classic philadelphia, new jersey light shows brighten holiday season

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In a survey, people were asked to come up with something special for Philadelphia\'s historic Franklin Square, a suggestion to \"come out\" over and over again \".
\"People really seem to want a holiday light show,\" says Lisa Deats of the historic Philadelphia company . \"
\"So we decided to do that.
In order to achieve this goal, Deats-
He saw a similar idea in finnier Hall in Boston called \"blink of an eye!
@ Feneuil Hall market: a grand gathering of lights and sounds \"-
Contacted the designers of the exhibition to create one in Philadelphia.
Speaking of the tree in Boston, Deats said: \"They have a big tree in the center of the light show . \".
\"We liked the tree very much, but we didn\'t think it was suitable for Franklin Square.
\"With the idea of the tree, the lighting designers --
Park 3D in Scottish Plains
Was \"sent back to the drawing.
\"We want to come up with something different,\" Deats said . \".
The lighting design team, led by John Carter, whose holiday window design has been exhibited at Lord and Taylor, Macy\'s and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, visited the square for some inspiration.
\"We came up with a bunch of different designs,\" Carter said . \".
\"We brainstorm on the website and basically came up with the idea together.
He said: \"to pay tribute to Ben Franklin, the man of the same name in the square, a kite and a key proved to be a key factor in this special performance.
The electrical landscape of Franklin Square is specially designed for this space.
Starting at 4: 30 p. m. , there are eight performances every night. m. through Dec. 31 —
Equipped with electric 10-
This is the highlight of Franklin\'s famous discovery of electricity.
\"It\'s impossible without his discovery,\" Carter said . \". The lights —
Procedure for Christmas
Theme music from Philadelphia pop music
Dancing with songs on a fun seasonal show, kids can\'t turn a blind eye.
\"We are looking for a way to get people in,\" said Amy Pien, President and CEO of the historic Philadelphia company.
The light show has more than 50,000 LED lights and thousands more on the square.
The lights \"dance\" with the music, it\'s a custombuilt 250-
Hundreds of feet of sculptures, kites and holiday wreaths.
The display uses more than 10 miles of copper wire, and the sound system plays more than 4,000 watts of holiday music.
The program is based on typical American electricity. S.
It took nearly two weeks to go home and program by hand.
More than 40 staff and volunteers installed lights for the show.
The light show plays every half hour, Deats says, and when the show stops, the light stays on and \"flashes \".
She said there were two different performances, including songs such as \"sledding tour\", \"Christmas\" and \"Song of the Bells.
\"From 4 to 8 every night, the spinning city food truck will serve hungry tourists on sitem.
The Philadelphia mini golf course and Parx free carousel will also be open.
If you go: Franklin Square is located at 6 and Race Street.
Electrical view of Franklin Square: from December, holiday lights show will be held every night. 31 (
End of Thanksgiving and Christmas)
There are eight performances, the first one starts at 4: 30 and the last one ends at 8 in the evening. m.
Open to the public free of charge.
For more information, please visit www.
Historic Philadelphia. org.
Other light shows: 1 Longwood Garden, Longwood Road, Pa Kennett Square.
A Christmas tree with luxurious fruit
The highlight of this popular light show is trees decorated in greenhouses up to 18 feet m.
Stroll outdoors and see the lights on the display-
More than ever before.
It is displayed in floating trees, hundreds of glittering snowflakes, flashing trees and 12-
The light fountain of the main fountain garden.
The lights are at 3: 30 p. m. m.
Every day starting November28 through Jan. 12. Non-peak days (
Monday to Friday from November. 28 through Jan.
12, excluding December. 26 through 31)
The cost for adults is $18, the cost for seniors is $15, and the cost for students with ID cards is $8.
Children aged 4 and under are free of charge. Peak days (
All Saturdays and Sundays of November. 28 through Jan. 12 and Dec. 26 through 31)
$25 for adults, $22 for seniors, $11 for ID students, and free for children under 4.
For more information, visit longwoodgardens.
Macy\'s Christmas light show at City1300 Market St.
Philadelphi Christmas light show and Wanamaker organ concert at Macy\'s is a traditional festival in Philadelphia, dating back to half a month ago. century.
Come to the famous Central City store-
Located in the historic Wanamaker Building
Watch the snowflakes, ballerina and reindeer float on the 4 thstory-
High velvet curtains in the large courtyard atrium.
During the light show, more than 100,000 bright LED lights are combined to create wonderful holiday images.
The lighting show is accompanied by festival music from all over the world.
The famous Wanamaker Organ.
From November, you can see a light show every two hours, seven days a week. 29.
The show starts at 10 every day. m.
At 2: 4: 6: 8 Noon
Monday, December is a holiday. 24 (Christmas Eve): 10 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Christmas ends on Wednesday, December.
Saturday, December to 26 th.
The show started at 10. m. to 7 p. m.
Sunday, December. 30 from 11 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Monday, December. 31 from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Call 215 for more information-241-9000.
Spectacular Holiday Inn John f. Kennedy Airport-Comcast-of-the-
The art Comcast experience the TV wall at Comcast Center, and the spectacular views and sounds of Comcast holiday are full of seasons.
Since its debut in 2008, nearly a million people have watched the show in the hall.
From Thanksgiving to New Year\'s Day, the spectacular scene will start at 10. m. to 8 p. m. (except 5 p. m. on weekdays)
Every hour, seven days a week until New Year\'s Day.
This year\'s performance included scenes themed on the Olympics.
Excellent skaters and performers from Walnut Street Theater.
Each show lasts about 15 minutes.
Children of all ages are given free waterless tattoos during the festival
Time for Comcast central market and store \"delicious food \".
Every Saturday, December, 24-
The hour preschool network will provide free live performances with the world\'s most famous chicken Chica and her friends, who come from the daily morning show \"sunny side\" on the spot \".
\"Before or after watching the Comcast Holiday Spectacular show, stop at the market and shops in the lobby to watch the live show (10:30 a. m. , 11:30 a. m. , 12:30 p. m. and 1:30 p. m. ).
For more information, please visit www.
Shopping center. com.
Playground 18 Hamilton, N. J.
42-sculpture site
The Kerry Sculpture Park and Botanical Garden in Hamilton kicked off the festive season in two days of fun after Thanksgiving.
On Saturday, November, take your family to the weekend holiday.
December and 3. 1.
Saturday, November.
30, make your own unique holiday gift box and gift card, or make-of-a-
Snow rocking bed for holidays (
Similar to snowballs without water! ).
Hear the unique sounds of Nassau brass at Seward Johnson Art Center.
Join the ball! ” Contest.
Warm up with holiday songs from East Gallery Capitol singers.
Don\'t miss the opportunity to shop for that special person at the Clam Hall store and gallery.
Then at sunset on Saturday, the park was filled with festive lights.
When the dazzling fairy lights create a world of festive magic, or walk through the park by holiday tram, stroll along its path.
Watch the ball on Sunday!
\"Contest winner, shop at the museum store, start at 11 and enjoy a special brunch option at Peacock Cafe. m.
Don\'t be late for the holiday tea party from four o\'clock P. M. to 6. m.
At the Peacock Cafe, you can enjoy your own small pot of holiday tea while eating delicious biscuits, finger sandwiches and other special delicacies (
Reservations are required for tea; call 609-890-6015).
$12 for adults, $10 for seniors, $8 for children (6 to 17)
Children aged 5 and under are free of charge.
For more information about all of these activities, please visit www.
Sculpture of the ground. org. ---
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3638 or krearick @ southjerseymedia.
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