ces 2019: the best gaming laptops, headsets, monitors and more

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
CES, the world\'s largest consumer technology exhibition, is being held in Las Vegas.
The Daily Telegraph has run out of 10 of CES 2019\'s most exciting technologies, but it\'s also a great opportunity for game hardware companies to showcase their latest designs.
So, from headphones to laptops, from monitors to keyboards, 10 of the most exciting gaming hardware are featured in CES 2019.
Asus presents a series of new laptops in the Republic of gamers (ROG)
There is no doubt that the most fascinating thing is the new mother ship.
The mother ship put it inside
The operation behind the tallstanding 17. 3 inch display.
This makes the cooling more efficient and enables the removal of the keyboard and track board for more flexible use.
This is an intelligent design with Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card (
With related raystracing tech)
Intel i9 processors, both of which are over-locked by the factory in order to maximize performance.
The most exciting headset at CES 2019 is HyperX\'s cloud track S, which uses head tracking to create a 360-degree sound stage in addition to the rich sound provided by the magnetic drive.
Position audio technology when you move your head (
It obviously tracks your actions 1000 times per second)
Will accurately reproduce your relationship with the sound.
For example, it is very suitable to locate enemy movements in online shooting games.
\"It\'s similar to how you move your head slightly to identify where the sound comes from,\" HyperX said . \".
\"In the game, you will do the same tiny action on a small screen or on a large screen to position your opponent, threat, or teammate.
\"Alienware is taking the idea of a\" desktop replacement \"console for the 51m zone laptop very seriously.
The main selling point of 51m is that it has been promoted by the company as the most powerful gaming laptop ever and can be upgraded almost entirely.
This is not unique to gaming laptops, but it is rare to this extent.
Except for batteries, keyboards and 17-
Inch shows almost all 51 metres-
Hard Drive, graphics card, processor-
Can be upgraded or replaced.
It is looking to solve the longevity problem, which tends to haunt serious gaming laptops and become the first choice for those looking for power rather than portability in their devices.
At the same time, the goal of the Asus TUF gaming department is to achieve high durability and accuracy. level players.
K7 is its latest keyboard designed to provide an edge for competitive players.
It uses optics.
As shown in HP and Razer keyboards, the mechanical switch uses infrared
Register the keystrokes faster than the normal mechanical keyboard.
We\'re talking about milliseconds.
Level play, this may be enough.
HTC released the latest version of high-
Technology virtual reality headset
Vive Cosmos is HTC\'s attempt to make Vive, the most capable but sophisticated VR headset in the market, more accessible.
It will not have the base station Vive is currently used for easier setup and will have \"more power than traditional gaming pc \".
This suggests, for example, that the universe may be able to connect directly to smartphones, making new headsets more attractive to mainstream audiences.
This is for the rich and dedicated game lovers.
This huge $4000 monitor is the first BFGD from HP Omen, and while I think Doom fans are already replacing the second word, it\'s a big game monitor.
The Emperium is 65-inch, 4K, HDR-
Enabled display designed for games.
As a result, compared to a more traditional, thinner TV, it packs more technology on the thick back.
It\'s equipped with Nvidia\'s g-
Sync \'sharpening\' technology, Nvidia Shield access, and in-built soundbar.
A charming Beast at the price of a monster-tag to match.
At the end of last year, Xbox boss Phil Spencer informed that Xbox One will start supporting keyboard and mouse control, further narrowing the gap between PC and console.
Now we have a very nice Razer turret, a keyboard and mouse combo designed for Xbox.
Turretis is a suitable mechanical keyboard designed to sit comfortably on the knee and on the sofa in front of the TV (
Finished with RGB lighting)
It has a slide-out pad where the mouse can be placed.
Although it is designed for Xbox, you can use it on your computer and use the relevant mod-
Disadvantages such as programmable keys. Samsung\'s super
The wide curve display for playing the game was optimized. The 49-
The aspect ratio of the inch display is 32: 9, basically two 27-
Sat side inch displayby-side. Super-
The wide display is a great immersive bet to play certain types of games, especially shooting and racing, this new model features 5120x1440 resolution and HDR.
You will need one with high
The final graphics card can make the most of it, but if you\'re the kind of player who\'s ready to cut more than $1000 in Super games
Wide display, you may already have one.
I like how specific this is.
Asus\'s latest mechanical keyboard key design change is a more stable CTRL key.
This may sound like a strange thing, but in FPS, usually used as a key to Crouch, it\'s easy to fall off in a fierce battle.
So this is a keyboard for competitive FPS players, and of course it comes with all the expected mod-cons of a high-
High-end gaming keyboards nvidia is available at gaming CES with its new ray Collection
RTX graphics cards that support tracking power many of the show\'s new gaming PCs and laptops.
Technology companies hope for the next
Generate graphics using ray
Used to create more advanced and convincing tracking of lighting, refraction, and reflection.
Nvidia has announced a new, more affordable but still powerful product outside the RTX 2060 series.
This is nvidia mid-$349
The series model of the series basically replaces the GTX 1070 and is equipped with 4k games and ray-
Tracking of compatible titles. Ray-
Tracking is not extensive yet and is only used in a handful of games like Battlefield V, but in the coming months and years, tracking can become the standard.
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