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by:Marslite     2019-10-04
March Group currently represents a successful and complete
Provide service activity leasing company and general service contractor for exhibition industry.
Local Business Magazine named one of the best businesses in the metro area in 2006. A well-
The company has been a member of the local leasing industry since 1980, and the company understands that growth and success depend on its ability to provide uncompromising services, support and quality rental products for each lease
The company dominates the local market in Colorado with a 70% share and has an important position in the neighboring metro area.
Expert performances on a variety of projects, including meetings, exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events, weddings and parties, and military events.
The company is the region\'s leading provider of event services.
The rental list includes everything you need to perform professional stage activities, from tents, tables, bars, cutlery and champagne fountains to stage lights, projection screens, registration counters, and more. At year-
At the end of 2009, the company\'s catalogue of leased equipment was valued at $2. 40 million.
Revenue is projected at $2010.
20 million, the corresponding EBITDA is $469,000.
The head of management wants to continue to participate in the business and help investors raise the company to a new record level.
Total annual sales: $2,200,000 state or country: CO Category: Listing: 60664 (B)[
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