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bonding with a band

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
Music, especially bands like Advaita, does not mean that it only has an effect on the ears.
\"Psychedelic fusion band from New Delhi, India\", as it says, as part of its stage concert, it has a highly visual component --
Especially the stage lights.
Although only in music, it is among the best in the country.
To make sure the band performed just as well outside of his hometown of Delhi
Packaging, Advaita has recently started five-
Tour of the city \'grounded in space (
Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi, in order)
The entire technical team including Priya Mathews (Lighting design)
And Nick Atkins (sound).
The mission is to familiarize audiences outside Delhi with Advaita and make sure that the experience does not disappear from the music.
The album \"taking root in Space\" was released in March 2009.
Abhishek Mathur, Advaita\'s lead guitarist, said it was a successful experiment to a large extent.
\"We did do this in Bangalore and Kolkata, although in Hyderabad and Pune we didn\'t get the people we needed,\" he said . \".
\"We have had some bad experiences in past performance.
The light suddenly starts flashing in the soft part, or does not appear when needed.
Atmosphere is very important.
For example, you can\'t watch classical performances in places where people chat or the lights are too bright.
\"The reason why most bands in this country are not traveling with their technical team is obvious.
Especially, as Mathur says, if it\'s 8-
Membership groups like Advaita.
\"Do you want more?
This is what organizers tend to ask, \"said Mathur.
\"We always have better performances in Delhi.
We know what we need.
Voice supplier, technician.
But when we travel and perform as part of another event, either the settings are lost or the technicians are not used to us, \"said Mathur, one of Advaita\'s founding members.
\"This tour is what we wanted to do last year.
Album of communication (
\"Landing in space \")
\"Responding across the country is a priority,\" he said . \".
\"This trip is just a prototype of what we want to do.
The band that organizes its own concert is new.
Of course, the support of sponsors is crucial.
We want to try more venues next season . \"
Since its establishment in 2004, Advaita has opened up a small world in the city\'s competitive band Circle, where music combines Hindustan, electronics and Western music from a group of musicians of the same different genres.
Except for the Anindo Bose in Abu sisheklatur (
Keyboard and electronics)
Tea Cigarettes in Kakari (
Western lead singer), Ujwal Nagar (
Lead singer Stani, India)
Rathore Singh, Oman (percussion)
Yousufu Khan (
The sound of Sarangi and Hindustani), Mohit Lal (
Tables and percussion instruments)
, Gaurav Chintamani (bass guitar).
A video on YouTube is the track \"Rasiya\" from the \"rooted in space\" album \".
Mellow classical-
However, no broadcast time can be found on the TV channel.
\"This is the age of Bollywood and reality TV.
\"Rasiya\" cannot be broadcast on TV due to the fixed company policy of the channel, \"rues Mathur said.
The good news is that the video \"Durga\" for Track 2 is now in production.
It is more \"marketable\" and may be available soon.
Are you preparing for the second album?
\"Our first album was made up of four years of music.
Of course, logistics also takes up a lot of time.
The good thing about Advaita is that we have been writing.
For the new album, we need to decide something like how to record and where to record, the identity of the album, I. e.
But we just feel that \"taking root in space\" still has a lot of legs and more potential.
We have the materials ready for the new album.
If we want, we can start work tomorrow.
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