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bones in the flesh lifts bulgaria’s equinox into eurovision contention again

by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Bulgaria will be one of the countries watching the Olympic Games in the third year.
With their 2018 entries, the Equinox project won the European visual song contest for the first time, and their long-awaited live performance of \"Bones\" has made European visual fan armies booed for their chances.
The spring equinox is made by John Manuel groolki Simeonov, tree Campbell, Vladimir Mihailov.
They are all top musicians with close ties to Bulgaria.
The initial reaction to the song suggests that Bulgaria may have a hard time matching recent results, but the first live performance of the European vision party in London once again witnessed the rise of their stars.
Bulgaria ranked fourth.
The vocal and vocal effects are perfect, and live performances are more powerful than recorded tracks.
These are the most important things when it comes to the European vision.
A good song can be a great entrance when vocal combination and stage creation are three
A minute TV program that is very different from other programs.
Bones was written by Symphonix, the team responsible for writing the last two European visual works in Bulgaria.
Both rushed into the top five.
Last year Christian Kostoff won the second place in Bulgaria with a strong black ballad.
On this grand night, the beautiful mess ticked all the boxes and it was not easy to finish the second of the 26 songs.
When many entries are focused on the LED screen, the dark stage and the clever way of lighting are rewarded in the vote.
In 2016, Poli Genova used a similar concept, and if love is a crime, there is a dark stage and effective lighting to lift the track of the club.
The lighting was added to her stage costume, adding to the effect of the packaging.
Bulgaria, like many countries, is keeping their staging plans close to their chest, but their team is building an impressive library of experiences, and another major result of European vision this year looks like
Equinox is likely to be the first group to win European vision since Lordi won Finland in 2006.
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