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bon jovi a not-so-secret leafs fan

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Torunto found that the drug-bad or bad-might be what Jon Bon Jovi needed.
New Jersey rock singer Bon Jovi\'s lead singer has been suffering from bronchitis-forcing the group to cut the race time and postpone two New York City concerts at last Wednesday\'s Pittsburgh show, and completely cancel the Denver station-but on Monday night, the first of the two games was sent to the Toronto Air Canada Center --to-
His non-back performance
Completely and completely stop trademark energy.
\"I like to hear the screams of Canadian girls!
JBJ in Toronto Maple Leaf T laughs, sweat stream sweaty back, still cute
Among the many highlights of the show, shirts and shaking behind his famous, we started.
\"That\'s why I like Toronto!
\"Even if his voice sometimes sounds a little thin at the end of the two of the veteran group --hour-and-20-
The minute show, which he made up for by passionately engaging with fans and his band members, especially Toronto guitar player Phil X.
Phil X was delighted to perform at numerous recitals and has shown himself an original guitarist Richie Sambora worthy of replacement, who left the band on his 2013 tour in Calgary, even if his chemistry with the singer didn\'t hit JBJ
The level of Sambora is not yet available.
Bon Jovi, composed of the original member Tico Torres on drums and David Bryan on the keyboard, the \"criminal partner\" John Shanks who has long made the guitar, bassist Hugh MacDonald and, starting with their latest records, the House is not for sale and there is no Sambora\'s first one.
Play on an impressive lighting device with six towers, the band hit their pace with a third song, and you give love a bad name.
This is the best anthemic Bon Jovi with a lot in the middle
It\'s my life, who says you can\'t go home, you put your hand on me when the concert is over, born to be my child, have a good time and keep faith (
Shake maracas with JBJ)
Before you lift your hand and want to die or live and live in prayer.
Between the two, the audience had to sit and listen to some new songs and JBJ\'s various explanations of them, as he did when the band visited Toronto last fall, and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was set up for the championship.
The fast-paced New Year\'s Day is the most successful of the new songs, but it is clear that the audience really wants old Chai nuts and specifically wants Phil X to do the death or life of the Sambora vocal part.
\"It\'s not rehearsal,\" JBJ said in a cheer . \".
Could have lied to me. —-
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