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by:Marslite     2019-09-07
Joseph High School really performed a rock experience with their interpretation of Broadway\'s hot rock.
The musical premiered in Los Angeles in 2005.
Four years later, it came to Broadway, five times nominated for the Tony Award, and the longest 27 times --
On Broadway.
This is the age of classic rock in the 1980 s.
In the city that helped build rock, a rock star and an aspiring actress are destined to meet.
Their encounter soon became a friendship and many challenges will be faced.
Bennett Lee, as narrator Lonnie Barnett, shook the house with his funny stunts.
Li\'s proficiency in breaking the fourth wall has been laughed.
His chemistry with Sam Nicola Chuk, who plays Dennis Dupree, got a noticeable reaction from the audience.
The voice of Nykolaychuk is deep and clear, and it is very suitable for his role and worthy of praise.
Rebecca Vado, who plays the role of Sherrie, is an outstanding performer who attracts crowds with soothing sounds and expressive performances.
Her posture is always the same, and she also shows a lot of energy.
Drew\'s feelings, played by Sean Bende Romano, attracted the audience.
Meanwhile, Romano played his role with passion and determination.
Jamie Dewar depicts Stacee Jaxx.
Her Spanish sings for the ending song, and it\'s very interesting not to stop believing it.
As a strip dancer, Chantel Giru, Katrina turqin and Talia Gohn performed each synchronized swing gracefully.
The lighting done by Galvin Barker and his team always gives hints when going in and out, helping to highlight emotions in different scenarios.
Nicole Morozewich, Mara Palahniuk and Sydney Mann choreographed demanding steps for the show.
Their choreography is very creative and wonderful.
Elliot McKenzie and maté Havel\'s set design is versatile and has a remarkable effect, from the concert stage lighting pillars to the small room at the top of the counter at the Bourbon Bar.
Although some notes were hard to hit, the actors took the risk of pulling them down.
The troupe is dedicated and will remain true even if the spotlight is not theirs.
The fearless, energetic and energetic performances of the actors and staff have caused a standing ovation from the audience. St.
Joseph High School has put on a piece of music that makes the audience want more rock music.
It\'s 1980 and rock continues to soar. St.
Made by Joseph High School, Rock of The Times provides a replica
When rock and roll hit the top, watch Hollywood roar at Sunset Boulevard.
Rock of the times cleverly breaks the boundaries and brings audiences into a vibrant world of music, love, and risk.
According to Chris dalienzo\'s book, The Musical is no stranger to the stage.
Since 2005, the show has regularly performed around the world in Los Angeles, incorporating elements of comedy, music and romance, while at the same time being cheap.
Lonnie Barnett, as the narrator, tells the story by attracting an audience to the Bourbon Bar, where Drew Burley is a busker and he always wants
When Shirley Christian moved from a small town to Hollywood, she opened up his world.
When two German developers threatened to close the bar under the names of Hertz and Franz Kliman, the story was full of energy.
Rebecca Vado\'s portrayal of Shirley is full of talent and confidence.
Vado never misses the beat, always taps the notes, it\'s small-
Small town girl from exotic dancers
Her real performance matches her colleagues.
Sean Bende Romano, she is very passionate about the description of her interest in love.
The timing of his comedy is particularly good.
In the role of Lonnie Barnett, Bennett Lee is charming and attractive, but never gives up on energy.
His singing and dancing matches his storytelling skills, both of which are commendable.
He shared a wonderful dynamic with Sam Nykolaychuk, who played the bar owner Dennis Dupree.
The voice of Nykolaychuk is dazzling and perfectly matched with the atmosphere of 1980.
The accents of Dawson cortel and Zachary Winnick have never wavered.
They easily blend comedy with emotion.
Finally, Jamie Duva, by subtly blurring the line between the opponent and the interest in love, is a very good portrayal of rock-and-roll fan Staycee Jaxx.
Another swing aspect of the show is the student
There is a live band set in the middle of the stage.
The use of the entire theater, including the entrance to the audience, is both effective and clever.
This set of equipment is very quirky and balanced in other technical aspects.
Galvin Barker\'s minimalist lighting design enhances the performance without causing much attention.
Saron Beraki\'s sound design fits well with other technical aspects.
The conversion between different positions is effectively pulled and the energy never drops.
The performance of strip dancers and protesters, led by Lauren Bernard kiwich and Hannah zakakko, was also notable.
Hollywood\'s fascinating lifestyle often requires the tenacity behind it. the-
Working on the spot, this group of energetic ladies made their hard life look great.
They\'re a cherry on a wonderful and fun roller-
The rock roller coaster offered by this product.
Love, desire, passion, and dream are all holy.
The rock works of Joseph High School.
With its credible chemistry and charm, Saints brings exciting energy to this vivid and moving story.
The rock of age, which debuted in Los Angeles in 2005, is the longest 27 years --
A Broadway musical by Chris d. arienzo.
It tells the story of two young \"friends.
Sherrie is an aspiring actress from Paola, Kansas, Drew is a boy who wants to rock the stage around the world, but is currently cleaning the toilet at Fashion Rock Club Bourbon Room.
As they tried to chase their dreams on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a pair of German developers came here, threatening to tear down the building to create a modern suburban shopping district.
The rock community must unite to save the culture they know and love.
The story of how their life was highly intertwined and collapsed in the 1980 rock age was told by strange and charming Lonny.
Rebecca Vado, starring Sherrie, attracted the audience with her lovely character and sound range.
Her role is dynamic and true, and a true portrayal of a young and naive actress who wants to make it bigger.
By contrast, Bennett Lee, who is Lonnie Barnett, provides a comedy narrative for the story, interacting with the audience and making the audience laugh at his physical portrayal.
In addition, the powerful voice of Hannah Zacharko and the more powerful stage performance made her the perfect candidate for Regina Flowers.
Besides, Franz is very interested in her final love. Dawson bushrell)
A funny and touching performance was performed.
Finally, Stacee Jaxx, played by Jamie Duva, directed the stage and walked on the stage effortlessly --
Emotional roller coaster required by the character.
From the pensive lover to the angry rock star, Dewar handled it all without sweating.
Overall, the cast\'s passion and love for drama is so rare among such young performers.
The obvious chemistry between them and the ease of getting along with each other on stage is obvious.
Groups such as strip dancers stepped onto the stage with control and composure, handling the difficult boundaries between risque and scandalous.
The participation and joy that the actors show throughout the production process is obvious.
An incredible set of handmade
Built by Elliott McKenzie, maté Javier and Martina Frost, surround the audience and immerse them in the story, lily nordle\'s meticulous and accurate hair and makeup make the cast a real post-80 rock singer from a regular high school student.
At the same time, Saron belaiki performed the precise sound tips perfectly, enhancing the humor and tone of the music. St.
Joseph High School rocked the theater with a story of love and passion, matched only by their own love and passion for the film itself.
Garlitte waschuk Austin O\'Brien high school is equipped with crazy clothes, dancing girls and unforgettable songs, the sights and sounds of the post-80 s in the rock of age presented by St.
Joseph High School.
The musical immerse the audience in the past and lead them through a story depicting a unique love story with classic rock songs that will surely attract and entertain all those who come to watch.
\"Rock of the times\" is a music based on the post-80 s hit songs, including music such as \"journey\", \"White Night Guest\" and \"Bon Jovi.
Opened in Los Angeles in 2005 and moved to Broadway in 2009.
Running 2,328 shows, it closed in 2015 and became the longest 27
Running performance in Broadway history
It was adapted into a function --
The long film of 2012.
The story is told by Lonny Barnett, played by Bennett Lee, about events in Drew\'s life (
Sean burnd Romano)and Sherrie (Rebecca Vado)
When they try to pursue their dreams and find love on Sunset Boulevard.
The Bourbon Room is a club known for hosting large band concerts and will be demolished so that the area will have more tourist appeal.
Riots broke out among rock fans who decided to stand up and protect what they loved.
Featuring a set around the audience, the show uses frames, rising stages, revolving walls and Hollywood signs that span one wall of the theater to give a classic concert feel.
The landscape and lighting design team, especially Elliot McKenzie, Matai Havel, Martina Frost, Calvin Buck and the team, did an excellent job, let the audience feel the real feeling of rock concerts and musicals at the same time. The four-
The member band on the stage of the whole performance is full of vitality and reality, confidently playing the classic perfectly.
The famous performances of Bennett Lee and Lauren Bernakevitch attracted the audience and gave the audience a pleasant understanding of the different characters that shaped the show.
Li is humorous and enthusiastic. every time he comes to power, he exudes self-confidence and skills, while berkich is better at controlling and paving the way.
When she appears in a scene, this backward attitude ensures that all eyes are on her.
Her voice is also amazing, and in order to add more depth to the song, she often improvise on top of the voice of the actors.
Dancers, including Chantel Giru, were also impressed;
She played several roles in the play, and as a waitress, a star chaser, and a stripper, her movements fascinated everyone.
All the cast and staff of St
Joseph did an impeccable job and put on a music full of mature and challenging content.
Until the last bow, the energy is consistent.
This is a program that restates that dreams can change, people can change, times can change, but music always holds a special place in our hearts.
Who am I? I want to be two of the most difficult issues that everyone has to face as they grow up, and two important issues with age rock stories, one award --
According to a book written by Chris dalienzo, it has won a well-received Broadway musical.
The show is still one of the longest on Broadway. running shows. St.
Joseph\'s rock of The Times is exciting and entertaining with its many interesting interlude and touching love stories.
The story is about two young people, Drew.
Sean burnd Romano)and Sherrie (Rebecca Vado)
They worked hard to become rock singers and actors respectively.
For a long time, the bars they work in have been threatened by Hertz Kliman (Zachary Wynnyk)
His son Franz. Dawson bushrell)
Regina flower, such a person (Hannah Zacharko)
They struggled in the struggle to keep the bar open.
Vado and Romano are electric and their chemistry becomes the focus whenever they come on stage together.
As the narrator of the story, Bennett Lee is energetic and easy to understand, Lonny Barnett and his romance, in the later stages of the story, with the bar owner Dennis Dupree (Sam Nykolaychuk)
It is credible and executed well.
Cottrell and Zacharko are wonderful couples and their relationship is very real.
Jamie Duva must be further recognized for his amazing description of the crazy rock singer Stacee Jaxx and three strip dancers (
Chantel Giru, Katrina turqin and Talia Gore)
Their commitment, fearlessness, and impressive dance.
The lights are cleverly designed by Galvin Barker and performed by Alem Tesfay.
The stage staff were also excellent, easily navigating the dark theater, making set changes quickly and perfectly without distracting the audience.
The whole performance is really a theatrical performance.
Not many companies get energy and atmosphere in rock music, but St.
This achievement has received Joseph\'s enthusiasm and skill.
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