carnegie hall opens studio for rehearsal and recording

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Isaac Stern as his world
Last month, the famous violinist and recording artist opened a new studio at Carnegie Hall.
He recorded a Bach solo party and it turned out to be good.
Yesterday, he opened the studio to the music world as president of Carnegie Hall, as Alice and Jacob M. Kaplan Space.
The room on the fifth floor of the Carnegie Hall is the front chapter of Andrew Carnegie\'s help chapter.
It was also used as a synagogue, children\'s theater and poetry center and became a commercial office in 1970.
Its recycling is the fourth phase of the \"comprehensive renovation and recovery plan\" adopted by the Carnegie Hall board of directors in 1978. Mr.
Kaplan was a major donor in his 1960 rescue Hall effort to avoid demolition, and with the help of the federal Department of Commerce\'s Economic Development Authority, he provided most of the $1 funding.
Decoration costs 1 million.
Used for rehearsal and recording rooms, slightly smaller than the Carnegie main stage, mainly for rehearsal and recording studio.
Rehearsals for Andrew Lloyd Webb\'s \"requirements\" and the upcoming Bach chorus celebration have been held there.
The lack of suitable rehearsal space is a sharp question for Carnegie Hall.
Well-designed acoustic devices, including a new set of double walls and heavy duty in the original room-
Rail steel acoustic doors that can\'t be penetrated by sound up to 78 decibels have been installed to ensure that sound does not enter or escape.
The studio also includes a built-inin, equipment-
Ready recording control room, customized
Sound cabinet built for sound regulation of recording and lighting equipment for potential alternative or experimental performance space.
The previously completed phase of the renovation plan includes the repair of the concert hall and the installation of air conditioning
Air conditioning equipment in the basement and replacement of wires and pipes.
The third phase that is still in progress is the restoration of the exterior of the hall;
As work progresses, scaffolding that has started to rise in recent weeks will surround the building for about a year.
A version of the article was printed on page C00016 of the National edition on April 4, 1985 with the title: Carnegie Hall opens the studio for rehearsal and recording.
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