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‘build ex’ to shed light on sustainable construction

by:Marslite     2019-10-21
According to P. , Madurai implemented the Smart City project and is expected to launch a large infrastructure project like the all-India Institute of Medical Sciences, with real estate prices rising
Ravichandran, Chairman, built Ex 2019, one four
The day exhibition that started here on April 26.
The expo will have more than 100 booths to spread knowledge of new technologies, innovations and future opportunities.
Jointly organized by the small industrial association of madorai District (MADITSSIA)
Association of Civil Engineers of madulai (AMCE).
Tuesday\'s conversation with presperson in Madeira
Building Ex will feature mechanical, electrical and lighting equipment, sanitary and plumbing equipment and ventilation systems, Ravichandran said.
In addition, some little-known building materials such as doors, bathroom accessories, wallpaper, water purifiers and storage tanks will be displayed. A.
Arivazhagan, president of AMCE, said, however, the highlight of the event will be a technical meeting for the public.
\"We will hold cost meetings for engineers
Effective and sustainable building.
Because there is a driving force in creating an ecological environment.
Friendly housing, we also offer suggestions for better planning and construction, \"he said.
He added that the public will receive guidance on obtaining various approvals and that students will have a career guidance program.
The expo will have a counter showing the manufacture of \"athangudi tilles\" and a free \"vasthu\" counter for those who wish to evaluate the building plan.
President maditssia k said a separate meeting on the importance of rainwater harvesting would also be held. P. Murugan.
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