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body cam video show chaos at pulse nightclub after shooting

by:Marslite     2019-10-17
An image of the body\'s camera that responded to the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting showed that, they faced confusion in the morning of June 12 as they cleared the entrance and entered the building where gunmen Omar Mattin earlier barricaded in the bathroom.
In a video released by the Orange County Sheriff\'s Office, officials with guns were seen walking into the nightclub, and the disco lights were still projecting images of colorful flowers around the club.
The video then turns black and edits to hide the image of the body.
But audio playback.
In the dark, the phone rang. Then another.
More footage showed police running towards the building while a group of other law enforcement officers were waiting outside.
\"Hey, see if they need a stretcher,\" shouted someone . \".
The recordings were the latest public records released within months of the shooting, killing 49 people and injuring at least 53.
Mateen was also killed in the shooting.
On Thursday, a judge also ruled that Orlando should release many of the 911 calls made during the shooting.
Some will be released as audio.
City officials told the news media that others will be released as transcripts next week.
In one of the videos, when police responded to the scene, the blue lights flashed in the early morning darkness outside the nightclub.
Gunfire \"sounds like AK,\" an official said.
\"Your Shield can\'t stop AK from firing,\" he warned another officer . \"It\'s not rifle-certified.
In another video, officials stood at the door of the club to discuss the shooting.
The video shows a barrel of rifle pointing to a nightclub.
They\'re talking about hearing gunfire from inside earlier.
\"Those shots sound very close when we stand here.
\"This guy is ready,\" said one . \".
At some point they heard that the gunman was apparently locked up in the bathroom.
\"He has several hostages,\" an official said . \".
They got word that someone called the dispatcher who claimed to be the gunman.
The police continued to try to figure out which bathroom he was in.
Other people in the building are planning where they are going.
\"There is a dressing room somewhere on the left of the stage.
Outside, a weeping man approached the police officer.
When he was taken away, he told a deputy that he was a DJ at the club before the shooting.
\"I turned the volume down as soon as I heard the gunshots,\" said the man.
He was not injured.
As more victims appear, the scene appears again.
\"Please help my friend,\" said a police officer . \" They were \"seriously injured,\" he added \". \"As 5 a. m.
Close by, a SWAT team made a hole in the building, which was neither seen nor heard in the body cam video.
\"A swat man has a helmet,\" said a police officer, referring to Orlando police officer Brian Napolitano, who was slightly injured.
Another response is, \"helmet?
He confirmed, \"Yes, but he\'s fine.
\"Soon after, Mateen announced his resignation.
Four people were found in one bathroom and nine in the other.
There is no mention of whether they are dead or alive.
Outside the Orlando Regional Medical Center, police spoke to club members who escaped the shooting.
Some people said, \"my best friend was shot . \"
\"The guy started shooting at everyone in the club. Everybody.
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