cara and poppy delevingne open the doors to their hedonistic l.a. mansion

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CNNIf, written by Oscar Holland, you once thought about what\'s in the super-supermodel Hollywood mansion, then Kara Delevin may have your answer
Theme bar and poles
Dance party room with velvet decoration. The 26-year-
The old British model and actress presented the Architectural Digest with the unique look of the California home she shared with her sister-
And other models. -Poppy.
The couple\'s cover story was filmed in the September issue, featuring quirky retro style, brightly colored interiors and a rich plant life. . slider-slide> img {width: 100%; display: block; }
1/5 models Carla and poppy delvein opened the door to their L. A. mansion.
Scroll through more images they took with Architectural Digest.
The Credit TondroThe Delevingne sisters have been the mainstream of fashion since Cara (
Young people aged six)
Burberry surveyed 2011 of the campaign.
Poppy, her own successful model, works for British brands in addition to launching promotional campaigns for brands such as Louis Vuitton.
Hillary Clinton made a rare appearance at her home in Washington, D. C. A.
Kara told the magazine that he explained why the couple decided to stay together.
\"You really have to try to get in touch with people.
Because one of us always comes here for one reason or another, it makes sense to be with family.
\"This is an opportunity to build our dream sister home,\" Poppy added . \".
\"Miraculously, we\'re still talking.
\"The result is two-
Story building decorated with vibrant pink, Emerald and leaf patterns.
Their furniture and interior design styles are eclectic, including the design of American brands such as Serena & Lily, Donghia and Bakarian Studio.
The bathroom was inspired by telavera ceramics in Mexico.
Credit: Trevor dunderro, the couple also had a Moroccan sink with the chandelier in the middle looking further
The bathroom inspired by century artist Mario Lopez torreza and Mexico talavera ceramics.
The sister architect who was commissioned to renovate the property, Nicolo Bini, also shared his views on the various design influences: \"I want to create a real L. A.
Their moment, nod to Central California
\"Century modern, bohemian Laurel Canyon, Beverly Hills swank, surf culture and a little bit of Mexico,\" he quoted . \".
\"Then, we linked all of this to the English style of Carla and Poppie, adding a layer of Delevingne charm to the house.
\"In the spectacular house that Frank gaery built for himself, the design of the mansion also has a unique hedonism ---
Building Digest describes a guest room as a \"soundproofing party bunker\" with disco lights, carpet walls, mirrored ceilings and poles
Dancing facilities.
\"The room feels like the Playboy Mansion, the Art Deco style and the David Hicks pattern are well integrated in,\" Kara reported . \".
\"I want to take back the concept of The Bachelor mat and make it my own.
Kara\'s bedroom comes with 11-foot-
Wide bed on mirror platform.
The Credit TondroThe couple also invited cameras into their respective bedrooms, suggesting a different taste for them.
There are tropical wallpapers in Poppy\'s room (hand-
UK home improvement company de gurinner)
Cala hotel is sultry with gold accessories, patterned red carpet and custom wall covering-
Not to mention 11-foot-
Wide bed on mirror platform.
\"Poppy is more eye-catching than me,\" Kara told the magazine \".
\"Her taste is impeccable, so I let her lead the way in the decor.
\"Basically, I\'m a control freak,\" Poppy added . \".
\"Each of us has left a mark on the design, but I am a person obsessed with the color of the curtain ring.
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