celebrate the holidays with sound, light, model trains and family fun

by:Marslite     2019-10-13
This year, the most popular Union County traditional return, the annual holiday sound and light show hosted by the railway model club.
At the heart of the festival event is the club\'s huge, meticulous HO scale model train layout in.
Paul Mallery model railway center with convenient location
Use area of Union County Lenape Park, located east of Union Township Highway 22.
Bruce H, president of Freeholder, said: \"The holiday sound and light show is a wonderful holiday tradition for the whole family. The Railway Center is a unique community resource that everyone can enjoy . \"Bergen.
\"I still remember that I accepted my present with deep affection --
When he was young, he had grown up and was fascinated by the train model.
\"This year, the holiday sound and light show will begin on Friday, November.
24, from noon to 8m.
The show will be from 7-10 p. m.
10 on Friday. m. to 8 p. m.
Saturday and 11. m. to 6 p. m.
Sunday to December10.
\"The show is designed to capture imagination with the feeling of \'Where you\', and the layout itself is decades-
\"The long term labor of love is at the heart of our mission,\" said railway club president Tim McCormick . \".
Model Rail Club is committed to preserving and sharing the art of model rail while providing a unique window for the public to learn about the history of New Jersey
Penn Railroad corridor
The railway center is open to the public every Saturday throughout the year. every November, the layout is transformed into a living theater with sound and lighting effects and professional commentary.
From November, sound and light performances will be repeated every scheduled day. 24 to Dec. 10.
As long as attendees like to enjoy more than one show, they can stay and watch the elaborate N-
Zoom the layout and other monitors, eat something at the snack bar and stock up on the train
Themed holiday gifts for gift shops.
For the convenience of attendees with babies and children, there is also a play and rest area on site.
DISCOUNT pre-sale tickets for sound and light shows can be purchased online through the Railway Club website themodelrailclub. org/advance-show-tickets.
The pre-sale is $7.
For adults aged 16 and over, $00.
13-year-old-15, and $4.
Children aged 3-00-12.
Children under 3 years of age are free.
Attendees can also buy tickets at the railway center.
Tickets for future dates purchased at the railway center are discounted.
Tickets purchased on the day of attendance are at a regular price of $1.
Discount rate above 00.
The railway center ticket window is open at normal Saturday public time between 1 p. m. and 4 p. m. on Nov. 4, 11, and 18.
It is also open at the scheduled time for sound and light performances starting at noon on Friday, November.
The 24 th ended on December. 10.
Railway model Club Limitedis a non-
Through arrangements with the Union County Park and entertainment sector to build and operate the profit organization of the railway center.
Forty years ago, with the construction of the Lenape Park railway center, the work of the HO exhibition began, and since then it has been strengthened and expanded.
A major expansion is underway, which is actually twice the size of the original exhibition.
The Model Railroad Club has been part of Union County since it was founded in 1949 by Paul Mallery, the main model railroad company.
Today, it is one of the largest railway clubs in the region.
New members are welcome to join the railway model club.
The current members are on site during the visit time and they are happy to provide information about the club\'s activities.
Potential members can also request to join information via email in info @ tmrci. org.
All proceeds from the holiday sound and light show are used to fund the activities of the Railway Club.
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