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british red phone box reborn as tiny nightclub

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
LONDON (Reuters)-
A small British town transformed its red phone booth into the world\'s smallest nightclub with sparkling balls, disco lights and a variety of telephones. themed tunes.
Enter a phone booth in Kingsbridge, southwest Devon, and enter a coin, you, and possibly a close friend, can dance with songs such as Blondie\'s \"hang on the phone\" or the \"phone line\" of the Electric Light Orchestra, drop the phone.
As paid phones are almost non-existent in the era of mobile phones, local communities have sought ways to preserve the remaining phone booths, which are seen as relics of past times.
The Golden Bridge Council is playing with planting boxes with flowers, or using it as a place to distribute leaflets.
\"I fell asleep excitedly,\" said member Chris Povey . \".
\"So I wanted us to do something different and do something a bit far from the wall, so we came up with the idea of a nightclub where we are today, there is a flashing light with a sparkling ball
The proceeds from the nightclub will be used to support a local charity.
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