child labour - causes and effects

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
Child labor-one of the challenges facing the world is that childhood is the most innocent stage of human life.
This is the stage of a child\'s life free from all the tension and fun.
Loving, playing and learning new things is the heart of all family members.
But this is just the side of the story.
The other side is full of tension and burden.
Here, innocent children are not the sweetheart of family members, on the contrary, he is a money making machine that has worked all day to meet the needs and needs of his family.
This is the so-called \"child labor \".
The causes and effects of child labor are multifaceted.
Eliminating child labor is one of the biggest challenges facing the world.
Child labor includes working children below a certain minimum age.
This practice, which has lasted for a long time, is one of the most serious forms of exploitation of children.
Child labor will not only harm the child\'s physical and mental health, but also deprive him of his basic right to education, development and freedom.
According to the statistics provided by UNICEF, an estimated 0. 25 billion children aged 5 to 14 who employ child labor worldwide are still increasing.
Child labor does not affect
Developed countries and developing countries, but developed countries are also facing this problem.
The highest percentage of child labor in Asia (61%)
Followed by Africa (32%).
According to the International Labor Organization (ILO)
If child labor is prohibited and all children are properly educated, total world income will increase by nearly 22% over 20 years to over $4 trillion.
The prohibition of child labor will help to promote the economy of a country.
The main causes of child labor include poverty, unemployment and overpopulation.
Among them, poverty is the main cause of child labor.
You must note that there are more children in poor families, so it is difficult for them to survive on the income of a family member, and the income of this family member is also very small.
So they make their children their source of income.
They let their children work in factories, shops, and even sell things on the street.
Some parents even beg for money with babies on the street.
Some percentage of child labor also comes from harassment by parents.
Parents or relatives
In the case of many child labor, achild must strive to repay the loan that his father was unable to repay.
This is the so-called \"bonded child labor \".
Serious child labor usually occurs in rural areas.
These children work like slaves to pay for the loan.
Not only are poor families, but some well-established business families also let their children start their own businesses at a very young age, rather than letting them finish their studies.
The impact of child labor is very bad for our society, which forces some children to steal from others in order to satisfy their daily lives.
Many little girls were even forced into prostitution.
A case of child labor has recently occurred in which a 10-year-old child was beaten to death because of the slow work of an innocent child.
The cruel owner got angry and threw the child across the room, receiving the most severe punishment.
Not only was the cruel master at fault, but the parents of the child were also involved in the incident.
They paid $10 in advance and sent their children to work in order to get some monthly income.
It is possible that even parents will not think that a little money will lead to such a terrible event.
There are various organizations that oppose child labor by helping children and educating this part of society, where most child labor comes from.
Poor families should be made aware of family planning/control knowledge so that they do not have a burden on their children.
In daily household chores, it is better not to let children stay at home for family help.
Let\'s take a step in this direction so that we can bring smiles to many people and make the world a beautiful place for children to live.
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