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brian may on freddie mercury biopic, broadway, queen\'s future

by:Marslite     2019-09-28
The following articles are provided by Rolling Stones.
When Freddy Mercury sang \"We Will Rock You\" in 1977, even he would not have imagined that the swing would last for the 21 st century.
Mercury died in 1991, but the Queen\'s industry continues.
We Will Rock You, a touring version of drama production based on Queen\'s songs, currently on the road in the United StatesS.
By next summer
Founding members Brian May and Roger Taylor are preparing a second Queen\'s legacy album. S.
With Adam Lambert\'s show, he recently joined the stage of the Queen\'s founder in the September iHeart radio show.
Then it\'s long-in-
Pregnant Mercury organisms-
Will now be by Ben Whishaw (
Q In the latest James Bond movie \"Heaven Falls)
And its previous annnounced lead, Sasha Byron Cohen-
Like May\'s new book, Demons: A three-dimensional adventure in hell, this is a collection of card reproductions depicting various devils in the 19 th century
Playground scene. (
This book comes with 3D glasses that really make about 150-year-old images pop. )
Mei said at home in England: \"My life has nothing but relaxation . \"
Rolling Stones run through Mei\'s various projects, including projects related to the Queen and projects unrelated to the Queen.
Link: Take a look at the Queen\'s ranking on the list of 100 greatest artists in Rolling Stone and tell us your interest in demons.
When I was about 20 years old, I found the devil.
I met one at the Portobello Road market.
I just got knocked out.
You have to remember that in the 1860 s there was no TV, radio, movie or anything else, so your window to the world was a stereoscopic mirror, stereo cards sold millions in the UK and France, and actually about 1860 in the US.
For example, you can get three-dimensional photos of Gold Rush, civil war and some American Indians.
This is a huge thing.
Usually, a family will have a stereoscopic mirror.
We believe that such brilliant technology in the 21 st century will not be at the level of the 1860 s.
Link: list of the greatest 100 singers Rolling Stone has ever had: Freddie comoli how many cards do you have?
About two or 300, including repeated
Link: Brian reveals the power to why Sasha Byron Cohen left the Freddie Mercury BiopicIn way for filming, with they\'s re very accounting for 1860.
They told me about the power of mystery, imagination and mystery.
What I can\'t see is another subtext, which is incitement.
They were implicit messages that attacked the regime at that time.
Sometimes they attack them in a humorous way, sometimes in a very serious way.
The Napoleon III inside is the devil.
It\'s kind of like the cartoon I made about the horns on David Cameron\'s head.
But the risks are high.
You could be put in jail for that.
They got away with it.
You know they feel very similar to ours.
Link: Rolling Stone\'s list of 500 Greatest Songs Ever: The Queen\'s Bohemian whimsy \"we\'ll run briefly in Vegas and close. What happened?
After our 12 th anniversary, the performance in London is still stronger than ever and 6 million people have seen it in London.
We do have Vegas production, but we are at the wrong time and in the wrong place. It\'s a shame.
This is a program that we are very proud of, and we have to condense it to suit the requirements of our theater.
The owners are more concerned about having people sit on the gambling table than leaving them in the theater.
LINK: Rolling Stone\'s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists: When Brian MayWhen opened in London in 2002, we can say that it received a variety of comments.
In addition to the sad world, we have received the worst evaluation in history.
I am happy to say that both of us are still there, pointing our fingers at the critics.
They will want to ruin us.
I think we have a grudge because we come from different genres and music critics are shocked, like how dare you think you can walk into the theater to take it over?
But we didn\'t go in, we just tore up the rules of the musical.
We have accepted many of the things traditionally provided by the music theater and do it from the perspective of people who understand rock and roll.
It was a very new thing 11 years ago.
We were vandalized in the media, but one of the comments said it was a new musical theater and I think that person did the right thing.
Have you seen Jersey Boys, the rock age and other Broadway rock shows?
I have seen it all.
And American idiots.
I have seen it and enjoyed it.
It\'s good when I meet people who create these.
They all say they owe us and we will surprise you.
It was a good feeling and we contributed to the development of the rock theater.
What can you tell us about the Queen\'s \"new\" studio album?
Well, there\'s something coming.
I\'m not quite sure what it is.
I don\'t know if there is a whole album.
There\'s one in an album.
We are working on sorting out more unusual but memorable Queen footprints.
Over the years, things that are not single have become or remain popular.
That\'s how it started, and then we found a few disks of Freddy in the studio and the tapes we never ended.
We thought we were done with heaven.
But there are other things coming up.
So this album could be a mix of something unusual in the past and something very unusual that no one has ever heard of at all.
A newly recorded background track? Yeah.
Roger and I are working on the track in our spare time.
Some of them also have Michael Jackson, which adds another level of interest.
Freddy and Michael sang together in their 80 s and did experiments together.
How did you hook up with Michael?
Michael used to visit us.
He is a huge fan, especially Freddy, who gets along very well with Michael.
I remember Michael was very impressed with our lighting.
I don\'t remember which trip it was.
We have a light pod on the stage with the pilot.
He said, \"I\'m stealing things,\" and they must have something very similar in the \"victory\" journey.
But Michael really liked Freddy and was a bit of a fan of him.
Michael really thinks he wants to be a rock star.
Did he record with you in the studio?
He and Freddie work mainly in Michael\'s studio.
This is our tape.
Some of the tapes they made also have us on them.
But I have never worked in the studio with Michael personally.
Sometimes you come across a spare tape and think, \"Well, what\'s up there?
\"Look, this is a tape of Freddy singing what we forgot.
What does Michael\'s song sound like?
At least one dance, at least one dance.
There are currently three main competitors, and there may be four.
As for Freddy\'s biographical film, why did Sasha Barron Cohen quit?
The publicist at the Graca posted a story ---
I think that\'s where it comes from. -
Reca walked out in disgust because we didn\'t want to make a movie with our approved script.
But none of this is true.
We broke up friendly.
We still keep in touch, we are still good friends.
We have just come to the conclusion that it will not play a leading role together with Astra. He\'s brilliant.
But we feel that it can be distracting to put a character in it, because he is such a powerful character, and his characters often stand out in ways that are not suitable for the film.
In this movie, Freddy must be completely credible.
You must not question for the time being that you are looking at Freddy, this is impossible to happen in sarcha.
When did you realize all this?
We did not think of it immediately.
We are excited about the project, because the DESA is such a initiator and entertainer who came to us with many great ideas, great ideas and enthusiasm.
No, when we started looking at what he did in Hugo, we slowly understood.
I don\'t know if you saw it. . .
In the tragic world and the dictator.
The more we watch, the more we think, \"No, it doesn\'t work,\" and I think anyone who has seen these movies may feel the same way.
We really enjoyed working with him, but in the end you have to make a realistic decision.
It is reported that Sasha wants the film to be more R-
You want more families. friendly movie.
That\'s all nonsense.
This is all made up by PR people somewhere.
This is not the case.
Anyone who knows us knows that we are not the ones who shy away from the real problem, and if it is right at the right time, we have never evaded outrageous behavior.
Now you have a new star, Ben Wishaw.
Roger mentioned Ben in an interview a few months ago.
I think he\'s so excited.
But that\'s okay.
We talked to him alone.
But he is a great actor and his material is correct because he is not so famous yet, but he has international status.
The script depicts Freddy in a very realistic way, but in the background of the Queen, it is a kind family.
In a sense, it\'s about what\'s going on in the family and I think people will find it very touching.
How difficult is it to dig into Freddy\'s personal life?
This is a question of how comfortable you are and how much discomfort you can handle.
Because it\'s our personal life, too.
How much are you going to say to all the people who are still alive?
There is a whole nest of worms to negotiate in this movie.
Did Queen John Deakin, the bassist, participate in the project?
No, John doesn\'t want.
He is in his own space. we respect him.
It\'s a shame because we want him to be by our side, but he doesn\'t want to be in that arena anymore.
It was strange when he did not enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Queen\'s inauguration. Yeah.
Again, he just didn\'t want to go that way.
In a sense, we kind of mourn for John and Freddy, because no one on these four strings is like John.
He is an amazing player and it is only friendship as part of the team.
Hope you see it in the movie.
The relationship between us is very good.
I know John has read the script and he has agreed.
Why do you think Queen music is so lasting? I don\'t know.
Maybe just fine.
It seems to have an incredible skill that can effortlessly span generations.
My only theory is that we are ordinary people.
We don\'t write what it means to be a rock star.
We write about everyone\'s dreams, fears and ambitions.
There are songs like \"I want to break free\", \"We are champions\", \"Bohemian Rhapsody\", \"I Want It All\"-
Songs that people look for a way out, a way to express themselves, so they are naturally integrated into the buildings of people\'s daily lives.
You go to any football match, hockey match, rugby match or any match around the world and you will hear \"We Will Rock You\" and \"we are champions \".
\"They have integrated into people\'s daily lives in a way that is more powerful than the records you have collected.
We are still in this fashion, which is a bit of a shock to me, but it is a very good feeling.
You must be busy. Yes.
The only thing we don\'t talk about is astronomy.
Tell everyone to be careful with Comet Eisen and we may see it by the end of this year.
What do you think about an asteroid hitting Earth?
I think it\'s very possible.
It\'s impossible, we don\'t have enough scouts there to look for them.
This is my other little crusade.
I am funding a project that will increase our monitoring of dark objects that may go to us.
A few months ago, we were all looking at this object between us and the moon, and when we were all looking at it, something completely invisible and unexpected happened in Russia.
Should be a wake-up-up call.
This is a big object.
If it\'s a little bigger and a little later, you\'ll see a city disappear.
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