capturing the glory of headgear

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
The term \"Coronation glory\" often refers to hair.
For Sivarajah Natarajan\'s art exhibition \"Coronation glory\", Glory refers to the way traditional dancers seem to be transforming, especially once they wear headgear.
\"Since I started working on stage and lighting design for my work, I have been fascinated by the dancer\'s transformation,\" Sivarajah said . \" He is a painter who specializes in dance.
Although the dancers look ordinary, Sivarajah says that they look like they\'re going to be extraordinary, assuming the role they play.
\"I used to be in Kelantan, and we were with the performers before we made it.
\"These old maximk and Park Yong look ordinary, without their manufacturing --up.
But once they put on their headwear, they almost became \"heaven\" like the gods they should have portrayed, \"explained the artist.
Many of the 29 pieces presented in the Coronation glory are about Sivarajah\'s Asian experience, highlighted by the character images from Mohab pohardo and its derivative dance works.
Figures such as Yoda Hitra, Karna and bishma have been portrayed this year as fine costumes, especially their headwear.
There is also fusion, such as his 2014 acrylic work, the fragrant garden II, in which an Indian classical dancer and a samurai side by side, the latter is influenced by the artistic tradition of Japanese woodcut prints.
Similarly, the \"Golden Wool\", also produced in 2014, is Sivarajah\'s inheritance of Greek mythology, but the human element is a painting of Indian art style.
This can also be found in the artist\'s study of Florence\'s famous cherini sculpture \"Perseus with Medusa\'s head portrait\", where he injected himself into Gao\'s head portrait.
There is also the Mai Yong dance of the kelnan people and the drama form with Ma Jing (II)
The representative of wayang Kushu is \"Antara Wayang dan Bayang\" and \"Tok Dalang dan jenghuu \".
This is also the first time Sivarajah has created and cast his own bronze for the exhibition.
\"I went to Chennai for a sculpture camp where we learned to use clay, then Paris plaster and wax, and finally cast the actual work in bronze,\" he explained . \".
From works such as the Joker of God series and kooothu characters, Sivarajah also spawned new detailed studies made with charcoal such as \"Gerhana\" and close to US
Ups of headdress.
\"It\'s because of the \'age factor, \'in which you want to focus more on certain aspects of the headwear than on the whole performer or theme,\" he laughs . \".
For experienced dancers and dance guides Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, the artistic growth of Sivarajah is a pleasant thing.
\"You can paint these paintings as points in Sivarajah\'s journey and we watch him grow into a top artist after graduating from the Malaysian Academy of Arts
Flight designers and visual artists.
\"In this exhibition, he is loyal to his mission,\" said Ramli . \".
\"Crowned glory\" at the Buddhist foundation art gallery in Kuala Lumpur 12 Persiaran tititiwangsa 3 continued until July 25.
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