cappies: sir wilfrid presents an enthusiastic performance of the end of the world (with prom to follow)

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
Location: President of Wilfried Laurier Middle School: Sonya SchrumJeff Pelletier critic at Ashbury College, if one day your parents and teachers mysteriously disappeared, your city has become the only person who is still alive is you and your friends at school. This chaotic scene is the basis for Sir Wilfried Laurier middle school to produce the work of Sean aibrie, which tells the story that the students of Sir Wilfried Laurier Middle School must work together, after all their parents disappeared inexplicably, how to survive the revelation, a strange everyone who isolated the town.
Student Julie Graham (Emily McFall)
Her boyfriend and monitor, Terrell Matthews (Patrick Hesen)
Strive to restore balance and cooperation between students, Andi (Sarah Humphries)
The chairman of the prom committee has advocated ensuring that school balls will still be held at the end of the year, no matter what happens.
With all this going on, Tom. Jordan Mason)
His group of brothers and friends did what they had to do to make sure New Orleans was still in anarchy.
Large actors make effective use of space on stage and in the audience, who are having physical interactions and background conversations.
When Julie thoroughly conveyed her role\'s willingness to help bring peace and order to the students, McFall\'s leading performance.
In contrast, Mason\'s description of Tom provides the same enthusiasm for his role\'s opposite goal of anarchy.
As Terrell, Hesen effectively conveyed his confidence as monitor of the class.
In her role as Andy, Humphries conveyed her lines with the sincere enthusiasm and charm of a popular, aspiring prom queen. Matt MacInnis-
Leonard\'s performance as vice president of the student union, Kendall, highlighted his solid performance on the stage and his strength in the performance.
Kenna Dueck, a journalist who plays Ellie, provides a comedy narrative for the school\'s events.
With the help of her photographer CJ (Mackenzie Glen)
Dueck posted the news hysterically, perfectly reflecting the ongoing confusion.
Modern casual wear, stylish hairstyles and styling-
Provides an accurate description of the social group of the characters.
For example, dark clothing, eyeliner and more
Colored hair gives Tom and his Goth friend a simple and fitting look.
The minimalist set allows the stage staff to make quick, effective and quiet scene changes without the audience\'s attention.
Spectacular audio
The visual effects of the sound and lighting group further enhance the revelation theme of the play.
The video of the special effects team, including a news feed depicting Julie\'s recorded video and the tweet of the characters, provides additional narratives to create a more intuitive understanding of the subsequent confusion.
Sir Wilfried Laurel Middle School\'s passionate cast and amazing technical team produced a fascinating, emotional and entertaining work.
Elmwood School, what would you do if one day your parents left, your teacher left, your whole life changed in the blink of an eye, woke up, their town is surrounded by a circle of aura, and in a world without adults, maintaining order and survival depends on a group of brave teenagers.
When friendship is tested and survival is threatened, can the students unite and unite for the final dance-promoting a range of quirky characters and uncertainty about the future, the emotional reproduction of Sir Wilfried Laurel Middle School is bitter and true, conveying aso-distant future.
Emily mcfarr plays the bold and brave Julie Graham. Well-
McFall is confident on stage and has a good interaction with other actors.
While performing the duties of the principal of the student, McFall deals honestly and gracefully with two separate love interests.
Her relationship with her boyfriend Terrell is growing (Patrick Hesen)and ex-boyfriend Tom (Jordan Mason)
Vibrant and persuasive.
Hesen is laying in the fight-
Mason showed Tom\'s exaggeration in his relaxed body language.
Inflated Self and bad
The boy\'s attitude with his rude manners and rough language.
The competition between Terrell and Tom continues to create tension on the stage, while highlighting the ability of black son and Mason to perform.
The rest of the student\'s body is filled with a large number of memorable characters.
Dance lover Andy (Sarah Humphries)
Bright and lively.
Her positive demeanor carries energy and enthusiasm with a bright smile.
Michelle Hill and Catherine Hoko played Gary and mickela respectively.
Start as an opponent against ideology and develop their friendship and friendship
Stage chemistry is very strong, very realistic.
Another prominent figure is Kenna Dueck, who plays Ellie, a school-friendly journalist.
With her superb interview skills, Dueck\'s stage performance attracted attention.
Accurately depicting a range of characters, social groups and personalities, the entire cast performed strongly in their number of dances and created vivid synergies well on the stage.
With the establishment of friendship and the development of romance, the team work of the crew is commendable and leads to engaging performances.
The costumes and make-up for most of the shows are simple and reflect the style of the teen costume.
The ball is coming, and the glitz and glamour of this typical teen experience is conveyed through shiny dresses and suits.
The settings are minimal but effective in creating a sense of isolation.
As students flow into the auditorium to the left, right and center, the school\'s chaos and chaos are immediately re-stagedcreated.
Anthony DaSilva\'s special effects are subtly intertwined with the production;
Reveal it via vlogs and live twitter.
The lighting shows a high level of difficulty, and the crew challenge their task in a professional spirit.
The music effect played in the whole program is timely, which enhances the mood of the work.
The actors and staff of Sir Wilfried Laurel Middle School performed a wonderful performance with tenacity and enthusiasm.
As the end of the day approaches, all hope seems to have disappeared, and the message that people leave is that courage is not the same as being free of fear, but rather, even in the most devastating cases, courage is looking for hope.
When all the stereotypes are abandoned at the end of the night, maybe the dance is where everyone becomes one. Tara Billy-
What is more important than the ball at Ashbury College, even in the face of the end of the world, is a problem middle school that runs through Sir Wilfried Laurel\'s drama production Sean Abbey\'s drama comedy, Wilfried Laurel Hall, when all their parents, teachers, and family members disappear into the mysterious light, the students struggle for themselves.
The building was burned and the death penalty was recommended, and the ball preparation began in this interesting but very realistic drama, which explores friendship and death.
Sir Wilfried Laurel\'s work is moving from every scene to the next scene with a quirky, unique cast of actors.
As Julie Graham, Emily McFall is confident, but she is not afraid to show unease about the relationships, decisions, and \"government\" that are happening around her.
Is she facing her grandiose boyfriend, Terrell Matthews? Patrick Hessain)
With regard to his questionable leadership ability, or trying to solve the problem of a school composed of nearly 351 students, McFall maintains a positive and bold position, which is undoubtedly the student of panic
Tom, rude, reckless, red hairJordan Mason)
It is a troublemaker who is not played.
Mason, the main rival of the show, embraced his arrogant character with a freelancer attitude and a sharp irony, and he showed such comfort to his character, so much so that people will almost question whether they are still sitting in the theater, or whether they are transferred to the corridor of Sir Wilfried Laurier.
From Terrell Matthews (Patrick Hesen)
For the funny combination of School Reporter Ellie, self-arrogance is a kind of preparation stereotype (Kenna Dueck)and CJ (Mackenzie Glen)
Sir Wilfried Laurel posted this school\'s post on \"who is the man at the end of the world\", who has a role that cannot be ignored and who is able to have his own fairly decently (
Although sometimes very confusing)
Given such a terrible event.
The lighting and sound team never missed their tips and the set transition on the stage was always smooth and fast.
One of the main advantages of this work is its huge and diverse lineup, whose costumes and make-up fully reflect their personality, satirizing the factions that clearly existed during high school.
From geeks and conspiracy theorists to preps and mean kids, and another subclass of the ball --obsessed Andi (Sarah Humphries)
The clothing and makeup team did a fantastic job of using the look to effectively show every member of the cast.
Works by Sir Wilfried Laurel)
This is a dynamic and interesting work that excites the audience.
Secrets beyond the light, if there is still the final dance, keeping the audience on the edge of the seat, driven by the charming and lovely crew of Sir Wilfried Laurel theater team!
Hannah Leistle film critic, at some point, any teenager at the Liege college wants their parents and teachers to disappear-but what if the idea does happen? Sean Abri follows a group of teenagers who try to accept the disappearance of everyone in their town, besides 350 high school students, and the ominous light wall that is getting closer and closer to their school.
This work is characterized by a large lineup, which is a challenge for any high school work;
However, this large group of students is not redundant, but interact well with each other at the back.
And the prospect, and increased the realism of drama.
Starring Emily McFall, Julie Graham
McFall acted very subtly, not only conveying the initial uncertainty of her character with her frustrated eyes, but also her final age, mcFall asked Julie\'s boyfriend and peers to respect her with a loud and provocative voice, showing her leadership.
Opposite her star was Tom played by Jordan Mason, who successfully portrayed the bad boy attitude of his character and the gentle side of the occasional betrayal.
The supporting characters have enriched the cast, featuring Kenna Duke as the tenacious reporter Ellie\'s talent Huawei, and her stubborn insistence on reporting the Book of Revelation has allowed the audience to either laugh or sit
Kathryn Hoko and Michelle Hill also appeared as scientists, mikaira and Christian Hot, respectively, and their chemistry was so obvious that \"Aww!
\"Every time the couple communicate with each other, they can hear the audience.
Technical factors are also impressive.
Special effects designer Anthony DaSilva is very creative in using several TV screens to display tweets released by actors and enhancing fire scenes with smoke machines.
The lights and sounds are also great;
The bright light is projected on the screen on the stage and shines through the two doors leading to the hall, truly creating the illusion of encroaching on the light, when a character disappears behind, the continuous pulse and sucking sound will play, which makes the light look very ominous.
All in all, Sir Wilfried Laurel\'s work is an exciting, compassionate work that is hard for them to go beyond.
Jessica Sloan critic
Matthew high school woke up to a world without parents, adults, no responsibility, no rules, it could be a dream come true for some, but for others, it\'s
For the students of Sir Wilfried Laurel Middle School, this became their reality.
One morning they woke up and found that everyone was gone except for 351 young students, and there was a strange light around the town.
As the light grows inward every day, people disappear into it, and President-elect Julie tries to keep everyone calm.
However, her predecessor
Boyfriend Tom and his friends continue to break the law and cause trouble.
On the last day when the lights completely swallowed up the school, the tension was high and they decided to spend a fun friend night and dancing night at the dance.
With a variety of fascinating realistic characters in the fierce-
Like situation, this is a nightmare drama that maximizes life and will make you wonder what the other side of the light is.
Emily mcfarr embodies the excellent performance of calm leader Julie.
McFall\'s natural mood and confident performance have maintained a strong momentum throughout the game.
The bad boy Tom with bright pink hair, played by Jordan Mason, performed a wonderful performance for the outgoing character.
Mason fully embodies rebellious teenagers through magical body language, expressions and excellent performance.
Rebecca White plays the role of Brianna who lost her brother.
In White\'s performance, she truly expresses her heartbreak with real tears and a series of amazing realities and related emotions, all of which come together for her character
The clothing team, led by Sarah Humphries, created a series of simple and colorful formal costumes that appeared in the final scene and really made the feeling of the ball even closer.
In addition to the final scene, there is a creative and original dance performed by the entire actor.
Choreographed by Darcey Pearson, the figure dances with a mix of 80 pop songs and adds fun to serious drama.
Special effects are a key part of the drama.
Anthony DaSilva and his team filmed and screened several video diaries that gave off a terrible feeling like a horror documentary.
All special effects, including live twitter feed and smoke machine, add to the overall success of the game, making it look like the current time frame.
The cast and crew of \"dark drama\" produced by Sir Wilfried Laurel middle school did a great job in performing the lovely performances of dark drama.
From the ability to perform to clothing, lights and special effects, every aspect comes together, giving birth to a group of realistic, frightened teenagers trapped between light and hard places.
The work of Sir Wilfried Laurier Middle School was reviewed by 13 critics representing seven schools.
The critic\'s discussion was directed by teacher Pierre bright of Ashbury College, and the student\'s review was edited and selected for publication by teacher Catherine Caldwell of Glebe college, who could only see the review, not the name or school of the reviewer. St.
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