agree that Lester Holt should hold the two candidates accountable for any false statements or lies?
Fallon: of course.
We didn\'t ask Lester Holt to do anything to Donald Trump that we don\'t think he should do to Hillary Clinton.
The two candidates are held accountable.
But, you see, Donald Trump is the one who lied about his record.
He said he opposes intervention in Iraq, but that is not the case.
If he says on the debate stage tomorrow night, Lester Holt should follow up --up.
Before the war in Iraq, he should read his statement to Howard Stern. STELTER: OK.
Fallon: that\'s what we\'re asking.
If he does this to both candidates, then the American people, the audience of this debate, will have an honest opportunity to judge them.
But many of the 100 million or so viewers will do so for the first time.
So while you and Brian know that many of Trump\'s statements are lies, many viewers won\'t.
By Lester Holt at the debate stage to verify Donald Trump, for the media, it will also judge the debate in a few hours, so as not to ignore lies when they rate his performance.
If he lied like he did-
This is my next question for you.
Are you trying to make sure journalists and commentators have the same standards for both?
Tell me what you\'re doing to make sure this happens?
Fallon: Well, Hillary Clinton took the debate very seriously and she set a high standard for herself.
You know, one of these two people at the debate stage will be the next commander. in-
They should be judged by the same standards.
I think Donald Trump\'s campaign was considered a novel act during the primary election.
I don\'t think people value his prospects for winning the nomination.
So, he was on a very crowded debate stage, he chose his moment, and then he had a dramatic talent ---
This is a person who creates a career on TV. -
He won a lot of style-based debates.
But I think the American people will ask for more tomorrow night. -
Stell: but because he was not a politician before, why not set a higher threshold for an experienced politician like Hillary Clinton?
Fallon: the bar needs to be the same for both candidates.
They are all doing the same job.
In the Oval Office, there will be no grading on the curve.
Whether it\'s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the decisions they make in the Situation Room will have the same impact.
So, he\'s going to do two things tomorrow night.
He needs to come up with detailed plans to explain what he will do as president of the United States, and he needs to give honest, direct answers to the American people.
If he doesn\'t do either of these two things, I don\'t think it\'s possible to rate him.
I know from Kylie Ann Conway\'s point of view, she might want ---
She would have breathed a sigh of relief if he hadn\'t collapsed in 90 minutes, but the American people should have asked for more.
Steerte: then put an elbow out to Trump and Kylie Ann Conway.
Let me ask you, what are your expectations for ratings?
Democrats sometimes benefit from high turnout.
Do you believe the Clinton campaign will benefit from the unusually high ratings on Monday?
Fallon: Of course we think the more viewers the better.
We believe that the more people who participate in this election, the better it will be for our democracy. So --
STELTER: What is your forecast for ratings?
Give us a number. what do you think?
Fallon: Oh, I leave this to industry experts like you and Jeff Zuk.
But millions of estimates?
But I see a lot of people think it\'s going to be close to \"M \". A. S.
If so, I think it would be a good thing.
But this is an important premium for the facts --
Check the candidates, because even though you and I both know that Donald Trump has been saying that Hillary Clinton wants to cancel the second amendment, or that her 2008 campaign has started birtherism, these are all things that are exposed again and again by independent facts --checkers.
But a lot of people, hundreds of millions of people who may adjust on Monday, have not heard of it before.
It is the responsibility of the host and the media to help hold Donald Trump accountable.
By the way, I predict 85 million. FALLON: OK.
But a lot of what you\'re talking about is Trump.
What about Clinton?
Does she have a ready answer about the email?
Will she talk to the American people about something wrong?
Fallon: Well, I think
The email was a question she had answered for over a year and she regretted it and admitted it was a mistake.
I think she would say that again if the topic came up again.
I think, especially in the last few weeks, what you heard her say is that when she was asked about this or that aspect of her decision to establish e-commerce
She said, mail, listen, there is no excuse, she learned the lesson in the last few months when she was interviewed, the more she thought or expected to try to explain it, it would be considered an attempt to make excuses for it, and she admitted that there was no excuse.
So, I think she will be responsible for that.
Donald Trump has failed to publish his tax return, and he needs to be responsible for it.
He needs to be responsible for failing to disclose the true extent of his financial holdings. [11:30:06]
Just last week, we learned about the disturbing connection between one of his campaign advisers, Carter Page, who has been meeting with Russian government officials.
This is obviously seen by the United States. S. intelligence.
So, I expect all these things to come up at the debate stage tomorrow night, and Donald Trump needs to have an answer.
STELTER: Kellyanne Conway responded.
It will appear in the \"State of the Union\" at noon Eastern time.
Brian Fallon, thank you so much for coming here this morning.
Thank you, Brian.
STELTER: We also invited Fallon colleagues from the Trump campaign to come here.
We will be happy to talk to them over the next week.
I think it\'s worth noting that the Clinton campaign set expectations in public, as did the Trump campaign.
So, we will discuss this desired game with the all-star group immediately after the break. (
Business break)[11:35:21]
Welcome back to reliable resources.
I\'m Brian Stell, who lives at Hofstra University, and Monday\'s debate will take place in less than 36 hours.
This is probably the most watched political event in history.
The whole Trump-Clinton face-
Only 90 minutes off.
I hope it will last longer but only 90 minutes.
But it will produce a 90-hour coverage.
Many reports will be about the expectations set for each candidate before the debate, and then analyze which candidate failed to meet them successfully after the debate.
But when you look at the reports around your face
In this game we will take you behind the scenes to show how these expectations are set and how they are managed.
You heard something from Brian Fallon, Clinton\'s press secretary.
Trump is doing the same thing.
So let\'s use a wholestar panel.
Political writer Eleanor Clift of The Daily Beast, director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University, Frank snow, and Dylan Byers of Hofstra also joined my CNN media and politics senior reporter.
Dylan, on the set of Hofstra, what\'s special about the set of this room for you?
Dylan Byers, CNN\'s senior media and political correspondent: It\'s small.
It\'s a very intimate environment and I don\'t believe it\'s something that the audience at home will really understand.
You and I have been in a lot of junior debates where there are some like big venues.
You got a lot of applause.
You have an audience.
The audience won\'t even see the lights here.
The audience was not deceived.
It\'s really a TV event.
It has been a television event since Kennedy and Nixon in 1960.
I think it\'s important to have people here, but, fundamentally, it comes down to the three people in the room.
It is so unstoppable.
You expect 85 million, 90 million, 100 million people to watch the show.
Surprisingly, there were very few people in the room.
This is a good point of view.
Eleanor, let me go to you about the expected game.
Do you think these candidates should be judged on full equality on Monday night?
Daily Beast Eleanor Clift: I think everyone has to judge from the perspective of their opportunity to participate in the debate and the dangers they encounter.
So I don\'t think there is a fully equal scoreboard that can apply each of these characters.
I thought of them. -
This is really a drama.
It feels like a little theater, you have a country that is completely saturated with sound bites and insults.
This is an opportunity for each of them to show themselves --
For Trump, 3D humans may seem to have the temperament to be president, and for Hillary Clinton, connect with voters in a warmer way than she does.
So I think this will be the first Test.
Then you pull down and there will be a lot of other tests.
I don\'t think you can be completely equal in how to rate these two people.
These are two very different candidates.
Frank, let\'s think about what happened in the last few days.
The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, politicians came out and basically said Donald Trump lied more than any other candidate, donald Trump is more lying than Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump is lying than almost all other presidential candidates in history.
Does this need to be in his mind when Lester Holt gets on stage tomorrow?
Frank snow at George Washington University: Well, he needs to know all about Donald Trump, and he does know what Trump\'s past is. He knows that.
He knows what Trump did in the main debate, whether it was the name --
Call or anything else.
The most important thing Lester Holt can do for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton ---
That\'s exactly what the presidential debate committee wants, and that\'s to keep them focused and let them talk about the topic and keep them here 15-
So there are some details, and most importantly, there is an interaction between the two.
This is the first time we have seen their big show side by side.
CLIFT: Right.
We want to see their interaction.
This is what we haven\'t seen throughout the year.
That\'s right.
Steele: Dylan, how important are we to see these newspapers come out and say Donald Trump\'s lies very clearly?
Birtherism is an example.
In the report, when he reversed his birthplace, it was clear that he had been lying for a long time, and he said that Hillary Clinton had started a new lie.
How unusual is this for American media?
Byers: this is very unusual.
Donald Trump is an unprecedented candidate in this regard.
If you consider it from the position of the moderator, you know, the presidential debate committee has told you that this is not your role ---
You\'re not running for president.
It\'s not your duty to strengthen and facts
Check candidates.
Nevertheless, it is also true that Donald Trump is not just lying in many ways.
He made a cruel attack on the truth.
Byers: so for the host on that stage, this is yours ---
As a journalist, as a person engaged in the pursuit of the cause of truth, it will be very difficult for him to say anything and not to escape. [11:40:05]
But again, I stress that it is Hillary Clinton\'s responsibility to do so.
I imagine in all the debate training she\'s been doing this week, she\'s thinking, well, when did he say something untrue, when did I jump in and say something, when am I a little flinch?
As your own report shows, Lester Holt will not be a potted plant.
So the question is, what does that mean?
In fact, how powerful he will be --
Check candidates?
Of course, we must always keep this in mind ---
Eleanor, let me ask you this.
Does Trump\'s voters care that he is more likely to misrepresent facts than Clinton?
Should we care about his voters?
CLIFT: You know, he has a group of voters who vote for him no matter what happens.
I don\'t think this debate is necessarily about achieving those goals.
I think Hillary has to choose her fight.
She can\'t go after every nitpicking fact, but she has to make a loud noise. (CROSSTALK)
Not all lies are equal, right?
If so. . . (CROSSTALK)CLIFT: . . . I think it\'s --right --
So I think it\'s up to Lester Holt to intervene.
As a journalist, he has a reputation as a bulldog, so he is going to do his job.
Finally, say a word to you, Frank.
Should we care?
Should we care in the media that Trump\'s supporters tend not to care about his false statements? SESNO: No.
We have a job in the media. -
In this particular case, Leicester Holt\'s job is to do a good job.
Moderate, tough, tough issues, key issues, debates.
Great interest.
Tomorrow night, I will have a debate at George Washington University to watch the party;
500 people are there, doing so with College Democrats and College Republicans.
It fills up in a few seconds.
There is a big waiting list.
The interest and appetite of the country is enormous.
Not just the tough party.
It may also be that the middle person is hesitant or vacillating, or it may be that the support is not strong enough.
Will this reassure them?
Will this increase the concentration of voters?
By the way, the two people above, what do they think about income inequality, climate change, China, Russia, or anything like that?
Perhaps, perhaps we will hear the two of them engage on these issues, and the public will take seriously one of the issues that will become commander-in-chief. CLIFT: Yes.
Perhaps this is a turning point in a more serious movement. (CROSSTALK)
I like this.
I want to pray for it.
Eleanor, Frank. thank you.
Mr. CLIFT: Thank you.
Steele: Dylan, since you\'re with me in Hofstra, there\'s one more question to ask you.
There is also a high risk for NBC News.
Despite their lack of debate, Lester Holt took the stage on Monday.
Brian William is the host of the evening news.
\"Holt took over because of the Brian Williams scandal.
What is the pressure on NBC?
Byers: You see, many things are at stake tomorrow night, very important and important.
In the lower position of the totem poll, NBC is at great risk.
And here\'s why.
It was a huge embarrassment that they had to deal with Brian Williams last year.
Lester Holt indirectly reminded us of this.
The CNBC debate is the worst debate in the main cycle, no doubt.
Very bad. . . (CROSSTALK)
Byers: Matt Lauer, at least now in politics, is a shorthand for not hosting the presidential forum. So much --
Listen, NBC, MSNBC, they did great news work in a dayto-day basis.
In these major political media events, this inability to register for victory masks this.
They need a win.
Lester Holt needs a win.
They need to get out of this election, which is probably the most watched event in the whole election and they can be proud of it.
Dylan, thank you very much.
Byers: Thank you very much, Brian.
STELTER: we will have a full coverage of CNNMoney.
Com ratings today, tomorrow and Tuesday, including Tuesday.
Next, Seth Meyers, a colleague of Leicester Holt, we will talk to him about the jokes of Trump and Clinton. (
Business break)[11:47:58]
Welcome back to reliable sources.
This is Brian Stell.
We\'re in the debate hall at the University of Hofstra, where the presidential debate committee makes the final touches on the stage and on the seat, and it\'s all gathered here.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will support the presidential candidates tomorrow night. Some late-
The night TV host took Donald Trump very seriously.
There is a difference in the comedy.
On the one hand, NBC\'s Jimmy Fallon may have messed up Donald Trump\'s hair, but in a recent interview he didn\'t give Trump any uncomfortable answers.
There are also Samantha bi, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and Seth Meyers, all highly critical of Trump.
Meyers and Fallon share on NBCnight schedule.
Both performances are good, says Meyers, but for him, Trump has no problem laughing.
So, I sat down with Meyers and asked him if Trump was the best or the worst to be happy late at night? (Start Video)
Stell: would you say the survey comedy you are doing now?
Host Seth Meyers Late Night with Seth Meyers: I feel like we\'re pulling from journalists who are actually working on the investigation.
None of us got information on the street that would otherwise not be outside.
But we do try to provide some information in monologue jokes that you can\'t get, so we try to do a longer article, and that\'s the part that looks closer, where, we can have more freedom to explain the story and get to know the details.
I would like to say that this is more telling than the survey.
But sometimes it could be explanatory news?
I think we work hard.
Again, I have been playing the interpretation comedy all the time. . .
Stutter: you\'re afraid of J-
Don\'t you?
Meyers: Well, I feel like it\'s a hurt to say to people who actually work on journalism that I\'m doing it too, because with a whole set of different skills, I\'m not one of them-I don\'t have.
You never want to go?
Meyers: I don\'t know if I want to go.
I like to do comedy best, so I want to stick to it.
But you have a 10-
Watch Trump and birtherism carefully this week and basically say he can\'t decide when it will end.
The media can decide when it will end. [11:50:03]MEYERS: Yes.
Yes, I think it is more important that decisions can be made by the media and the public.
Yes, we feel very strongly about it.
STELTER: When you call Trump\'s words racist and cheaters, are you worried that you might alienate them after your audience, turn off anything that might be interested in Trump and be interested in watching
I know this could happen.
But, at the same time, when we call him a racist or a liar, we will work very hard to support his example of being a racist and a liar.
Now, if these people look at it and say, well, I don\'t think the racist is doing this, or I don\'t think the liar is doing this, then I see why they don\'t want to watch my show anymore.
But I do feel that when we use these words, we make sure we support them.
STELTER: How much do you blame NBC for launching apprentice more than a decade ago and helping Donald Trump become a household name?
I don\'t know.
This seems to be a foolish luck ---
This was caused by the \"Apprentice.
I think when he got the show for the first time, no one could predict that it was the result.
STELTER: if not NBC, it would be the apprentice of ABC, CBS or FOX.
\"Yes, I think that\'s a very fair point.
Stell: but Mark Burnett, Jimmy Kimmel pointed out at the Emmy the other day that Donald Trump\'s success was blamed.
Let\'s be honest, I think.
When we try to blame all of this on one person, we forget the bigger question, which is why so many people are vulnerable to information from Donald Trump.
This is the core issue that I think sometimes gets lost in this regard.
I think it would be much easier for us to say that it would not happen if it was not a person or B person.
But there\'s a problem.
Many of these voters are the kind of voters that are attracted to Bernie Sanders.
The authorities managed to ignore some degree of anger.
This is--
That\'s why there are more things happening to Trump than anything else.
STELTER: in Monday\'s debate, everyone has expectations for your colleague, Lester Holt.
What do you expect from this debate?
I don\'t know.
I think I just want to expect as little as possible.
I think Leicester will do a good job.
Stell: Would you like to host a debate? MEYERS: No.
Meyers: because everyone will blame you.
I don\'t want to be that close in the end--
Because I think, as we are now looking at voting, these debates will change a lot on the basis of these three debates.
I will not put the vice president debate in, because I think it will be the least meaningful debate in the history of the debate.
Really? MEYERS: Yes. Right?
Stell: Don\'t you expect Pence and Kane?
I mean, I\'ll see it, but I won\'t ---
You know, this is my turning point, how are these two people behaving?
But these three debates are important.
I don\'t want to be one of those people who, based on the results of this election, I think people will review these debates in the way of political historians, and I don\'t want any part of it
STELTER: Do you feel the pressure in the writers room? Want to come up with as many jokes about Clinton as Trump?
Because there is a version in journalism, the concept of balance, 50/50, is completely equal.
Do you think comedy is under pressure? MEYERS: No.
It is only when the candidate provides us with 50/50 of the material that I feel this pressure.
But they are not.
So I don\'t want to go out of my way for a problem in a sense, and we have to have the exact same joke when one offers more comedy than the other. If --
During the week, for the same reason, we had more jokes about fast food restaurants than about food places.
One is more funny than the other.
And it\'s stupid to have to take it out too.
I like fast food, though. Don\'t you?
I like it very much.
But it offers a lot of really good points, mainly because they keep bringing us new weird sandwiches.
Trump will become the next president in November 9. MEYERS: OK.
Is this good for late night?
Is it good for your show?
I don\'t know.
I also think-
I will feel very self
If my thoughts on this election are good or bad for us, I will focus.
Anyway, we continue to do programs every day.
I hope the result is more for the future of the country than for the future of the night.
STELTER: Are you worried about Trump winning, from an inner point of view, from the point of view of your child?
I worry about everything.
In essence, I am more worried.
So, yes, I also have a certain degree of pressure on this.
But I also have some pressure, like the corner on the coffee table. (LAUGHTER)(END VIDEOTAPE)
Stell: You have to be careful with those corners.
When Meyers did not host NBC\'s \"Late Night\" program, he was working with other \"SNL\" alumni Bill haddle and Fred Harden to film the IFC series.
\"This is a great tribute to the famous documentary.
It has a small audience but is loyal.
So, I asked Meyers, how this kind of niche show found the audience in the world of peak TV. (Start Video)
Meyers: I want to believe-
IFC does a good job in marketing.
Also had a second life in Netflix.
Many people found it there. [11:55:00]
But you use social media as much as you can.
Then you want word of mouth.
I think the people who work the hardest at the peak of TV are TV critics who have had to watch 20 online shows in the past year and are now scrambling.
I don\'t know how they did it.
I don\'t know how those who write TV spend what we write to them. But. . .
Stell: I think this is the first time that a TV host sympathizes with a TV critic.
Thank you very much.
I want everyone to know that I am--
When it comes to empathy, no one is doing better late at night than I am.
Like Donald Trump, you\'re making a referee.
Meyers: That\'s right.
That\'s not what I thought.
But maybe I \'ve talked a lot about him and I\'m starting to learn his skills.
I was learning his tricks subconsciously.
Stell: Well, Seth, it\'s great to talk to you at this point.
I am the best in this area.
That\'s what everyone said. (LAUGHTER)(END VIDEOTAPE)
Trump is in the head of Meyers.
For more information about Meyers, you can watch the full interview tomorrow on CNN Money\'s Facebook page.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
It\'s time.
See you next week.
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