canberra-based artist turns carpark into a work of art

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
While people familiar with a place in Canberra may disagree, the parking lot may not be the most attractive place.
People who walk through the car park in the west of the city will definitely see ticket machines and grocery stores, but they will also see glowing art.
\"Basically started a few years ago,\" artist Tommy Balogh told ABC\'s Jolene Laverty . \".
\"I\'m doing a big live art work, a six.
There I met a curious guy with a dog.
After that, Mr. Balogh transformed the parking lot into a glowing work of art.
\"It\'s too unorthodox, it\'s not fun,\" he said, accepting the surroundings.
\"But it\'s really exciting because with these vacant business spaces, it\'s a great opportunity for those with creative passion to create artwork and engage with the entire community.
Mr. Balogh\'s vibrant works of art have attracted many people through his gates, and have also attracted the interest of vivid International founders.
They gave lectures at Australian National University, like a moth attracted by strong light, and they approached Mr. Balogh and invited him to three places in Germany --Monthly residence.
\"I think, \'You must be joking \'.
Mr. Balogh said that since his recent return, he would like to implement a series of inspiring ideas in Canberra.
His works are displayed on plexiglass and using luminous media, he is able to give life to them.
\"There is currently a lighting device that basically responds to music and it activates the artwork, so it\'s kind of breathing,\" he said . \".
\"This is a wonderful interaction with physical media and light, because I think there is a lot of potential between the two;
You can create many different pieces of art in one piece of art.
This is what makes it special.
The artwork continues to expand within the parking lot, entering the elevator from the ground floor and then into the fourth floor.
\"I\'m slowly spreading to the building and in the end we want to convert those spaces to live in breathing spaces and inspire people.
\"It\'s a magical moment when you get this opportunity you really have to work hard and you have to put everything in or it will go away.
\"But what I want to get from here is to create those beautiful spaces, which is like the heritage of the parking lot and my work. \"Topics:arts-and-
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