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bridgend disco surgery for patients with learning problems

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
At a hospital in south Wales, disco lights, music and doctors help to eliminate the fear of surgery for people with learning disabilities.
Bridgend\'s Princess of Wales dental surgery staff reassured patients by letting them play their favorite movies or video games while sleeping.
Workers say it helps to reduce stress and help employees gain trust. The Spa -
Relieve anxiety of patients
Approach won two Health Council awards.
Paul Harris, the operating room doctor, said: \"Usually the daily life of some patients is very stiff and may lead to complex behavioral problems if they feel pain.
\"They have a very unique view of the world and we have to take advantage of that and try to integrate their standards into our environment.
\"We try to control their anxiety so that they don\'t get upset or trigger actions that can hurt themselves or others.
\"Items such as toys, balloons, bubbles and magic, and sensory toys such as disco lights and torches are popular.
Mr. Harris said that the characters, including Dr. Who and Dr. Thomas, were the patient\'s favorite, but one of the earliest successes of the department was foam packaging. \". . .
\"You can\'t be much simpler than that,\" he added . \".
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