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The driver stayed in the snow for 15 hours;
The characters of The Times aired on December 14, 2010-
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Kayla Phillips, cnn anchor: It\'s 10: 00 in the morning. m.
On the East Coast, 7: 00 in the morning. m. out west.
Here are some of our stories from coast to coast. Much of the U. S.
Affected by extreme weather, floods, mudslides in the Pacific Northwest, the degree of cold from minniabaris to Miami broke the record.
Phillips: Republicans struggle for the leadership of the National Party, and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says he won\'t run for a second term.
Several candidates, including one of his own top allies, lined up to challenge him.
Now, in court in London, Julian Assange, the man behind the WikiLeaks scandal
At a new bail hearing, it appeared on a website about sex crimes.
Sweden hopes he will face the charges again.
The allegations, he said, were part of the campaign. All right.
But we started this morning with the future of your health care.
From the conference room to the water dispenser, the issue is debated.
President Obama\'s health care reform was hit hard earlier.
A federal judge in Virginia says it is against the constitution to force Americans to buy health insurance.
Earlier, on \"CNN America Morning\", we heard the challenge that the attorney general of Virginia had put to the court. (
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Virginia Attorney General ken cuccinelli: for 45 years, when we got together and realized that we had problems with health care, that was more government control, what we need is more civic control when we have a solution.
Going in this direction will not violate the Constitution as we have ordered our citizens to do something.
You have to buy we have pre-approved.
They can order you to buy a car if they can do it.
Hell, I have a Chevrolet spring equinox, you don\'t want a Chevrolet spring equinox, they will order you to buy this one. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Phillips: Okay.
What does judge Virginia\'s move mean?
More importantly, what does this mean for your health care?
It sounds complicated, so we invited Elizabeth Cohen, a senior medical journalist.
I hope she can talk more about this.
This mandate is an important part of this legislation, and what does judge Virginia actually think is not constitutional?
Elizabeth cohen, cnn senior medical correspondent: Okay.
What they think is not in compliance with the Constitution is the specific part of the bill, and the ministry says: \"Hey, you, Kayla, you, Elizabeth, every American, you have to have health insurance, because it\'s your choice now, right?
If you don\'t want to fork out money for health insurance, you don\'t have to have it.
So, let\'s take a closer look at what happens if you don\'t buy health insurance under the law.
If you say, if you decide to sort that order and say, \"I don\'t want health insurance, I won\'t get it.
\"What happens is that you will be fined up to $700 or 2% of your taxable income.
So this is quite a punishment.
So you have to go out and buy health insurance or you will face a fine of up to $750.
Judge Virginia believes this is not constitutional.
Judges in other local courts said it was OK, but he said it was not constitutional.
Phillips: Okay.
You point out that, you know, Americans are forced to buy it by HCR.
Is there anything else about the government forcing us to buy something?
It\'s interesting, you know.
We asked some lawyers and they said no.
This is unprecedented.
I talked to a health lawyer named George. INAUDIBLE)
University of Boston
He is writing an article on the topic for next week\'s New England Journal of Medicine, saying, \"No, just because as an American, the federal government lets you buy things, nothing else.
\"So they\'re going to have a hard time in the Supreme Court because that\'s where things go.
You know, from a legal point of view, rationalize this, because there is actually no precedent, and there is no other place in the federal government to say that you have to buy this in an existing way, and you have to buy this.
Phillips: Interesting.
So there are a few things that work here?
COHEN: Right.
Some of the provisions of the health care reform have come into effect.
Of course, I think some people will be very nervous because they may enjoy these benefits and they want to know if they will leave.
The simple answer is no, they will not leave.
Let\'s talk about two of the important issues.
Cohen: from September, for example, if your child turns 26, they can insure you.
This way you can always enjoy your parents\' insurance before the age of 26.
The Virginia ruling has not changed that.
Also, children with pre-
Existing conditions that used to be difficult to get insurance now they are more likely to get insurance.
The company can\'t say no.
This has not changed either.
So these two things are of great help to many American families.
Now, when we go down from now on, these and other things may disappear.
But these are safe at this moment.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
COHEN: Thanks.
Phillips: Okay.
The heated debate on the tax bill could be finally approved by the Senate as early as today.
Yesterday, the Senate vote ended the debate between President Obama and Republican leaders over the measure.
The deal includes two.
The extension of the Bush-era tax cuts will expire at the end of the year.
It will also extend unemployment benefits by 13 months, and cut payroll taxes by 2% a year.
Senate approval could be a showdown between House Democrats over the plan.
Washington is honoring diplomat Richard Holbrook, whose efforts helped end the war in Bosnia in the 1990 s.
Holbrooke died last night.
Holbrooke had surgery over the weekend to repair damage to the aorta. The top U. S.
Special envoys from Afghanistan and Pakistan are only 69 years old.
President Obama called Holbrooke \"the true giant of American foreign policy, making America stronger, safer and more respected.
CNN analyst David Gergen, an adviser to the White House during its fourth administration, sees Holbrooke as a staunch negotiator. (Start Video)
David gergen, senior political analyst at CNN: He\'s very tough.
President Obama said today at the State Department that he is the son of a tough gun, and that is exactly right.
He is a man, and if you are president, you have to face a criminal or someone who is really a bad guy outside, and you will call Dick Holbrook.
This is especially true of the Clinton couple.
Both Hillary and Bill Clinton like Dick Holbrook.
Both of them made him secretary of state.
Some people think he will win the Nobel Peace Prize because he is in Bosnia and (INAUDIBLE).
Others think he should be secretary of state.
He has never been there, but he is still willing to go out and do these very messy jobs. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Phillips: Holbrook is the last diplomat.
A senior government official said that Holbrooke had just undergone surgery and said to the Pakistani surgeon, \"You have to stop the war in Afghanistan.
\"Well, in northwest Indiana, heavy snow and wind prevented the driver\'s death and trapped them for hours.
Lucky people can beat America. S.
Highway 30, then find shelter in some businesses that keep the gates open.
Two counties there have declared a state of emergency.
Our next guest is trapped by snow.
Are you ready? For 15 hours.
But, of course, they captured a lot of hard experiences on the camera because that\'s our I-reporters do.
Scott Healy and Jeremy Petter tried to go to Chicago.
That\'s where we found them today.
Thankfully, but it\'s not easy.
Scott, let\'s start, for you, 15 hours, how did you pass the time, in addition to taking pictures and detailing everything for us?
Stranded driver Scott Healy: Well, there\'s a lot of stuff saved on Jeremy\'s iPad, we have phones, and I think the luckiest thing is that we have phone services.
So as long as we do, we\'re fine.
Yes, thank God.
Scott is smiling, you know, but Jeremy, you said your biggest problem is fear.
You know, it\'s kind of scary from a serious point of view, it\'s just, you know, the last hour, not to mention 15 hours.
Tell me why you\'re so scared.
Yes, I mean, in the first hour we arrived at varata, we were sitting and we were basically stuck in traffic on the 30 th for about an hour.
In the first 15 to 20 minutes of that hour, we were the last car in the lineup.
So any car came up from behind us and they couldn\'t see us. we were the first people they hit.
In fact, we have very close experience in this regard, because a person who tries not to beat US has actually deviated from the road because he may have gone too fast on the road.
But, you know, you\'re just sitting there thinking, \"Okay, do we have enough gas ? \"?
\"We were in a hybrid car at the time, did we have enough battery life?
How long can we sit here?
How cold will the weather be?
In the end, we decided to turn around.
Scott, you know, how are you feeling?
Have you called?
Have you tried to ask for help?
What kind of response did you get?
Oh, no, you laughed.
This may not be good.
HEALY: Well -
Both of you laughed.
Healy: I mean, thankfully, my car was halfway through because we really didn\'t get much help from the highway department we contacted.
When we said we wanted to know if we should wait there or get off the bus, they said, \"Well, the weather is urgent.
\"We think this is probably one of the most obvious things that someone might say to us.
Phillips: that\'s obvious.
Healy: I guess the odd thing is the policy they said they didn\'t tell people to either move on or try to go back.
So we have to make our own decisions and I think it sounds like they don\'t want to be responsible for what they tell us.
So we went back to the nearest safe place, the gas station two miles away.
Phillips: very smart.
Jeremy, do you and Scott have any moments of tension, you know, choking each other\'s neck, or do you know that everything is calm, calm and united?
Interestingly, you should ask.
No, we did a good job.
I think when I was a back seat driver, I made the sound of what he was supposed to stop, and it was a pretty big problem for him, which didn\'t help both the stress level and other aspects.
But once we get to the gas station, I mean, what else can you do in addition to trying to make the most of it, having a good time and staying positive.
So one of the things we definitely want to say is how amazing the gas station service staff are.
They stayed there for one night.
There are only two of them there.
That\'s the end of their shift, they ended up with only the two of them, and maybe 100 more were there all night.
They keep it running and they may go home easily
Shout out to them.
Healy: Yes, Francis and Mika are on the highway 30 on varata, Indiana.
Phillips: here you are. Excellent.
Everyone goes there to buy a cup of coffee, give them some business and fill your tank with oil.
Guys, this is really good.
Scott Healy Jeremy Petter is delighted that you have come to a safe place.
You do it. you are warm.
We appreciate you.
Report for us.
Thanks so much.
No problem. Thanks.
Healy: Thank you.
You bet.
For these people, pain can be measured in a few hours.
This is a level problem for most countries today.
Mercury plummeted and records dropped.
One more thing that could go up is your grocery bill.
Farmers in Florida do everything they can to protect their fragile crops from the cold, which could spread throughout the Orlando area.
Serious losses could push up prices for products such as orange juice. (
Start Video Editing)
Farmer Bob Ross: If it is less than 27 hours without cloud cover and lasts for three to four hours, it could be a disaster for the entire citrus industry.
It can wipe out these beautiful honey bells that just came in.
For us, you know, it\'s devastating.
Unidentified male: Not only will you see a lot of farmers closing, especially us, but you will also see the price of vegetables at a price you have never seen before. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Phillips: Now, even before the temperature plummeted overnight, the Florida government has declared a state of emergency.
This tension is spreading in the investment market.
Orange juice futures soared to 3-year high.
Let\'s take a look at the big picture, shall we?
CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras monitors all extreme weather for us. Jacqui.
Jacqui jeras, ams meteorologist: Wow.
It was really cold in Florida this morning.
We had a few record lows this morning.
We are not out of the forest yet.
Some of these citrus areas may be below freezing tomorrow morning, but they will be below freezing again before they start to warm a little bit.
West Palm Beach, 32 degrees this morning.
In Greenville, Jacksonville dropped to 20 to 11 degrees.
Spartanburg, South Caroline.
The temperature in Paducah, Kentucky, was four degrees this morning, a record low.
Now, the weather is really good for continuing to lower temperatures in the Arctic over the next few days and keeping temperatures in most parts of the East.
There, you can see that we are about 20 to 25 degrees lower than the average, which prevents the temperature from rising above freezing point, all the way to parts of the South deep down.
We are also a bit worried because there is a low pressure area here that is moving towards parts of Texas.
This will be tomorrow\'s southern track, which may bring some winter blends in parts of the Tennessee Valley.
So it\'s worth noting for some icy situations.
Now in the northeast, look (INAUDIBLE)temperature.
In 12-year-olds in Boston and New York, look at Cleveland and Pittsburgh there, below zero. Lake-
This time the snow continues to turn.
The cold temperatures of those warm lakes, we look forward to seeing another foot or so here in the next few days.
We do have a problem in the northeast if you want to travel because the wind is too big.
In less than an hour in LaGuardia, Newark and the West, we had some problems with low clouds and fog in San Francisco.
San Diego and, of course, the wet environment of the Pacific Northwest floods. Kyra.
Phillips: Okay.
Jacqui, thanks.
Hugh Jackman tried to impress Oprah and all her fans in Australia, but it wasn\'t as he planned.
It looks cool, but it\'s a bit uncomfortable when landing. (MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)
Phillips: on the screen, his character Wolverine recovered in a few seconds, but after Hugh Jackman performed a stunt today on Oprah\'s special show in Australia, he
Jackman, an Australian, tried to impress fans as he slid from the top of the Sydney Opera House to the stage, but apparently \"Reuters\" reported that he was distracted by the idea that he forgot to rest in time and that he hit some light rigging and gave himself a black eye.
Yes, a few minutes later Jackman stepped onto the stage and said, \"it\'s so many fans until the end.
\"In addition to Hugh Jackman, the nominator of this year\'s Golden Globe Award, the hot topic of jinfoil town is now. A. J.
Hammer, the host of tonight\'s entertainment circle, shared all the details with us from New York.
First of all, let\'s talk about Hugh Jackman\'s stunt show.
Is he okay? A. J.
HAMMER, tonight\'s entertainment host: Yes, Kyra, he\'s fine.
But it\'s a bit scratched and shaken and may not be too happy that it is.
But it\'s quite-stage scare.
In fact, Oprah\'s big event in Australia was at a standstill. Watch this.
As you mentioned, he is on the zip line and is doing his big entrance and unfortunately he is rushing to some scaffolding on the zip line of the Sydney Opera House holding some
He hit his face there.
Healthcare workers and Oprah themselves are also watching the star.
About 10 minutes later Jackman went back to the stage and said he was OK and explained that he had forgotten to brake.
But nurse Oprah is taking care of Jackman, Kayla, that woman can do anything!
Yes, she can.
She was in the Renaissance.
I sound like Regis.
Yes, you do.
They stayed at Holiday Inn Express.
She\'s cured. INAUDIBLE)Jackman. Poor guy.
The zipper lining is so great, you are right, and if you don\'t pay attention to when it should break, you may have a huge trouble.
He was a little caught at the moment, didn\'t he?
Yes, of course he is.
You see some pictures of his eyes being watched now, but before that, before he took off his zipper, there was a big smile on his face, and he said, yes, this view distracts his attention, which is understandable.
The skyline there is incredible.
I think he just-
This is one of those moments, you know.
He took everything away. Oh, well.
Phillips: I also like the picture of him drinking after that.
This may be of great help. All right.
Let\'s take a look at the Golden Globes. J. .
There are a lot of talkative movies shortlisted this year, right?
Such as \"Social Network\"
Hammer: Yes.
This is actually a movie that everyone is looking forward.
We got Katie Holmes up early at 5: 30 today. m.
It was announced in Hollywood with Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood. Take a look. (
Start Video Editing)
\"Golden Globe nomination\" announcer Blair andwood: Best performance by film comedy or musical actor Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp, tourist. \" (END VIDEO CLIP)
HAMMER: Well, as you just heard some of the highlights there, Johnny Depp will compete with himself in the best movie categories of Alice in Wonderland and tourists.
\"It\'s a bit cool and a bit unfortunate because it will split the vote.
Johnny\'s partner, Angelina Jolie.
The stars in tourists have also been nominated for film music or comedy with Annette Benning and Ann Hathaway.
Julianne Moore was nominated for \"children are good.
Emma Stone, she got the nod of \"Easy.
The best movie nomination film \"Black Swan\", \"Fighter\", \"Inception\", \"King\'s Speech\", you have \"Social Network \".
\"Now, what makes the Golden Globes unique, and perhaps more important than some other shows, is that this show brings together movie and TV stars to really be a huge party.
Watch TV now.
You have \"30 Rock\", \"Big Bang Theory\", \"Big C\", \"Modern Family\" and \"Nurse Jackie\" in the comedy category \".
\"Move to the best TV series, drama category,\" Boardwalk Empire \",\" Dexter \",\" Good Wife \",\" Madman \",\" Walking Dead \".
All the people nodded.
I want to get the best actor in the TV series category, Steve busemide, to perform well in Boardwalk Empire.
Brian Clemson nominated Michael C.
Of course, Hugh Laurie, he was always nominated and again nominated as the \"House \".
\"The Golden Globe award was held on Sunday, January 16.
Ricky Jervais will host Kyra.
It\'s always a fun party, as I mentioned.
If you look around the table, you will find that they are serving wine and champagne, which increases the possibility of what the star might say.
Oh, yes, you never know.
You need a glass of champagne now with a dry throat.
Hey, our favorite shows are modern family and glee.
\"So you and I are very happy.
Hammer: That\'s right.
They\'re all inside.
Very happy about this.
It was really nice to see that Boardwalk Empire got some attention as well.
Phillips: Okay. A. J. Thank you very much.
See you tomorrow.
Hammer: You got it. All right.
You want information about all the emergencies in the entertainment industry. J.
Every night at 5: 00, \"the entertainment circle Tonight\" has it. m. and 11:00 p. m. eastern on HLN.
So, who is the biggest news producer this year?
Tomorrow, we will find out who\'s face will be the cover of Time magazine\'s annual character.
But their readers have already said
Next, I will tell you who they chose and not everyone is very excited about it. (
Business break)(MUSIC PLAYING)
Phillips: now about the people who affect your life every day, your family and friends, your neighbors, you know, the people who own it, there\'s a lot of it on a global scale.
Time magazine named these people with global influence
Gandhi, 1930 years old, Martin Luther King, 1963 years old, Queen Elizabeth II, 1952 years old.
But not everyone is a hero. Just some.
Of course, on the cover 1942 of time in 1938, he may have forgotten the character of the year, Adolfo Hitler.
Well, tomorrow, \"time\" picks a person for 2010 people.
But their readers have already said it.
They have just been investigated before the photos and names you will see on the cover of \"time\", the characters of the year.
What is said online?
The reader chose WikiLeaks provoc Julian Assange, who appeared in British court this morning on charges of rape.
So, as the person of the year, who do you think \"time\" should choose?
This is the question we asked you last hour. Here are some of your answers.
The lyrical storm on Twitter got her to vote on who should be the person of the year for the \"times\" and I think it should be the CEO of Facebook.
Sorry, I forgot his name.
\"Well, that\'s Mike Zuckerberg.
Lyrics storm, you may (INAUDIBLE)
Forget his name, maybe you can make friends with him.
Twitter nomination Gillian Assange, called Mediatrax, shows the world our true identity.
Brennan Lawler, the audience, said, \"people of the year?
Definitely the person of the year, definitely Lady Gaga.
A Twitter user who claimed to be guevaradji interjected in his vote on the cover of Time.
\"Kayla, it should be you. \"Great.
Remember, tomorrow, we will find out who has chosen \"time\" for a vertical year \".
I don\'t think your candidate guevardjd has a real chance, but thank you so much for giving us a loud voice. All right.
Survived the arctic explosion.
A real intimate phone captures a happy ending on tape. (
Business break)
Phillips: 10: 30 East Coast, 7: 30 West.
We told some stories this morning.
Just a few minutes ago, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced bail in court in London.
Attempts to bail were rejected earlier this month.
Assange is wanted for alleged sex crimes in Sweden.
Nearly nine months after President Obama signed a massive health care reform bill, a key part of the bill was declared non-constitutional.
A federal judge in Virginia ruled Congress could not force Americans to buy health insurance.
Now, watch this video from Australia.
Oh, yes, did you hear ouch?
That\'s a zip line for Australian actor Hugh Jackman on Oprah Winfrey\'s Ultimate Australian Adventure show.
The photos taken from the roof of the Sydney Opera House are not bad.
Not when landing.
It was too late for him to brake and hit the lighting device above the stage.
Jackman later appeared with Oprah, with a bandage under his eyes.
Stock market bells-
To be more precise, the opening bell of the stock market rang about an hour ago.
This is your number.
The Dow Jones industrial index rose nearly 62 points.
Glass ceilings are no longer a problem for female executives, but a study shows that the road to the upper floors is not always clear.
Business reporter Stephanie Elland joins us from the New York Stock Exchange.
So, Steph, the study says some female executives are stuck in the company --go-
Can\'t move on, right?
Stephanie Ilam, cnn business correspondent: That\'s right.
They somehow got into the middle, Kyra, if you look at 2009, like 50% of the labor force for women.
Think about it, it\'s a lot.
But see how far they have gone on the chain.
15% there are board seats.
13% are executive officers.
Then there were only 2% CEOs.
So, it just tells you that, in general, although women make up half of the labor force, they are not at the male level.
So one of the things that this survey sees here is that the catalyst for the study is how much guidance plays in this regard?
They say it\'s definitely better to have a mentor than not.
But it depends on the level of the tutor, because the tutor usually helps you get a promotion and will also get a higher salary and help you get a promotion.
The higher the position of the tutor, the higher the salary and employment level the trainees receive.
So, that\'s part of the problem that we\'re seeing here, Kyra, the problem is not that they\'re not pursuing these jobs.
It\'s just that women don\'t get the same opportunity.
Phillips: So, if women don\'t have a mentor, will that hinder their development?
ELAM: Yes, it\'s not necessarily that simple.
This is not a lack of mentors.
The difference is that men are guided and then they are sponsored and promoted as well.
They developed in their careers.
Sponsorship really means you have an advocate.
They will tell you that this is what you need to do.
That\'s what you did wrong.
This is not just business.
This is the difference we see with men.
In addition, men graduated from business school and work at a higher level than women.
So, they start with a gap that a woman can hardly make up for, and usually don\'t go back to the same level that they do as men.
And one more thing I want to point out.
When men are promoted, their wages will be raised by 21%.
About 2% for women.
So, you show that there is a big gap even in things related to wallets.
PHILLIPS: Wow. Interesting.
OK, I \'ve also heard that you can get a new deal for new Jetta from the website.
ELAM: Yes.
If you just shed tears because you don\'t have the level of work you want, maybe you can make yourself feel better and move by logging into gilt.
Because if you go to the website tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, they will sell a Volkswagen Jetta, 2011 Volkswagen Jetta-$5,995.
Sell one a day.
The first day is only for those who continue gilt.
Through their mobile phones.
After that, everyone can find one on the website.
These proceeds will be donated to the clothing company for success.
Get your fingers readyGo for it.
See if you can buy yourself a $6,000 car.
What do you think, Kayla?
Well, let me tell you.
Dressing successfully is a very good charity.
I think you and I have both donated money to that charity.
I\'m glad you plugged them in.
Great things. (CROSSTALK)
This is a great thing they are doing.
PHILLIPS: Yes. Exactly.
ELAM: $6,000 per day, woo-hoo, yes!
Thank you, Stephen.
Look at those temperatures.
Deep freezing covering most parts of the country.
You know it was cold in Florida in their 20 s.
But not just the terrible cold.
The problem with Washington state is the rain, which triggered mudslides and sent hundreds of people to shelters.
The hillside was washed away.
Many areas have been flooded.
In Indiana, the problem is snow.
A sheriff\'s representative in northern Indiana rescued 100 drivers trapped in more than 2 feet snow.
So far, this extreme weather has killed 16 people in four states.
Check out this incredible video from Cincinnati.
The driver crashed into a car on the side of the road and actually nailed a policeman to him.
When the other car was out of control and hit him and asked him to cross the fence on the concrete guardrail, he stopped to investigate the accident.
Surprisingly, everyone in the accident was very good.
People in Ohio are still dealing with cold and heavy snow.
That\'s where we found the meteorologist Rob Marciano.
Rob, I have to tell you, though, the background is beautiful.
Rob marciano, ams meteorologist: Yes.
You know, when you\'re in the town square and a lovely, quaint town here, it\'s hard not to immerse yourself in the spirit here.
When it snows, your Christmas lights are on.
But the fact is that it was the second week in a row that they suffered heavy snowfall.
They do a good job of cleaning up roads and sidewalks, so the traffic is moving.
But other problems with the cold have also been exposed.
Several major water pipe breaks caused some roads to be flooded and frozen, and also caused some communities in southern Cleveland to actually boil water to ensure safe drinking.
So, it\'s not just snow.
What affects the region is bitter cold, cold and dangerous cold.
This morning, when we woke up in Cleveland, close to the lake, those winds were whistling, 30 to 40 miles per hour, and the winds were cold in places far below zero.
The snow continued.
The big freeze continues.
But, as mentioned, it\'s been going on and we haven\'t even been there until December.
Yesterday, we caught up with the mayor of Chagrin Falls. here is his comment on that winning streak. (
Start Video Editing)
Tom brick, mayor of chagringfalls, Ohio: this is--
This is serious.
It is becoming more and more serious.
We had a few feet of snow last week and then partially melted over the weekend.
Now, we\'re starting again.
So we are used to winter, but it is a peak. (END VIDEO CLIP)
I think you are used to it.
But when it comes to you, and when it comes to you for two weeks in a row, it quickly wears you out.
As Jackie may have told you, but don\'t see a huge warmthWill get up soon.
In fact, there is still a winter storm warning in the area before 7: 00 in the morning.
But the chagrin waterfall, you know, is not bad.
Look at this terrace.
Just wanted to give you a little idea.
They have a group of volunteers to decorate these things.
Big and old wreaths and beautiful Christmas lights.
We haven\'t met too many people who look ugly yet, but they can stand the temperature rising a few degrees, which is for sure. Kyra.
I tell you, you\'re in the spiritual world, Rob.
Are you going to have a big lunch now?
We just had a delicious and comfortable breakfast.
It\'s time to go back to work. we\'re here.
Okay, very good.
We will keep checking in. Thanks, Rob.
Until the weather, breaking news, video, etc.
We need a second or two.
Well, it\'s probably more than that because I\'m with Michael Holmes.
Tell you exactly. (CROSSTALK)
No, it\'s all over when you and I go.
Michael Holmes, CNN International: That\'s right.
Phillips: We\'re talking about the latest version of the CNN family.
Our iPad app is actually up and running.
We were talking about it all morning and our friend Michael Holmes was here to accompany us through it.
Holmes: I don\'t know how I did it.
I changed from war correspondent to geek because I like these things too.
You are a technical genius!
You got everything done.
Holmes: It was my birthday yesterday. thank you for your card.
Oh, Happy Birthday!
My baby gave me an iPad.
So, I think about it now.
This is great.
The IPad app has been launched.
Everyone is using the iPhone and iTouch.
This is bigger and brighter.
This is actually a blow-up iPad itself.
Different ways of watching news.
You set everything up like this.
If you want to see something, just touch it.
However, we can also go to the list view.
If you don\'t want to see all the pictures, once again, just touch it. If you --
In fact, I like this one because it is full of pictures and that is what we are aiming.
You just went through the story of the day. -
Oh, this is very attractive.
Then what did you touch--(LAUGHTER)
We have to talk about that problem. it caught your attention.
I\'m not sure if we should. Very neat.
But if you want to see the story, bang.
So is the video now, right?
Oh, yes, you have a video, too.
Let\'s go back and find a video. That\'s me!
How is the situation there?
Phillips: look.
Let me call. Oh, look.
How cute a Cartier watch is! (LAUGHTER)
Did I screw up your app?
Holmes: No, not at all!
Oh, look at this!
It was here yesterday.
It\'s weird, isn\'t it?
We did it for CNN International.
They are describing the app all night.
So, you can do this for any news report on the app, and of course, there are thousands of news reports.
Another thing you can do as well, you can have a look at your featured story.
Then you have a full video option.
Who is that guy?
I haven\'t seen him before. (LAUGHTER)
Phillips: a handsome man.
He needs to shut his mouth.
Someone might say, yes. (LAUGHTER)
Of course, I know what you will do.
You will turn your preferences to international ones.
Of course.
Can I get your show background story?
Holmes: I don\'t think you can get the show, but you can get it on CNN. com/backstory.
Phillips: Or you can get clips and clips of Michael\'s performance.
Holmes: You really can\'t miss it.
That\'s out now. It\'s free.
Just for the iPad. Everything --
All apps are now free for everyone around the world.
I hope this will be very popular.
It\'s released now.
I was waiting for the story of the app last night and it worked out.
Phillips: On your birthday, you got the new iPad from your child.
Holmes: exciting.
Thank you, Michael.
Holmes: It\'s all in front of you. (LAUGHTER)
I can\'t wait. Yes. Exactly.
I will try to stay away from technology for a long time.
All text messages and driving, and everything we have to worry about.
Holmes: that\'s true.
Okay, Michael. thank you. All right.
Miley Cyrus, who made the headlines.
This time, we are watching a dispute about the video of her and bong party.
It is reported that this is not marijuana. It was salvia.
Do you know what that is?
We have to do some research.
Yes, Michael shook his head, too.
Yes Son, you \'d better check in with your child. (LAUGHTER)
Phillips: We\'re going to discuss this soon. (
Business break)
Phillips: Well, it took very little time for late night comics to jump on Miley Cyrus\'s story with their feet.
This is Jay Leno. (
Start Video Editing)
Jay leno, host of The Tonight Show: Have you heard of this?
Apparently Miley\'s video. -I saw it.
Miley Cyrus smoked her cigarette. -
Psychedelic herbs. Salvia. That\'s it. Salvia!
While Miley said it wasn\'t her, it was her other self, Hannah bundana. (LAUGHTER)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Phillips: that\'s good.
I don\'t see it.
Jay had a good time at the cost of actress Miley Cyrus.
It is reported that she was found smoking on tape, which broke the hearts of some fans and worried many parents.
It is reported that this is legal.
It\'s not marijuana, it\'s something Jay mentioned called rat Lee.
Karen Miotto is an addiction specialist.
Karen, first of all, we want to know, what is rat Lee? DR.
Addiction expert karen miotto: Rat Lee is an effective psychedelic plant.
Bottom line, so-all right.
How does this compare to Native Americans smoking in spiritual rituals?
Miotto: very similar.
It has been used in Mexico\'s Mazar.
It is used by shamans for treatment and ritual.
So it is considered a sacred plant.
But, interestingly, Karen.
We did a little research seven years ago. Our Dr.
Sanjay Gupta, actually made a section about rat Lee.
He quoted DEA on this point and the statement was written like this.
\"It\'s as dangerous as cocaine, heroine and psychedelic.
\"This was obtained from DEA seven years ago.
Do you agree?
I mean, how much do we know about how dangerous it is?
Can you compare it as dangerous as cocaine or heroine?
MIOTTO: it\'s dangerous because users get into a different reality when they smoke or chew it.
So, the effect is the uncontrollable laughter, the loss of feeling, the feeling that you are integrating into a different world.
But people don\'t use their rational minds.
Therefore, they may drive without coordination or control, and they may make decisions that are harmful to themselves or others.
So in this sense, it\'s dangerous.
For example, where can you compare it to marijuana, smoke marijuana?
Well, marijuana is considered a recreational or fun drug.
Many users say it\'s not necessarily interesting.
It could be a bad experience.
So, it\'s very different.
This is a fascinating molecule.
We do not have another drug or substance that acts as an opium receptor like this one.
So, we don\'t have much information about what is long term. term effects.
Many scientists are interested in it because it is part of the opium family.
Therefore, it may have potential uses for pain or for the treatment of other diseases.
Phillips: So, are you worried about teenagers seeing Miley Cyrus do that?
Because it is clear that the word has come out now, it has caused some buzz among the teenagers who want to try, asking.
Are you worried about this? What should parents do now when we see this video and talk about it?
I was worried.
I think parents should ask their children about the material situation of their children.
In fact, sales have been banned in some states.
There are no federal regulations against drugs.
But it\'s illegal in some states.
Therefore, we are not only concerned about the impact on teenagers, but may also have some legal impact on sales or use.
Karen Miotto, thank you for your insight.
There are a lot of caring parents outside. Thank you.
Miotto: Thank you.
Phillips: Well, before he convinced voters that he was supposed to be mayor of Chicago, Ram Emanuel had something to prove: he was a resident of Chicago.
But first, look at these very incredible photos of Voyager I.
A new milestone has been reached.
Scientists believe it eventually reaches the edge of the solar system.
It has been more than 30 years since the Voyager was launched.
The original goal of the probe was to observe planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, but the traveler completed it in 1989.
It is now moving deep into space and into the center of the Galaxy. (MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)
Phillips: Ram Emanuel is likely to lead the race for mayor of Chicago.
But before election day, he had a big question to answer.
Paul Steinhauser, deputy political director, told us the story from CNNpolitics. com desk. Hey, Paul.
Paul steinhauser, deputy political director of CNN: Hey Kyra.
You know, there is a new law that says that if you run for mayor, you have to become a resident of the city a year before the election.
Remember, Ram Emanuel is in Washington. C.
Last year and most of this year, until October.
He is President Obama\'s chief of staff.
So, now, we have a live photo of the Chicago Election Commission in Chicago.
He is giving evidence and trying to prove, yes, that he is a resident.
He said, look, when I was in Washington, I continued to pay taxes for my house.
My car was registered there and I voted in Chicago.
So he tried to prove that he was a resident of Chicago so that he could continue to vote.
Kayla, let\'s talk about Mitt Romney.
I want to ask (INAUDIBLE)
Our photographer will zoom in here to CNN Political Ticker.
Mitt Romney\'s column
In USA Today this morning.
\"Do you know?
He doesn\'t like the tax cut compromise between President Obama and congressional Republicans.
He thought it was a bad deal and he quoted the deficit. Kyra?
Phillips: Okay.
What do Americans think about tax cuts?
I know you\'re looking into those polls, too.
There will be two new polls this week.
They all came out yesterday.
Check this out.
This is one of them from the Pew Research Center.
According to the survey, 6 out of 10 people expressed support or favor of tax cuts, which of course extended tax cuts for all Americans for two years and extended long-term unemployment benefits.
Long-term unemployment this year.
The ABC/Washington Post conducted a similar survey yesterday, with most people, just over 60%, in which almost 69% agreed.
We will pay close attention to public opinion, Kayla. Back to you.
Thank you, Paul.
Annoying Orange, double rainbow and sad threeyear-
Old video of the 10 most popular viral videos on YouTube. (
Business break)(MUSIC PLAYING)
Phillips: Well, at this time, every day we pay tribute to the uniformed men and women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan for all of us.
We call it home and away \".
\"Today, we will be upgrading Chad Hayden Drake, an expert from Garland, Texas.
He was killed in an operation in Baghdad on September 7, 2004.
Former comrade Michael Grady wrote us the story of Chad.
\"When I heard that he was killed, I was hit like a ton of bricks.
I salute you to you, Chad, and you will never be forgotten in my heart.
\"Well, if you have a comrade or lover you want us to respect, all you have to do is. Go to CNN.
Com/home andaway, we will guide you on how to put your memories into your photos.
We promise to keep your hero\'s memory alive. (MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)(MUSIC PLAYING)
Phillips: Well, people on YouTube have released the top ten videos of the year, and there are 2010 videos coming soon.
Is there your favorite on the list?
Okay, let\'s see what Jenny Moos is going to show us. (Start Video)
National Correspondent Jenny Moos (CNN (voice-over)
: Forgot the cat to play pie cake.
Unknown man: pie, pie--
MOOS: none of YouTube\'s top 10 most popular videos this year have a cute animal video.
Top 10 Extreme driving.
Video number 9 to 3-year-
Justin Bieber, sad in the old days.
Because I like Justin Bieber.
Are you crying because you love Justin Bieber?
Unidentified child: Yes.
So Jimmy Kimmel invited Cody to his show to surprise her with Justin Bieber.
The group, OK, go, took part eight times with their Ruth Godber, just like a music video.
Talk about the pot at the end of the rainbow.
Oh, my God.
MOOS: a lot of people who have seen the Rainbow Man video are skeptical.
I want whatever he smokes.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
But Rainbow Man told Jimmy Kimmel he didn\'t eat anything.
Man: Absolutely not.
Completely awake in that video. (LAUGHTER)
MOOS: there was a kid who said his parents wanted to know if he was looking at something pornographic.
When it comes to spicy, five.
This is the old online advertisement for spices.
Unidentified male: He smells like he is me, bowed his head, looked up, where are you?
You smell like a man with your man on a ship.
The fourth video makes a fruit famous.
Man: What happened?
Man: What happened?
Man: What happened?
MOOS: annoying (INAUDIBLE)
Dozens of sequels
The third video stands out from 13. year-
Old Lady Gaga songs. (SINGING)
MOOS: judging by the audience, the second video may make you gag.
Actually, we have deleted the total part.
This is a parody of the music video by singer Kesha. (SINGING)
MOOS: The first video, song of bed invaders.
Antoine Dodson, after interrupting an intruder who broke into the window of his sister\'s bedroom, appeared on television news and became famous.
His reaction to becoming the world\'s number one video?
Oh, my God. it\'s so exciting.
MOOS: half of his car revenue
He bought a song for his mother. -
A whole house.
Next, he will buy himself a Mercedes. MOOS (on-camera)
: According to the top 10 YouTubers, you might think our culture is going down. MOOS (voice-over): Jeannie Moos.
Man: I\'m riding a horse.
Man: where is this?
She missed the best part.
Tony Harris is an old hot girl.
Tony Harris, cnn anchor: Yes.
How did this happen?
How did this happen?
Don\'t you hate this?
He got all the honors.
Harris: Don\'t you hate that? -
What happened to my guy, the leader of the \"Rent is Too Damn\" party?
Oh, that\'s right. We forgot him.
Where are my people?
Phillips: \"It\'s too high.
\"We will bring him back.
Harris: please.
We will have the top ten CNN videos.
Harris: have a good time.
See you, Tony.
Harris: See you tomorrow, Kayla.
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