camera; will tape be the film of the future?

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Sometimes, the future of photography will appear in the most strange places.
Recently, it appeared in the form of a tiny video movement at the international security conference at the New York Coliseum, in locks, anti-theft alarms, monitoring systems and detectors --picture camera.
Canon Ci-
No more than a pack of cigarettes. The Ci-
10 The attraction for security officials is that such a small camera may be placed in the investigator\'s vest pocket, enabling him to take pictures of the suspect without knowing it.
But for serious photographers
Sales began in January.
1, probably the heart of the electron-
Future Tape camera
For static photography and video movies.
Basically, the system in Ci
10 electronic devices similar to manufacturing disks
In an experiment at last year\'s Summer Olympics, still images were recorded.
In this experiment, the recorded still images were transmitted to Tokyo via satellite for immediate use by Japanese newspapers and distributed with darkrooms and other times --
Consume the editing program.
At the Olympic Games, Ci\'s electronic products
10 wrapped in looks and works like Canon F-1 35-
Camera with single lens in mm.
In operation, the photographer takes a photo on a floppy tape, just like they use 35-
Mm standard film.
You can take up to seven frames of tape stills per second.
Currently, Ci-
Can be connected to video recorder or TV monitor.
The camera is 2 2/16 wide, 1 7/16 deep, 4 inch high and weighs 10.
2 ounces without lens. Price: $1,000.
In future ads, the camera can be equipped with a video still disc with enough tape for 50 exposures.
This tape can be played back through the TV to watch the still image, or it can be printed instantly through the printer.
And there\'s no reason why it can\'t play a double role. Camera for use-
Whether it\'s a tape stills or a movie. The current Ci-
10 has a core element manufactured by Canon and Texas Instruments designed to enhance the image of the picture.
It consists of 380,000 pixels.
Cluster of picture elements. (
It is estimated that the quality Kodacolor 35 VR-
Mm film is equal to 10 million pixels. )
Other information about Ci
10 cameras write Canon USAS. A. , Inc.
1 canon square, Lake Success, New YorkY. 11042.
L. light stands can change the result of completing the picture as studio photography is an inch game.
If the lamp holder is not manufactured, sturdy and reliable, they cause the setting of the lamp to be lower than the necessary setting.
The final visual effect may be affected.
Good light racks make the studio or location safe, the insurance rate is low, the equipment is damaged, and most importantly, the photographer can control it.
Some stands have never intended to be used with the boom, and some have never intended to move the light to a higher level than the photographer\'s head.
A serious photographer knows the difference.
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Lack of stability can be a problem.
Solution: place sandbags on the legs of the stand to prevent them from being overturned.
When the photographer worked side by side with the TV and film crew, the equipment in both areas had to be compared and evaluated. Still-
Photography racks and lighting accessories are usually lighter and less robust.
Many photographers in photography studios are turning to the tougher, more complex booths used in movies and videos.
A few months ago, the 15 th edition of Matthews studio equipment
Product catalog was released.
Most of the attachments in the catalog are much higher
The price is higher than the price in the static field, but the gap between versatility and safety is very worthwhile.
For those novices in the studio space, a directory like this would be an eye --opener.
\"What do they do with it?
\'\'Will be a question repeatedly asked when scanning its page.
The advertising catalogue provides advice to photographers on various topics, such as the weight involved when adding wheels to the lamp holder (
Wheel bracket is easier to use).
The bracket without wheels weighs an ounce;
They weigh on wheels.
People know that the best stations are stacked together and packed together.
Of the 110 pages of the DoNews catalog, 8 are new products, including a brand new light rack series.
The mistake most photographers make is that they didn\'t try the lamp on the lamp holder first when they bought it.
Beginners are best to buy after renting.
You can get the catalog for $3.
50 from Matthews studio equipment
2405 Empire Avenue, Burbank, California91504.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001079 of the National edition on September 29, 1985 with the title: Camera;
Will the tape be a movie of the future? .
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