cappies review: sir wilfrid laurier delivers an energetic and an enjoyable performance of seussical

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Performance 7: place of music: director of Sir Wilfried Laurier Middle School: critic Sonya SchrumThu Pham of All Saints Catholic High School \"Oh can you think
When you think of suss!
The exhibition opens with a vibrant energy and clear message: Welcome to the unique and colorful world of Dr. Seuss!
The actors and staff of Sir Wilfried Laurier Middle School showed the music with careful attention to technical details and comedy. Based on Dr.
Multiple works of Seuss, such as \"Horton Hear Who\", \"Cat in hat\" and \"Green Eggs and Ham\", the musical tells the story of the elephant Holden, and he found a dust that was home to the little whales.
Holden and Joe became friends.
Imaginative child and promised to protect his little planet from danger.
In extreme weather, he also looked after an egg that had been abandoned for several months by carefree Mayzie LaBird.
With the help of his insecure Bluebird neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz, they overcame the difficulties together, brought peace to the world, and learned important lessons from friendship and compassion.
Philip Luke, played by Holden, captures the spirit of poor Holden with compassion.
From the beginning, Luke Qi established Holden\'s personality through timid movements and painful facial expressions.
In Gertrude\'s role, Alyssa Rama also painted her role with great care.
She did not hesitate to exaggerate Gertrude\'s despair by awkwardly stumbling through the stage or proudly showing off her tail.
Her description was particularly prominent during \"pay attention to me, Horton\", where she showed her tears --
Soprano, very well coordinated with Luki\'s passionate tenor.
In the character of the strange cat in the hat, Jordan Mason performed an impressive performance with excellent comedy timing and impeccable imitation.
Mason embodies the cat through a variety of extravagant facial expressions and show-off movements.
Even if his character is not important at the scene, he will still react whimsical to what is happening on the stage.
Mason also switches between small characters such as Dr. Dako or bailiff by using a relaxed accent and different pace.
He succeeded in bringing life to each character and enhancing the quirks of cats.
The Pit band members reacted amazingly to the voice cues given by the actors, enriching the music.
Their effective blows and sound effects enhance the emotion of the story, both in comedy and in the heart-warming scenes.
Under the leadership of Jade Smith and Jessica Goyette, the clothing department has successfully produced colorful and fully functional clothing.
Each combination has a specific color scheme, such as the bright orange of the bird girl and the bright yellow of the Whos.
Also, some outfits like Horton\'s tie and Gertrude\'s tail are practical as they are actually used by actors.
Sir Wilfried Laurel\'s \"Seussical the Musical\" tells an interesting story that makes people of all ages feel happy.
It also conveys the meaning of imagination and the important message of \"one person, no matter how small.
Jackie Burns, critic of All Saints Catholic High School, if you are told to stop daydreaming or to be excluded because of being different, sir Wilfried Laurier\'s \"Seussical the Musical\" will definitely resonate with you.
This is a new classic story. despite the pressure from the outside world, learn to love yourself;
In a world where people are still punished for themselves, this lesson is increasingly important and necessary.
A musical adapted from the works of several doctors.
Seuss\'s most popular book premiered in 2000.
The musical combines many classic stories, told by naughty cats wearing hats.
At the beginning of the adventure, the nervous elephant Holden tripped over the tiny planet and met its inhabitants.
When Horton tried to protect the resting Clover, other residents in the Nool jungle avoided him for thinking differently.
Horton believes he doesn\'t have friends because he doesn\'t see neighbor Gertrude trying to get his attention, but when he meets Jojo he\'s ecstatic, a young boy who\'s often punished for his imagination.
But when the Clover disappeared and Holden was caught by the circus, they all had to rely on each other to keep hope, and as they knew about themselves, the actors of Sir Wilfried Laurier are energetic on stage and effectively respond to the vast catalogue of songs provided by musicals.
The actor successfully handled the sharp changes in tone, as well as the well-made props and eyes --
Capturing the style and overall atmosphere that clothing helps to show.
Philip Luke Holton, through his crouching posture, speaks to him and sings in a real tone that gives his character a proper energy of tension.
With a clear and powerful voice and convincing facial expression, he brings Holden\'s character to life.
Jia Jingwen\'s performance of ramagut\'s convincing emotional song\"
Gertrude McFuzz\'s feather tail \", in an impressive sound range, smoothly transformed from promising to ironic.
In her role as an acid kangaroo, Zoey Rowberry has an eye-catching stage performance that suits her opponents.
This is evident in every song she appears in, especially in the large group she draws attention to with elegant and skilled sound projection.
The wicksham brothers often appear on the stage next to her, and their character is always good and energetic.
They embody the wild and-
They felt confused when performing \"around the monkey\" and they effectively used their whole body to describe themselves further.
The orchestra cleverly played the complex and whimsical score, with a good volume that complemented the voice of the actors but did not overwhelm them.
Colorful and creative costumes, like a tie like a nose and a feather tail, help the actors stand out.
In addition to the ingenious props, the bright and imaginative world of suss has become a reality on the stage.
The production of Sir Wilfried Laurel\'s \"Seussical the music\" was a relaxing and enjoyable experience with enough real moments and lessons to be thankful for from the bottom of my heart, his performance and
Alexandra Cunningham, critic of All Saints Catholic High School, said: \"A fish, squid, Red Fish, Blue!
\"Based on the rich and colorful creation of doctors
The 2000 musical \"Seuss\" combines his most famous characters into a quirky show.
Sir Wilfried Laurier\'s musical work is charming and quirky, bringing his imagination and talent to the work.
As the cat in the Hat himself told us, Seussical followed Horton, the elephant in the Nool jungle, and found a dust floating in the sky.
It was on that spot that he heard the smallest man, Whos, and met Jojo, the son of the mayor.
In a world where they don\'t understand them, they connect with their sense of isolation, and they desperately try to convince the rest of the Nool jungle that they exist.
On stage, Philip Lukic (Philip Lukic), as Holden, with consistent facial expressions and physical qualities, was able to show the character\'s nervous personality in a variety of scenes
When he tried to hear the small voice, his exaggerated movements gave the existence of Whos a high degree of credibility.
As a singer, Luki\'s low voice adapted well to the harmony, just like Solla Sollew and his solo.
In the character of Gertrude McFuzz, a shy Bluebird neighbor in Heton, Alyssa Rama describes the character\'s insecurity about her feather tail and her chances with Heton
She brilliantly demonstrated the growth of her character\'s confidence in the performance, and ultimately her number was \"everything for you\", which showed her sweet and powerful voice.
In \"Please pay attention to me Horton\", she was particularly impressed in terms of projection, pitch and emotion.
The cat in a hat is a real iconic figure with a degree of comedy and madness that is incredibly challenging to paint convincingly.
However, Jordan Mason has taken the challenge with ease.
With consistent and exaggerated facial expressions and movements, Mason truly embodies the core of the cat.
Mason also played a few other small characters, adding different accents and habits to distinguish them as cats.
His performance on the stage was very attractive, and his timing of comedy ranged from dry sarcasm to easier performance.
The kind-hearted mischief is impeccable.
The clothing department, led by Jade Smith and Jessica Goyette, uses a variety of colors and textures to uncover the world of suss from the page.
The personality of each character is enhanced by their clothing, such
Dressed in conservative blue and confident Mayzie LaBird (Kelsie Smythe)
Dressed in bold red.
The function of acting is also very powerful, and actors can perform various actions.
Sir Wilfried Laurel orchestra is consistent in their score of more than 400 pages, showing a wide range of musical styles.
The orchestra quickly adjusted their rhythm to match the actors, setting the tone of each scene well.
While some actors have their microphones cut off from time to time, the actors are able to compensate by projection until they are fixed.
The changes in props and costumes are seamless and quiet, while the lighting design does a great job of emphasizing emotions and characters.
In general, Sir Wilfried Laurier\'s \"Seussical the Musical\" is full of vitality and fun, bringing many doctoral books. Seuss to life.
Chief critic Redeemer Christian High School adventure and whimsical Emma Reira rosedam performed in \"Seussical the music\" produced by Sir Wilfried Laurel Middle School
The talent and enthusiasm of the students bring the spark of life to this absurd world.
The musical, told by the cat in the hat, follows the elephant Holden and discovers a small piece of dust that contains the world of Whoville and vows to protect Whos.
However, he faced ridicule from other animals who thought he was building the little planet and trying to end his madness.
Meanwhile, in hovel, the son of Mr. JoJo. and Mrs.
The mayor, for thinking too much, was sent to a military school run by war fanatics.
The two worlds are intertwined, and mutual protection must be interdependent.
The energy of Seussical is fascinating.
Every student involved in this production apparently worked hard to make something magical, and along the way they had a good time, which was evident in the vibrancy of the actors and in the vibrancy of the scenes and costumes.
Philip Luki did well in his role.
His facial expression, gentle posture and occasional clumsy thumbs-up perfectly depict the timid character of the elephant Holden.
Jia is also a great McFuzz in Gertrude.
Her strong stage image and performance range add depth to Gertrude\'s role.
Rama and Luke are the opposite;
Their wonderful songs are mixed together to create a truly extraordinary sound.
One of the most memorable actors is Jordan Mason, who plays the cat in his hat.
With unwavering energy and enthusiasm, he can continue to overcome technical difficulties without flinch.
Kelsie Smythe as Mayzie is another talented actor who keeps the character even in the background and often draws attention to himself
A wonderful oral description of her character.
The Wickersham brothers, played by Jameel Ferzli, Neil McClintock and Gavin Furlong, are also interesting as they wander around (pun intended)
Perfect sync.
Bringing such vivid and magical things as the Suth world to the stage requires extraordinary creativity, which is evident in the technical aspects of the Suth body.
Zaynab Karimjee, Neil McClintock, and other members of the props team put a lot of work into making many props, including a pillberry bush that looks both cartoon and impossible to be realistic.
The orchestra also brought the magical world to life through a stunning Broadway show.
The students at Sir Wilfried Laurier Middle School received a variety of energy
Full of power to rekindle the child.
Chief critic St Anderson
Patrick\'s High School Oh, when you get your seat in the exciting production of the physics musical at Sir Wilfried Laurier middle school, you can think!
The Cat in the hat is back again, attracting the children to think outside the box.
This story tells the story of Holden trying to save hovel from complete destruction in the face of adversity.
Dealing with abandoned eggs, a secret admirer, and a long search for an egg --in-a-
Million Clover is just a few difficulties to overcome in the classic Doctor\'s nostalgic medleySeuss stories.
Paint yourself as a 5,000-pound animal.
It is a difficult feat to do it more than people and gracefully.
When Philip Luke plays the role of the elephant Holden, while providing emotion, he embodies the serious nature of the role.
His songs are full of vitality on the stage.
Alyssa Rama, as Gertrude, proved her great talent in a smooth and versatile voice, which was perfect for her character.
Whether it\'s a soloist of a song or an extension of a chorus, her unique voice can always be heard, a huge addition to any number.
The wicksham brothers are daunting, cynical and fascinating.
As a team, Jameel Ferzli, Neil McClintock and Gavin Furlong did a great job in changing the atmosphere of the show to instill fear and anxiety.
In general Genghis Khan Schmitz\'s role, Robert sayyev showed the hard-core Who.
Through his anger
Babaev is full of shouts and sharp movements, very intense and completely engaging.
Congrats to the wonderful performance of the student orchestra.
These musicians move smoothly between the bar and the voice of the actors, and their professional spirit and execution are beyond the high school level.
The stage staff also succeeded in their subtleties.
The AV team is creative and attractive in fluorescent lighting and perfect timing elephant sound effects.
Music is an integral part of childhood dreams.
The students of Sir Wilfried Laurier Middle School, with bright colors, unimaginable props and wild character, created a fantasy performance suitable for young people and young people.
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