cappies review: redeemer christian\'s students embody salute to power of perseverance

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
Show 20: Where: Christian High School director of the Redeemer: chief critic St McKay
Francis Xavier High School, from \"David and Gelia\" to \"turtle and rabbit\", this classic loser story is a painful story that has gone through countless generations.
In the performance of the Redeemed Christian High School, the contemporary interpretation of this well
The students love the narrative, and they deal with very interesting and absurd scripts while presenting the determined information.
Originally published in the form of a novel by Leonard Wibberley, it is an ironic, funny comedy that exposes the chaotic foreign political relationship during the Cold War.
Grand Fenwick is a fictional, insignificant European country that is on the verge of economic collapse when its only export-a special wine-begins to be produced by a California winery
There is no choice, the leader of greater Fenwick, Gloria twelve, plans to declare war on the United States, lose quickly, and then review the economic benefits the United States has brought to their defeated opponents.
However, when Tully Bascom, the pretentious idiot in charge of the US invasion, succeeded unexpectedly, the Fenwick people were forced to show the world that their small country would not scream when it was uncertain, but would roar.
Redeemers Christian High School actors perform to develop exaggerated bodies using the comedy aspects of the script, such as soldiers deliberately going outof-sync marching.
Although some performers are struggling with the delivery of lines, the actor\'s physical performance and energy are still abundant throughout the performance.
John Paul Bowles was able to use soft or harsh voice drive to demonstrate the growing inner strength of his initially timid character, Talley Basco.
Gabriella Brinkman developed her character, 12-year-old Gloriana, who has a variety of physical habits, like when the monarch is reluctant to face her romantic interest, she
Meghan luches embodies strict general fragments through her intense, mandatory line-passing, perfect comedy groaning and disapproval of other characters.
Montoi Muhammad played the crazy Countess Montoi with a sly explanation.
Mohammed was able to demonstrate the pampering nature of her character through her upturned nose and clear, intermittent voices.
Whether it\'s Joseph Garaje or Josiah luchis, it\'s the role of Mr. Luch.
Beston and Professor Kokintz, respectively, have strong, clear vocal projections and demonstrate their increasingly chaotic professional roles through increasingly tired facial expressions and Restless gestures.
The technical aspects of production have greatly improved the viewing experience.
The set is versatile and well designed so the stage staff can move easily.
The lighting design is very creative, as seen at the interview site, the dim lights mimic the static screen of the old TV.
Crispin Champion performs sound prompts precisely, such as phone ringtones, and he chooses the transition music that effectively determines the setting of the next scene.
Finally, the props in the show are suitable and attractive, including the show-off bows and spears used by fenweika people, as well as the stylish, pragmatic American-designed bombs.
Through the interesting interaction of the performers and the ingenuity of the crew technical design, the Redeemed Christian High School demonstrated the student\'s best efforts.
The high school performance, themed on the current relevant political turmoil, really shows the strength of perseverance and the attractive motivation for losers to seek success.
In the global landscape of the world today, a strong country is not a country that eliminates enemies or causes irreversible harm to its opponents;
This is a person with potential.
This is also after
During the Cold War of the Second World War, tensions escalated and the upcoming doom was widely recognized --
Perfect background for political irony.
Before being adapted for film and drama, Leonard wiberley\'s novel originally tells the story of the ironic little European Duke known as dafenwick.
On the brink of economic disaster, the Duke\'s territory declared war on the United States of America, expecting a speedy defeat and financial assistance to help \"recover \".
In the great turning point of the event, Grand Fenwick accidentally captured Q-Bomb, an in-the-
Doomsday devices.
Now, the smallest country in the world has unparalleled weapons of mass destruction, followed by a global crisis and a crisis of conscience.
The Redeemer Christian High School creatively arranged the innovative transition between the set design and the scene, providing a great charm for the performance.
Placing a subtle set to indicate the position, creatively using the facade adds depth to the scene, while also being an effective plot tool to distinguish the power and state between characters.
The lights and sounds are small.
Whether it\'s live news, intense student protests, or simply making changes between scenes, there\'s time and careful planning to best suit the needs of activities on stage.
Christy Bailey, as president, expressed her curiosity and anxiety
Very balanced drive line.
When Davida Benter consolidated her ability to maneuver carefully on stage, she made timely and humorous comments and flustered manners for the scene she appeared in the most effective way
Countess Monte joy plays the sly and ruthless Toby Muhammad.
Often served as a foil to the bitter and innocent inhabitants of Greater Fenwick, Muhammad took great care to carry out the county\'s scathing commentary, brief reminders and curated paintings, taking into account the magnificent nature and style required for delivery.
Megan Luch performed a hard-headed clip with her stiff posture and a loud voice, a condescending gesture on the floor.
With her excellent comedy timing, the audience is looking forward to her appearance.
In the role of her daughter WAC Debbie, she is very cute Tegan Stassen.
Her loyalty to her role as a young, aspiring member of the American army is manifested in her consistent vigorous physical movements, stiff figure and good-
Her mother was placed in the eye roll.
Have a good time in the prime area of the world stage, and be at the forefront of complex and often personal internal work in foreign affairs.
The delightful performance of the Redeemer Christian High School adheres to this theme and reminds us that great things will happen in an unconventional way.
Critic Philip Wright High School Sophie short, can an \"army\" in medieval armor, armed with spears, bows and arrows win a war against all?
According to Redeemed Christian high school and its whimsical performance, powerful contemporary America is possible.
The drama, adapted from Leonard viberley\'s 1955 novel, was adapted by Christopher serger and began in a land of fantasy: the European duchy of great Fenwick.
Their economy depends on exporting Pinot great Fenwick wine to the United States;
However, a California counterfeit wine poses an economic threat to the country.
Therefore, it was decided that Grand Fenwick declared war on the United States, assuming that they would be defeated in a hurry, and would therefore benefit from the rehabilitation funds allocated to the defeated.
When the Duke accidentally defeated the global superpower and won the world\'s most powerful \"Q-
This small country holds the fate of the world.
The unique facial expression of the actor has developed a convincing role from a conflict country.
The sounds in the distance combine to sing the Fenwick national anthem, providing an effective soundscape for the scene.
Gabriela Brinkman\'s presence brought power to her role in the 12 th century.
Toby Muhammad accurately conveyed the message of the Countess of monthoy.
Her elegant gestures, coupled with disapproval of other characters and a dazed gaze, greatly demonstrate the personality of the country.
The funky lines and bursts of anger from Megan Lucis\'s published \"The Total piece\", along with a confident stage performance, reveal the authority that her character has been suppressed by the Fenwick army.
Daughter WAC Debbie, played by Tegan Stassen, cleverly completed the pair.
She often raises her chin, reflecting her mother\'s status.
Christie Bailey\'s pace and confused demeanor put the president\'s pain on the stage.
When she learned that Q-
Because of her reaction to the professor\'s statement, the bomb was both interesting and realistic.
Josiah Luch\'s behavior is the model of Professor cokinz, which is indispensable in the process of showing chaos.
Simple and effective costume design by Maddie Tessier and Doyinsola Ogunremi, consisting of the eyes of the royal trio
The colorful satin dress captures the light beautifully.
Temporary military uniform in Fenwick and interesting tropical for tourists-
The patterned shirt enhances humor.
Precise execution, well-
Selected Sound effects including in and out radio tuning are impressive.
The Redeemed Christian high school actor and crew happily lit up this ironic story that commented on the pointless history of competition between nations and invited people to think that \"impossible\" could happen.
Bruni Rivard, critic St.
What\'s the better way for Francis Xavier High School to fix the economy of your country than to officially announce the vivid works of the war Redeemer Christian high school? In a Lonely irony, the world\'s technological advances are not noticed.
Originally a novel written by Leonard wilberley in 1955, it was an ironic work designed to comically comment on the Cold War and the nuclear arms race, telling the story of the fictional great Fenwick nation\'s declaration of war on the United States.
The national plan aims at failure.
Build its wealth after passingwar endowment.
However, who would have thought that the army marching in the streets of New York City in chain mail and long bows would succeed in gaining the upper hand in a country with nuclear weapons --
Accurate clothing and etiquette to complement the out of Grand Fenwick-
Customs and set date-
Set facing the scene, the Redeemer Christian High School successfully depicts the innocence of the trapped citizens on the 14 thCustoms of the century.
Despite some shortcomings, the actors effectively overcome these obstacles and use them as part of the performance.
Toby Muhammad, in his capacity as count Montoi Muhammad, consistently highlighted the momentum of the count.
Muhammad accurately depicts this cunning woman and her nature of deception in a calm and harsh voice.
Kristie Bailey remained professional and calm as president;
Whether in the case of her self-confidence, in talking to the gentleman, she designed the toneBeston (Joseph Gajraj)
Or when her country is faced with the delicate madness of losing a war, Bailey depicts a confident leader without fault.
The seriousness of WAC Debbie depicted by Tegan Stassen and her young habits highlight her role as an officer.
Through her clear relief from the certificate and her description of the embarrassed daughter, she demonstrated her skills through her laying
In response to her mother\'s comments, she broke out suddenly.
Effective use of outdated dresses and rustic dresses makes the costumes represent the century in which the great Fenwick country finds itself.
With hand-made mail chain armor accompanied by spears and bows, the fun-tempting soldiers of great Fenwick humorously contrast with the modern costumes of the New York protesters.
Sounds help to provide a smooth transition and add effects to actions, whether they are as simple as flying arrows or as real as radio broadcasts.
In addition, the simplicity of the collection allows for a quick transition while distinguishing between the settings of one scene and another.
The Redeemer Christian high school represents the quirks and customs of the proud great Fenwick country and its production.
While insufficient weapons may not be able to win a war, pure luck, indifferent attitude and lucky possession of dangerous weapons can of course.
Critic Sir Robert Boden declared war on the United States, with a passionate cast of actors and moments full of pure joy that could go wrong, the Redeemed Christian High School revived the small country of great Fenwick in their witty performances.
Leonard wilberley, originally a novel written in 1955, tells the story of the fictional great Fenwick country, which struggled to survive during the Cold War.
After the country\'s only export, Norte Grand Fenwick, was challenged by California counterfeits, the country was in an economic crisis.
In order to save their crumbling country, Prime Minister Gloria decided that the only option for greater Fenwick was to declare war on the United States.
Gloriana knows that their small, inexperienced army has no chance to hope that after their inevitable loss, the United StatesS.
I will sympathize with and revive their poor country.
The actors have successfully performed many funny scenes throughout the show, using performance techniques, animated facial expressions, and excellent comedy timing.
Every actor has a shining moment because the band works together while still trying to keep the individual nuances of the character.
Changing from a suspicious leader to a tenacious commander is not an easy feat;
Nevertheless, John Paul Bowles, when Talley Basco completes it seamlessly.
Bowles\'s incredible portrayal of his character\'s total disbelief and quick doubt after being ordered to attack New York City with a bow and arrow.
His frowning and questioning tone made the audience very aware of how his character felt.
In addition, Bowles has published countless comedy lines throughout the show, exaggerating his body language, highlighting specific words to maximize the comedy effect.
In the 12 th, Gabriela Brinkman complements Bowles well.
The deliberate embarrassment between the two was beloved, especially when the Prime Minister hesitated to ask Taali\'s mother to propose to him on her behalf.
Toby Mohammed is another actress who is pushing the story forward.
Mohammed stroked on the stage with threatening grace.
Her false smile and dismissive tone were well combined to create a formidable and powerful Countess.
Crispin Champion makes an informed choice in terms of sound and matches the sound effect exactly with the performer\'s movements.
The roar of arrows and the squeaking of mice are just two of the many details that enhance the stage performance.
Another wonderful feeling is the music played between scenes.
The particular music effectively hints at the actor\'s whereabouts, eliminating any confusion about the location of the scene.
McGrady\'s costume setting and changing tecil and Doyinsola Ogunremi also did a great job.
Prime Minister Gloria\'s shiny pink gown is notable
The chain A on the soldier is very creative and innovative.
The combination of credible performances, solid technical components and attention to detail creates a pleasant production.
The performance of the Redeemer Christian High School is blatant to show that anything can be done with ambition, bravery and some bows and arrows.
The work of Redeemer Christian High School was reviewed by 30 critics representing 9 schools.
The critic discusses being guided by teacher Cathy mantel of Notre Dame High School, and the student reviews are edited and selected for publication by teacher Cathy mantel of Notre Dame High School, and he can only see the reviews, not the reviewer\'s name or school.
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