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The Chatham Foundation for Education, a major provider of private funding for Chatham school district, announced that it had distributed $60,000 in grants over the past 12 months, used to fund 27 innovative and creative sex education programs and special programs across the school district.
Colleen makelli said: \"The Chatham Foundation for Education provides teachers and principals every year to enable them to continue to be innovative and creative educators with budget cuts, the foundation\'s chairman.
\"We strive to distribute $60,000 in grants to support 27 unique educational initiatives that would otherwise not be funded through traditional school budgets, is the direct result of our support from hundreds of local residents and local businesses.
We thank you for this!
Grants granted in 2010-
11 is: District-
Wide, kind is cool-
Holly Isa submitted funds on behalf of the character Education Board for the introduction of nationally renowned writers and bullying experts Barbara korosso\'s fees for working with students, parents, and teachers in the Chatham school district.
Solid, practical advice to teachers and parents, and advice on how to prevent school bullying.
Chatham 2011-12 calendars —
This grant submitted by Katrina keesoft on behalf of art educators in the region enables art teachers in all regions to create 2011-
12 school calendars with student artwork for all grades.
The calendar will be distributed in the Chatham community, which provides an opportunity to view the artwork more broadly.
Chatham High School computer in media center
The grant, submitted by principal Darren Groo, provides the necessary funds to obtain 18 netbooks that will be used in media centres and classrooms to help increase student registration.
Theater set design-
This grant submitted by Lynn Polan allows students to learn about the set design process from a professional set designer who teaches students how to design, create and produce sets, men and dolls.
The elements of the collection will be reset
For future production.
Establish music cooperation with guest musicians
This grant submitted by Brian Conti gives band students the opportunity to work with Darryl Bott, an accomplished conductor and wind corps director from the University of Rutgers.
A number of clinics and workshops were provided to introduce various rehearsal techniques.
Geometric bench
The funding, submitted by Dagmar Cordano and Doug Chambers, allows honor geometry students to design and build completescale benches.
Completed benches are donated to schools in the area and will be enjoyed in the coming years.
Chatham Middle School stage lighting upgrade-
President Robert Accardi submitted with Gina Priano-
Keyser, the grant provides funding for the replacement and upgrading of lighting equipment in the middle school auditorium.
The old lights will be replaced by new, more energy-efficient LED mobile lights, and will improve secondary school performances and other projects open to the entire Chatham community.
In addition, lighting design can now be taught in the drama Art cycle.
Their time is-changin’ …. E-Books and E-
Readers of the library
Submitted by Virginia Connolly, the grant allows for the purchase of five corners for the secondary school library, including the cover and 23 nov els.
This grant further supports our commitment to develop lifelong readers by making literature more accessible and interesting through technology.
Theme story of world language
The grant, submitted by Jill gihorsky and Catherine Riva, provides materials that enable French and Spanish students in grade 6 to complete the subject unit based on the real situation
World Story Telling
LAFAYETTE school fluent telephone
The grant, submitted by Sue Keating, allows the purchase of a set of 24 smooth phones used to help improve fluency, comprehension and writing skills in LAS classrooms.
A minute of fluency-
Vicky McCullough and Beth Adams submitted this grant for the purchase of timers for monitoring and timing fluency and reading rates during practice and central work.
They are usually used with smooth phones.
Math facts for a moment
This grant was submitted by Jennifer Bane, Laura Schaefer, Carly Nacer, and LeMoyne Robinson for the purchase of a 25-minute math electronic flash card device.
By using hands
Students who hold technology are able to practice their multiplication and division facts in an interactive and familiar way.
School spelling game
Submitted by Ann Worden and Erik Yates, this grant is used to purchase the Hasbro school spelling game project to promote cooperative learning while strengthening the fifth
Grade course objectives in spelling, vocabulary, math and social skills.
The nature of spelling games attracts students to delve into their dictionaries and look for new and exciting words.
Milton Avenue School smart document camera
President Marion McCarthy submitted this grant, allowing the purchase of six smart document cameras, enabling the classroom to connect documents to existing smart boards.
These cameras will enhance the classroom experience by helping teachers demonstrate, and will allow materials to be displayed instantly on the smart board.
Social skills improvement-
The grant, submitted by psychologist Jennifer manger, provides Milton and Washington Avenue schools with specific books and games found to enhance the teaching of social skills.
Lecture Book 2-
Diane Shulman and Dawn Kurlak submitted this grant to allow for on-Level and below-
Second grade students are used in reading workshops.
Teaching Research of Southern Avenue School-Technology-
The grant, submitted by principal Ralph Pesapane, allows the purchase of two netbook lockers, a total of 16 Dell netbooks that enable students to access the Internet for research purposes.
Under the guidance of media experts and SBS teachers, these netbooks will be used for assignments such as \"satisfying master art history series\" and other research topics.
Any book reader
This grant, submitted by mary beth Kopacz, allows the purchase of any book reader device, which enables students to bring any book to life.
The student or teacher only needs to touch, record, and then play back the recording to hear the words on the page again and again. “Egg-
Quote \"change\"
The grant, submitted by Diane Conti, Katie moorford and Grade 1 teachers, allows the purchase of egg incubators and Brud cages, which enables first-year students to witness the live incubation of chickens and duck eggs.
Students observe the developmental stages of eggs by hatching and are able to observe them before returning live chickens to the farm.
Washington Avenue School smart document camera
This grant, submitted by Principal Mary Quigley, allows the purchase of 13 smart document cameras that allow to zoom in, view and annotate documents directly on the classroom smart board, thereby enhancing the student\'s learning experience
Exercise your ears with headphones
This grant submitted by Shannon Moran allows for the purchase of multiple
Sensory reading intervention programs customize clear instructions for each student through a unique adaptive technology that automatically adjusts the teaching level to ensure mastery before entering the next level.
Supply of character education books-
The grant, submitted by Donna Monica, Erin Turris and Nancy Volcker, allows the purchase of books to strengthen Superflex character education programs, focus on social behavior and increase students\' knowledge of social expectations.
Interactive books for learners
This grant submitted by Jennifer fririch allows the purchase of 70 digital books as a way to make reading fun for new and struggling readers.
These \"just right\" books provide readers with beneficial auditory and visual support designed for use in classrooms and homes.
IPod Touch accessories & Applications-
This grant, submitted by Jennifer fririch, allows the purchase of four iPod touches for students with special needs for autism.
IPod touch is used as an auxiliary device to enhance and motivate their communication and social functions. Turn Me Off —
This grant, submitted by Kathryn gusenski, Hasegawa Kenji and Joyce Lugo, allows the purchase of the lamp switch cover drawn by the student to remind everyone to turn off the lights of the classroom, the office and the multi-purpose space.
The project is a product of regional initiatives that promote energy conservation awareness.
I changed America.
Submitted by Sarah Gutierrez and Catherine grusenski, This grant allows the purchase of flat summary reader biographies, academic summary reader biographies, and rookie reader biographies for second-year students, this enabled them to read about the famous Americans in the United States, and their contributions changed the shape of American history.
The results were presented on a poster shared with the school.
Individuals interested in learning more about the Chatham Education Foundation or financially supporting its efforts are encouraged to visit the Chatham Education Foundation. org.
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