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bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

by:Marslite     2019-09-22
But what about B-B-Man in Santa Monica?
Tim Dillenbeck of Ruby Goldberglike bubble-
The manufacturing machine is a fixture on the Santa Monica Pier and he says he should have the right to blow bubbles day and night.
But his obsession with blowing bubbles for a limited period of time led him to the police station, the municipal court, and the prison.
After four years at the dock, he was almost broke and had trouble paying the rent.
\"Let\'s hurry up now;
\"We\'re talking about bubbles here,\" said Dylan Baker, 52 . \" He had a ticket in his hand for a light crime that was full of frost.
The Van Nuys residents oppose the Santa Monica decree, which limits the time set by street performers and artists on the pier.
\"At least, we should be equal [performers on]
The Third Street Promenade.
\"Dillenbeck made most of the money from the tip and he has received more than a dozen tickets ---
Most of them in recent months-
In violation of a performance curfew (
10 weekends and midnight weekends)
And other related violations.
\"If an officer thinks their duties require them to give me a ticket, I will never object to them,\" he said . \".
\"There is a law in the book. . . .
Before the law changed, I was the whim and discretion of every officer.
\"At the same time, he said some tickets were unreasonable.
He hoped that through unremitting efforts, Hong Kong would finally be able to rethink its policies.
\"I do this not just for myself;
\"The law is stupid and everyone is suffering,\" says Dillenbeck . \".
\"Santa Monica is the first autonomous city in the United States. S.
Jail someone for blowing bubbles
The regulation aims to help businesses and street artists
According to the director of the organization who helped manage the city pier, there exists.
\"The purpose of the regulation is to try to develop guidelines and rules,\" said Palchikoff Monica marina restoration on January . \"
Who added that it will be subject to future reviews.
Lieutenant Santa Monica.
Betsy Stratton says her department is \"fairly tolerant\" of Dillenbeck \".
\"We will not judge the regulation, we will just enforce it,\" she said . \".
\"That\'s what our law enforcement is doing. \"*A self-
Describes the hippie of the first bubble.
In 1970, Dillenbeck said, he found that making bubbles was the most satisfying thing he could do.
He said he did this to \"make people smile\", which is the bottom line.
It results in 100% positive reactions from everyone.
\"After years of work, from designing concert sound systems for rock bands like fleewood Mike and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to designing and assembling robot stage lights, Dylan Baker
He made his machine in aluminum, stainless steel, nylon and plastic in a minivan shop he rented, some of which he used to supplement the dock\'s income, not far from his home.
A finished bubble blowing machine, 11 inch wide, 11 inch high and 4 inch deep.
It contains about 16 ounces of liquid, which he retails from toysR-
Because he thinks it\'s the highest quality.
Eight plastic wands travel in a circular motion, appear from the mixture and pass by in front of a small electric fan to provide a bubble payload shot like a friendly meteor shower
I left the dock]each day]
\"Let thousands of people smile,\" he said quickly . \"moving voice.
\"Therefore, in our foolish little ways, we realize our immortality through the memory of others.
\"Dillenbeck\'s hair is long, thin, messy and thin.
His beard was big and thick, and he had snakes on his stomach.
He pushed a rusty cart full of tools, bags, bungee cord, clips, batteries, spare parts, bubble liquid bottles and two handmade bubbles --
Blow the machine.
At first glance, he was like a homeless man who slowly did not know where to go.
\"Let\'s face it,\" he said, walking toward his usual position on the pier board.
\"I have an image to overcome.
I work harder because it\'s something to be proud.
\"He believes that if someone talks to him for a few minutes,\" usually all the hair and all of it can disappear [how]
They noticed me.
I like to reverse the concept of preconceived.
\"* In the past year, Dillenbeck has been quoted for running his bubble machine at sunrise, blowing bubbles in a place where no bubbles are blowing
The exhibition area on the dock during the city-
Sponsor the concert and blow bubbles a few hours after New Year\'s Eve.
He said that in these cases, he was not asking for tips, but expressing himself and adding an atmosphere to one of the most prominent and free environments in the region --
Form gathering points.
In some cases, he was sentenced to community service (
Beach on the sidewalk in Santa Monica Beach)
Or a small fine.
At other times, for example, in early October, his violations were dismissed in court.
However, on one occasion, Dylan Baker paid a particularly high price for his bubble --making.
After a dispute with an officer, he was sent to prison.
Dillenbeck said that in the early morning of July 15, he ran a machine on the dock while packing up a van parked nearby to enjoy the benefits of cancer, and he was booked to perform later in the day.
When he came back from the van, an official was writing him a ticket to blow bubbles before the city ordinance was announced. m.
Start time for street show
\"He\'s fiddling with the machine, and I\'m trying to stop him from breaking it,\" Dylan Baker said in an intermittent way of speaking. \"when he said,\" you say one more word, I will book you because you interfered with an officer. \' I [started to say]
\"At least let me know,\" at least before I can say. . .
He put everything down, rushed at me, handcuffed me and threw me behind the police car.
\"Instead of being released because of the early performance of the day, Dillenbeck was booked into a county prison.
\"Those people are very heavy,\" he said of his prison friends . \".
\"I was the only one who had no tattoos and they asked me why and I had to tell them to blow bubbles.
\"At a court hearing on July 26, Dillenbeck did not object to the restriction of a police officer, who was sentenced to 12 days in prison and was subject to summary probation.
But he was jailed for the remaining three performances. Hours violationOn Aug.
A friend was released when he paid $150 in bail.
* In an unusually warm autumn, Dylan Baker went to his usual location on the pier and met a little boy heading in his direction.
Dylan Baker started his bubble machine and the party started.
As the boy chased, jumped and evaded the joy of endless soap, he screamed happily.
The bubble man took out the big gun and began to make a bigger sphere with his wand.
It\'s hard to say who likes it better: The boy, whose parents stand by him and cheer for him, or Dillenbeck, whose toes dance and chatter constantly.
The boy grabbed a bubble as big as his head and stood in a damp place, happier than his parents laughed.
The bubble man successfully raised his arms and left a melting smile on his thick appearance.
\"That\'s the basis for why I did it,\" he said . \".
Dylan Baker is the idol of Santa Monica for some of the Marina regulars.
\"There are always a lot of people around him,\" said Alan Brennan, president of the South Beach Community Assn.
\"It\'s just magic.
Brennan said that bubleman should be appointed \"unofficial goodwill ambassador for Santa Monica\" and allowed him to blow bubbles anytime and anywhere.
Recently, however, it has become increasingly difficult for Dillenbeck to continue.
At the beginning of October, the trucks he used to transport machines, store replacement parts, and travel to and from the dock and trailer home on a daily basis were detained for 30 days.
The incident happened when a Santa Monica policeman pulled him over for violating smog regulations.
He\'s never been prosecuted.
Found that Dillenbeck\'s license was listed as revoked.
Although court officials released the van last week
To get it back, Dylan Baker faces more than $800 in storage bills.
He said it is difficult to make this kind of money quickly, because it is now in the medium term.
In November, a large number of tourists disappeared from the dock in the summer, and only a relatively small number of tourists and locals came to entertain.
Anyway, he keeps running his machine at full speed.
Construction of new machines for sale in Van Nuys, $200 per piece. .
On the dock, thousands of bubbles float out in the retreating tide, illuminated by the light around the moon and street lights.
Dillenbeck paused, looked up and looked at his creation.
\"I like this,\" he said . \"
\"Like the Milky Way.
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