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broadway is about to \'be more chill\'

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
When the sci-
A few years ago, the fi teen musical \"getting colder\" was released in New Jersey and it got
Hum key response.
But then something amazing happened.
Video recordings and YouTube videos went viral online.
Subsequently, fan art, fan fiction and song fan covers appeared on social media.
When the show started-
Tickets to Broadway sold out last month.
It will be colder to Broadway in February.
The premise is simple.
If you are an unpopular high school student, you can take a pill --
It\'s actually a small computer called Squip.
Make you welcome?
You know, calm down?
It\'s a warning story, but, really, what teenagers don\'t want this to happen?
Carly Heitner from Long Island has just started her second year of college, but she found her colder in high school.
She is now following and releasing the show on social media.
\"I think it\'s a high school story-it\'s obviously a super story at the age of 19 --
\"It\'s easy to connect with everything on the show,\" Heitner said . \".
\"Everyone on the show has a little bit of anxiety and it\'s common to have that feeling today.
This is so relevant. It really is.
\"What makes Gerald Golin feel this way is that teenagers find it more calm.
And some amazing data.
Goehring said the album has received more than 0. 16 billion streams.
\"How did you plan? Said Goehring.
\"How did you sell this product? You don\'t.
\"Actually, Goehring said
Broadway sold out without a penny of traditional advertising.
It\'s just social media.
To capture the colder phenomenon, I went to watch the show with super fan Carly Heitner.
Before the curtain call, she chatted with other fans in the lobby: Julia kesak in Philadelphia, Dylan Skra in Long Island, and Carly Ann Purcell in New Jersey.
Joe Iconis wrote the score to be more calm.
He said he was overwhelmed by fan culture.
\"I got so many gifts, all of which I kept,\" he said . \".
\"One of the coolest things for me is that people create art based on my art.
So every photo people make or the story they write
I mean, I have multiple thread heads.
\"A big part of the fan experience happens after the show is over.
Many of them stood in long lines at the door of the stage, signed and took selfies with the actors, and gave them fan art. Thirteen-year-
Old Carly Anne Purcell was \"freaking out\" when talking to Carly haitner \".
\"The lights and sounds are actually real --
\"It\'s like any other Broadway show I \'ve seen,\" Purcell said . \".
\"I have seen Hamilton, but still --
Sounds, lights and all effects are different from this.
It just can\'t.
\"Since the show premiered in New Jersey three years ago, actress Kaitlyn Carlson has been in the show.
\"Being part of something so important to so many people is very special, lucky and rare,\" said Carlson . \".
\"This is a state of mind --blowing.
\"I mean, I rented it,\" she said . \".
Of course, Carly Heitner got photos and signatures from all the actors she met --
And posted on Twitter and Instagram.
\"It\'s not just a show,\" Heitner said . \".
\"The show is great, but it\'s the downpour of social media, it\'s the actors who connect with fans, reach out to them and really care about them.
I think that\'s why the community is more calm and why it\'s such a special show.
\"This winter, more cold will move to Broadway, and its passionate young community will surely follow.
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