christie adaptation goes broad, runs long

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 11/2/207 (866 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Adapted from Agatha Christie\'s short story, love from strangers is not entirely a country.
Britain\'s mysterious Doian is known for murdering houses, although one of the country\'s houses is indeed reflected in the story.
This is mainly the player of Tara in Cecil (Johanna Burdon)
He is a secretary in London. he has a fiancé in Congo and a yen to travel.
She and her friend Mavis (
Catalina Cheffins)
Won the second prize in the lotterya life-
Now, Cecilia is not sure if she wants to marry Nigel. Scott Douglas)
When he came back from Africa
She is already in a fragile state of mind when the little and exquisite Bruce (Edward Wiebe)
Appeared at her doorstep and wanted to rent a furnished apartment she shared with Mavis.
It doesn\'t take a long time for suspicious blonde exotic people (
He lives in Canada! )
Lothario swept her out of the house and persuaded her to dump Nigel and take her to the above-mentioned cottage, which she paid for with her bonus.
However, their happy life was overshadowed by Bruce\'s increasingly strange behavior --
He\'s obsessed with reality.
Criminal books, will not let anyone enter the basement where he keeps \"photographic materials --
And his mysterious health, which may prevent them from leavingdreamed-about trip.
While the audience on Thursday night doesn\'t seem to think so, the love from strangers is fun --
It\'s not pulling up, but laughing constantly. worthy.
Not only is the adaptation of Frank Wappel filled with gentle British wisdom, but director Eric Ray has also made a wise decision to present it with outdated materials.
As the show points out, the foreshadowing of the show is not subtle for a modern audience, so instead of playing it directly, there is a fact of blinking and nodding from the beginning, the meticulous Bruce is not what he looks like.
Wiebe extended the role (
A little too wide occasionally-
If he had a moustache, he would have been fooling around)
But his \"what am I doing\" robbery didn\'t stop the game.
His character
Turn from the real darkness.
Rae could have gone further, though.
Rest because it\'s cheating and half
Seriously, this play is neither a fish nor a bird. The eight-
Although some British accents are a bit unstable and there are moments of hesitation, people are doing well.
The outstanding performance in the supporting role is Heather Madir\'s overbearing and aunt milome Lu.
Peter Hudson\'s role as fullock-
Pull the gardener Hodgson up with Brigitte plouf. very-
Bright maid Ethel
Burdon is charming in the lead case, which is mainly equivalent to a straight
But she also has a chance to go beyond the role.
Stage lighting can be adjusted-
Actors often have a distracting silhouette on the back wall, and an unfortunate shadow area, often the location of the action.
But these are not clear: what really drags on the show is its length.
The running time is 2 hours (with 15-
Minutes off)
, Too long for something like this bubble --
The audience should not pray that someone has been murdered. jill.
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