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by:Marslite     2019-09-10
All for one, all for one!
True loyal friends are worth cherishing;
You never know when you need to start the mission of protecting France.
The modern adaptation of The Three Musketeers at Trinity High School tells an inspiring story about friendship, sacrifice and dedication.
This adaptation by Catherine Bush was first published in the 19 th century by Alexander Dumas, with a focus on Dada Ginnan, who left home with the motivation to become a Paris Musketeer.
Her ambitious efforts to make friends with three major Musketeers were challenging to begin with: Assos, Possos and Arami.
After getting caught up in the scandal of the French government, it gave Da daguinan more motivation to join the Musketeers to protect France from the cheating scheme of Italian cardinals.
The Holy Trinity gives a new life to a traditional story that deviates from the typical \"girl in distress\" and instead shows each character their respective plot purposes regardless of gender
Moya karkins depicts the bravery of datanan, who is always open to challenges.
While while three musketeers were ambushed at the bar, she expressed her confidence as an aspiring Musketeer, the duel really let her agility shine.
When they did not go out to celebrate their recent victory, The Three Musketeers embodied their role with dedication.
Assos, played by Jacob jazevich, led the group with his good judgment and quick wisdom.
Timothy Wilkie is as charming as posos. he is a man who loves material wealth, but even more so is his companion. Jen McConnell-
Palindat completed the trio of spiritual Alami.
Stage lights are purposeful when flashing back or strong swords --to-sword battles.
Conor Keenan, as Lord De Winter, expresses his retelling lines with rapid light changes, which adds to his presence on the stage.
However, a show needs its comedy break.
Damian Lachacz\'s silly description of Planchet always laughs with overusethe-
Quirky delivery of facial expressions and lines.
Adrian barjaro, as King Louis, had an interesting spin on his narcissistic but hilarious character, and he had the Royals go too far.
There is a group of students at Trinity High School, each of whom is dedicated to their own roles and works.
In the period of tragedy, people feel the original emotion, and this relationship has developed very well.
Sany high school should be proud of the large number of talents they have shown on stage during the inspiring production of The Three Musketeers.
Strathcona High School at the time of the trial, a group of powerful friends can take you through any form of misfortune, which is evident in the production of Three Musketeers in the Holy Trinity. In this gender-
Catherine Bush\'s adaptation of the classic, datanan, is an aspiring Musketeer who does everything she can to secure a position.
This includes joining forces with Mr Treville\'s three most famous Musketeers to expose an evil plot proposed by Cardinal ricelho;
By allied with Britain to destroy the plot of the French king.
The story of Dada Jinan is intertwined with love and tragedy, and her pursuit of her goals is admirable.
The original novel, created and published by Alexander Dumas in 1844, inspired a large number of works including ballet, opera and film.
Screen rendering.
The story of The Three Musketeers, though exhausted all possible media, proved to be timeless.
In 2015, Catherine Bush\'s adaptation appeared on the stage of Barter Theater for the first time, and continues to be created today.
Moya karkins in datanan is a star.
Every word of her is full of intentions.
Just like Dada Ginnan\'s push for the Musketeers, carkins pushed the production of the film and took control of the theater\'s tensions with simple eyebrows.
Her explanation of D\'Artagnan is profound, and she is involved in too eager and clever aspects of her character.
Played by Jacob Jadziewicz, Athos leads the unruly Musketeers band with a high smile.
Although it looks pleasant on the surface, Jadziewicz has succeeded in uncovering the dark, cobbled past of ados with amazing and believable emotions.
He performed with both humor and care.
The painful lines have incredible timing, and his chemistry is like what Athos gave to Porthos (Timothy Wilkie)and Aramis (Jen McConnell-Palindat)
This is a good platform for Brotherhood.
Three blue ones together.
The vested swordsman took the stage in the storm and untied the story with witty and kind-hearted Mead.
The incredible character lineup D\'Artagnan encounters creates an engaging atmosphere that enriches the scene with a firm commitment and vivid voice.
Among the most striking figures are Lord de Winter (Conor Keenan)
And Constance Bonessio (Ashlyn Shaw).
While the two actors play the villain and love interest separately, they all weave a nervous net that breaks the heart in turn when it is broken.
Although Keenan played an evil role, he had sympathy for his past.
Xiao depicts such innocence and purity, and every injustice to her has intensified.
Throughout the play, the unstable conflict between the King and Cardinal was interrupted by clever lighting design, managed by Reece Viveiros.
The contrast colors of red and blue were used throughout the process, emphasizing who is currently ahead;
Gunmen or Cardinals indulge soldiers.
Bethany Padua uses sound to provide a wonderful underscore to add to the work.
When the three musketeers were first published, they emphasized the value of friendship.
After 174, the actors and crew of the Holy Trinity really reflected this message, \"everything for one, everything for one!
\"When you find yourself surrounded, it is your friend who supports you.
San Trinity\'s \"Three Musketeers\" is themed with charming adventures and bold sword fights, and is an uninterrupted adventure for all.
\"Three Musketeers\" was originally created by Dumas in 1844 and later adapted into countless plays and film works, all of which have different perspectives.
However, the adaptation of Catherine Bush gave a new understanding of the old man\'s love.
When the daughter of a young farmer tried to join the King\'s Three Musketeers, they met the plan of the malicious alliance of Cardinal richeru.
Through an adventure full of kidnapping, deception, and swordsman, these four create connections for life and discover a new definition of friendship.
Moia Calkins staged a charming performance the day after she got on stage as D\'Artagnan.
Through carkins\'s passionate lines and powerful stage performances, she makes the audience eager to get more in just a few seconds.
Karkins put his energy into every scene and kept on sticking to his character.
With impressive stage combat skills and good
Her character has developed and she is confident in her own elements.
There are three Musketeers standing next to dardajinan. they are all musketeers.
Wit and comedy in their own way. Jen McConnell-
Palindat, who plays alamis, captures the essence of the fierce warrior, as well as the kindness and tenderness of the gentle soul.
Timothy Wilkie, who plays posos, depicts his bravery while openly expressing love and loyalty.
Jacob Jadziewicz, who plays Athos, has brilliantly demonstrated through his charming performance that even the most fearless-looking people have weaknesses.
Jadziewicz attracted the audience with his beliefs and dedication to each word, while also controlling the stage with his body language.
Through his humorous and quick side-by-side moments
The timing of the rhythm comedy, mixed with his deeper, more melancholy moments of self
Jadziewicz conveys every single moment with dedication and conviction.
The undeniable chemical reaction between the four audiences helped the audience fully integrate into the story, further deepening their belief that this is the real \"all for one, all for one \".
Damian Lachacz\'s fun performance as Planchet lets the audience and his quick
Pass through funny bodies and lines, witty humor and comedy timing.
Connor Keenan, who plays Lord De Winter, brings his character to life and presents him through unique habits and traits that help to determine what he is in each scene
Even with some minor mistakes on the stage, Keenan was quick to improvise to keep the show going.
The use of lights helps to further promote and convey movements on the stage.
By using red and blue lights, there is a clear difference between the protagonist and the opponent, further contributing to the atmosphere and tone of the story.
With the dramatic changes in the plot and the advancement of the focus, vivviveiros completely pushed forward the plot, let the audience marvel.
In this uplifting story that has stood the test of time, the Holy Trinity teaches us that with unity, courage and courage you can stand up for your faith.
The epic adventures of stracona High School, the brave sword fights and wit are the work of a day for the Musketeers.
The actors and crew of the Holy Trinity Catholic High School created a world of honor and prestige in their infectious and energetic performances against the three musketeers.
In 2015, Catherine Bush first adapted Alexander Dumas\'s 1844 novel \"Three Musketeers\" in Barter Theater.
Rhythm and actionpacked.
The Bush version follows the hopeful dartagan of future Musketeers, who try to defeat Cardinal\'s evil plan and take a place in the King\'s musketeers.
The students of Trinity College put this shocking story into practice with full energy and enthusiasm.
Moya karkins\'s role in datagnan brings charm and courage to each scene.
Karkins found the perfect balance between true idealism and tact, perfecting the role of the charming heroine.
Whether it\'s her pleasant friendship with the Musketeers or her passionate hatred of Lord De Winter, all relationships are full of sincerity.
Carkins lit the stage with youthful vigor, showing infinite ambition and strong loyalty.
With a sword in one hand and a cup of rum in the other, the noisy and sincere friendship of the three gunmen brought a lot of laughter, but also showed the bond of brotherly love. Jen McConnell-
As alamis, as Timothy Wilkie, as posos, and Jacob jazevich as Assos, palindart all offers wonderful and unique performances while being
The three men showed the wonderful timing of comedy, a clever line and a firm body, while the more solemn moment highlighted the original emotion of the actor, showing the vitality of support and care.
Exciting and fast
Many battle sequences are performed professionally. The hand-to-
The manual battle is exciting and precise, with an excellent use of the angle to make it look as real as possible, while the swordsman allows the audience to lean forward in the sound of steel hitting steel.
Whether it\'s fighting for laughter, like Damian rachac\'s fight as a planner, or using it at a more dramatic moment, for example, Lord de winter actors played by Connor Keenan used fighting to advance their role, and there was a clear intention behind each action.
The lighting designed by Reece Viveiros is creative and intelligent with its use of color.
Viveros is often filled with blue and red colors that are not only French, but also musketeers and Red soldiers, who divide the stage into two opposing aspects, emphasizing competition.
The lights also convey praise and opposition, and dardajinan is shrouded in heroic warm lights, while Viveros illuminates Lord de winter with a stern Red Army, emphasizing his evil.
The actors and crew of the Holy Trinity Catholic High School are vibrant and entertaining, and in their hilarious and exciting production of The Three Musketeers, take advantage of wonderful comedy timing, exciting moves
Jasper square high school!
When Holy Trinity Catholic High School brings you action-filled adventures, Three Musketeers is a classic story of love, betrayal, and brother-like love mistakes.
When the daughter of a young farmer came to Paris hoping to join the legendary musketeers, she soon began an adventure.
Three Musketeers who were disbanded joined-
Assos, posos and arames
An evil plot to stop Cardinal ricelee from allied with the enemy England
The historical novel, originally created by Dumas and first published in 1844, triggered a number of film adaptations, the most famous of which was Stephen Hulk\'s 1993 films of the same name.
The drama adaptation of Catherine Bush has injected a modern flavor into the classic story, which the students of the Holy Trinity Catholic High School performed perfectly.
From the beginning, Moya karkins made a fascinating portrayal of the arrogant lion.
Kind-hearted datanan
Karkins embodies the boldness and charm of datanan through the presence of extraordinary body and majesty.
The magnificent Musketeers were by her side; Athos (
Jacob jazevich), Porthos (Timothy Wilkie)and Aramis (Jen McConnell-Palindat).
The dynamic trio served justice to this accompanying classic story.
Jadziewicz, as the constantly intoxicated Athos, magically sums up the sad lows and active highs of the Athos journey throughout the show.
Again, Wilkie and McConnell
Palindant has brought their own charm to each of their characters.
Connor Keenan is very charming as Lord de Winter.
Show cunning and cunning villains with temptations and moves.
Keenan cleverly grasped the ultimate complexity and motivation of de Winter and achieved a consistent performance.
The work includes a remarkable blend of acton and tension, keeping the audience at the edge of the seat, while also bringing Planchet a humorous moment (Damian Lachacz)
King Louis (Adrian Bajaro)
Also very influential.
Lachacz\'s portrayal of Planchet is unforgettable.
Lachacz has truly created outstanding moments worth remembering through his huge body and facial expressions, as well as consistent volume and abundant energy.
Adrian Baggio as a role model for King Louis
The brief appearance of his dedicated and eccentric monarch on the stage will not be forgotten because he made a meticulous performance.
Commitment not only appears on the stage, it is clear that efforts have been made on the stage and behind the scenes to deliver engaging works.
Vivviveiros has brilliantly manipulated lighting, creating a creative shift between flashback and today.
It not only sets the atmosphere for the drama, but also improves the atmosphere and intensity of the performance.
What is even more impressive is that he was able to do this with limited lighting options.
Three Musketeers are not an easy task;
However, the actors and staff of the Holy Trinity Catholic High School are open to the challenge.
Their amazing team spirit and commitment led to wonderful works full of action, tension and wisdom.
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