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brighton beach babushkas compete to be this year\'s most fabulous grandma

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
Disco lights are spinning.
The crowd stood up and patted the pulsating beat of Celine Dion s Dion I m alive!
With the help of her backup grandma dancer, Paulina wokolboynik and grandma are performing her ribbon dance show.
Her audience was a noisy family: more than 300 children, grandchildren and friends from 12 competing grandmothers from all parts of the former Soviet empire.
But there are three people, and Vockoboynik has to impress the three grandfathers who sit behind a table with ballot papers and a series of Russian appetizers known as zakuski.
All the grandfathers, one of the three judges, Gari Kozulin considered his vote.
The judges are looking not only for talent but also for a positive attitude and family support.
This is the 17-year-old grandmothers pageant. It feels like all Brighton beaches are the hearts of Russians in New York.
The speaking community has put on their best clothes to show, cheer for Grandma and relax. The sea-
The side community nicknamed \"Little odessa\" has been absorbing waves of immigration from the former Soviet Union since the 19th century 70, and is now home to one of Russia\'s largest immigrants
Population in the West.
One of the lively grandmothers on the stage was 92-year-
Old pianist, Holocaust survivor who loves comedy, former nurse and self
Teach violinist
There are stories to tell.
What is the competition requirement?
Raisa Chernina says she is herself a grandmother and executive director of the Be Proud Foundation
A profit organization dedicated to uniting Russians in the region
Connect the population with other communities.
It hosts competitions at the National Restaurant on Brighton beach each year to celebrate family, friendship and heritage.
The judges also had to go through a bar and they had to be grandfathers.
Sometimes the judges have to find a room away from the crowd, says chernina.
Because she will laugh whether you believe it or not.
They are fighting for who gives the crown!
What are the judges looking for in grandma?
Judge and grandfather Alexander sirotin said it is very important to be optimistic, to pursue happiness and to support the familyLachman.
At the awards ceremony, the contestants held hands.
\"There are a lot of times when they don\'t even perform where you can see them dancing or supporting each other.
\"This is a celebration of friendship,\" said photographer Yurenev . \".
The engagement of the grandmothers family is so critical that they sometimes arrive in charter cars, and in the performance of grandmothers, generations are waving homemade signs and cheering wildly.
Sirotin said, family
Lachman is everything. Anna Malkina-
At least until next year\'s game, shumayev can be officially called \"his grandmother \".
\"Since immigrating to the United States 26 years ago, she has been focusing on charity work with veterans and senior families in Brighton Beach Russia
Talk about the community.
Three Crowns were presented at the end of the day, and Malkina Shumayev walked away with her sparkling crystal crown.
They should have seen [babushka [
The word grandmother in Russian]
It\'s not an old lady in a bathrobe ready for latte or kotlets.
Their babushki is full of life colors!
Each contestant spent months preparing for three tasks, usually to support each other: a regular task (
This year, it is to perform songs or dances when you are young), homework (
For example, prepare traditional clothes)
An unexpected challenge or test.
For a year, contestants must spell the names of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump correctly;
Chernina recalled that it was a brilliant mess considering their unstable English and everyone was laughing.
She said that she has been in roller skating for several years, she is a grandmother who studies gymnastics for daily life, and even attended some marriage proposals and engagement ceremonies.
As with any appropriate event, this year\'s fair includes a number of micro-eventsrebellions.
A grandmother allegedly handed the judge some rather vivid pictures.
Of all the grandmothers interviewed by the reporter, no one admitted, but all called me \"New Year\'s Eve\"
The classic Russian style makes any name sound sweeter.
However, organizer Chernina confirmed the photos while laughing: of course!
They wanted to bribe the judge from the first day!
Etya Mikhelson, an honorary player with three grandchildren, rolled over directly from the two grandchildren she assigned --
Time limit for minutes when playing classic and beloved songs about Odessa.
The whole Hall is singing!
How can I stop playing?
 x80 waste demurs 92-year-
Old in Russia. Anna Malkina-
Shumayev, 81, brought home a crystal crown this year and said half the fun was to prepare for the game.
This is a very important part of our lives. We are not so young people.
Her nephew is an anesthesia teacher who plays a supporting role as an artist in her daily life based on the Soviet Unionera hit.
Vigorous 69-year-
Old Faina Konusova came to the United States. S.
After 30 years at the Intourist hotel near the Kremlin in central Moscow.
It\'s too long to prepare for the game.
It puts you in a positive state of mind.
What pain did you forget? No pain!
The 79-year-old natada Natemzon, from Uzbekistan, competed 14 times and has been living in the United States. S. for 26 years.
We like it because we have our own collection and prepare it in advance.
She explained how one of the tasks was to perform a song or dance when she was young, so she danced tango with her husband Boris.
Mala Goldstein, 82, fled the Jewish quarter as a child with her mother and grandmother, and her grandmother died of malaria while fleeing the Nazis.
Now, she is also a grandmother herself, driving in town every day, working as a waitress and doing water gymnastics.
She said the match showed the best of her group of friends: my friend has always supported me.
Her daily life is a comedy.
Humor is my hobby, says Goldstein.
Humor brought me to this age.
Photographer Alexey Yurenev took these pictures and his family also immigrated from Russia, saying I would love to see my grandmother and these women on stage.
He was deeply impressed by all the deep friendship in the room.
Six hours after taking pictures and watching the game, he said my face was hurt by a smile.
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