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by:Marslite     2019-10-21
Her Majesty\'s theater may get more than one.
The million dollar makeover, but what the venue will never change is its heart.
It is the internal staff, such as Fred Schulz, a lighting technician, to keep the place alive.
Sophie Perry talked to long dragon.
Serve her main staff and look at the venue through his eyes.
In the dark corner of Her Majesty\'s theater, a daunting ladder is a place where no one goes except for lighting technician Fred Schulz.
The place on the ceiling looks like a lost attic.
A forgotten space with bare beams, old insulation and a layer of dust.
\"This is more than 100 years, isn\'t it? \" Schultz said, staring at the railing ? \".
\"This is the old site of the theater.
They will be old seats when they see those lines on the wall.
You can still see the old logo on the wall, like a road sign.
\"No one else has come here-only me.
I just use it as a way to get to the stage without going through the auditorium.
Schultz knows every corner of 103. year-
The old theater, he spent 30 of 61 years here.
He came from the performing arts center. now AC Arts)
After seeing an advertisement in the newspaper, he got the job.
In addition to taking a few years off to support his family, he works in the theater most of the time.
During that time, he controlled the lighting of every show through her major, changing bulbs and fixing air conditioning vents.
He also met a number of celebrities, most of whom signed in the graffiti gallery in the basement where Schulz is now standing.
\"I \'ve seen a lot of people like this-John Chris, James Earl Jones,\" he said . \" His floor creaked on it.
\"They come and go so fast.
Spike Milligan wrote somewhere here, Maggie Smith . . . . . . She (Bacall)
Came here a year earlier than I did, but I heard her story.
She got to the front, wore a scarf on her head and walked in and didn\'t allow anyone to watch her until she walked into the dressing room to make up.
Whoopi is fun, she used to ask a chef from the Hilton hotel every night to come to her dressing room to cook.
She\'s really good.
\"Most of the time, they are just ordinary people.
And a well-
Schulz, a well-known visitor, often interacts with resident ghosts.
It is believed that the theater was troubled by William Fisher, who fell 9 metres from the lighting equipment while working on the asbestos safety curtain a few minutes before the theater\'s first curtain call in September 6, 1913.
\"Yes, there is a ghost,\" said Fred . \".
\"Strange things have been happening since I started.
\"People say, \'Oh, that\'s just a ghost, \'and I went, \'Oh, we have a ghost,\'\" Schultz said \'. \".
\"I have encountered some situations that I can\'t explain, mainly related to the light switch.
When I went through the building, turned off all the lights, locked the building, and went out, I saw the lights on again inside.
I go back and turn them off and they turn them back on again.
This can happen six times a year.
Schultz often finds himself doing the same job over and over again, because everything in the theater is too old.
It was obvious when he strolled to the next booth, where there were two huge old lights, covered with tape.
\"These are actually from the Festival theater because they have new ones.
That\'s another reason why the renovation of the theater will be good-we will always get some new equipment instead of the used stuff, \"he laughs.
Schultz said he would love to see the theater transformed in 2019.
\"A lot of things are needed,\" he said . \"
The dressing room is a little old and out of date, which makes many Victorian-style companies very disgusted.
I just wanted to see where the theater is more useful-any place where more people can come in.
Schulz hardly went to the theater himself because he was always working.
He never wanted to be on the stage-\"I was forced to participate in it . . . . . . It\'s enough for me \"-but he has fun from behind the scenes.
\"I have been in the theater since 1980/1981,\" he said . \" Now, I walked past the curtain in the background and went back to his office.
\"My first job was on a tour.
I\'m a trade electrician and they did a show in town and needed to fix some lights and they found me and said, \'Would you like to travel with us? Sounds interesting.
This got me stuck in a bug. \"I just like it.
Every day is different.
\"When he finished everything he needed during his shift, he sat in the small office behind the curtains, had dinner, and watched what was happening on the stage from the old screen above the computer
Below it is another screen of the theater rigging system.
Does that mean he can keep an eye on his work \"oh no\" at any time, he said \".
\"It\'s just my screen saver.
\"The state government will start an upgrade of $32 million to Her Majesty\'s theater in 2019, but the theater has called on the public to raise another $3.
2 million of the project.
Donate through hermajestystheatre. org.
Two ambassadors from Her Majesty\'s theater revival project shared their outstanding memories of the theater: Todd McKinney \"I work there, participated in a play called \"Six weeks later with Nancy Hayes for Six Dance Lessons\" on the wheel of my car parked on the dock on a matinee.
I asked him to stop and he dropped me off.
He moved on, but moved his target from the tire to the entire driver side of my car.
It\'s a little old convertible and I\'m glad I fixed the roof.
\"Greta Bradman\" my mom Judith used to go to Her Majesty\'s theater as a child with her mom, dad and three siblings. Her dad (my papa)
It is an amateur classical singer who likes music. mom remembers to be the only child (there).
They don\'t have a lot of money, so it proves how important it is for my grandma and dad to go.
When I was a kid we also didn\'t have much consumable money to spend on the show and when we saw something because my dad was a jazz musician it tended
However, until today, I have an absolute obsession with music from The Rocky Horror Show, thanks to a late night
I think this is the first musical I \'ve seen in Her Majesty\'s theater.
That night, I also fell in love with her Majesty the Queen and with the comforting exotic mystery of the real \"drama\" experience.
After that, I went to some of the performances there, such as The oz of the circus, the Emperor and the Jesus Christ Superstar.
It makes the audience feel more solemn, spectacular and connected to past generations than any other Adelaide venue.
\"It is reported that, you know, Lauren Bacar refused to wear costume jewelry while starring Bluebird in 1986.
Adelaide jewellers ended up offering real jewellery, which was of little value at the time and had to be specially insured.
Bacall also requested the use of Rolls Royce, but because of the wrong color, it can only be turned back at the airport.
Famous Sir Ross and Sir Keith Kingsford
Smith was welcomed after her major recorded the record.
On 1920, flights from the UK to Australia were interrupted for 28 days.
The local lads flew from the UK to Australia for the first time, the longest flight in the world and the first plane from another country to finish their trip on Australian land.
Italian Earl El Cole Filipini
Born in baritone, Paul Kelly\'s grandfather made his debut at his Opera House, South um Opera House, in 1924.
In May 4, 1940, 73-year-
Mrs. Helen Martin, the old widow, collapsed after singing an emotional ballad and died on her wings, losing her son.
The following August, a young Victorian boxer named Bren Parkinson died after being knocked down in a match.
Barry Humphries made her first appearance at the theater in 1965 in the roles of Edna evraqi, Sandy Stone and several others.
Meanwhile, the young tenor Pavarotti performed in Sutherland.
Williamson International Opera
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