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blue bridge theatre group buys roxy, will stage live performances there

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
A Victorian couple\'s passion for the theater helped transform a tired Quadra Street cinema into a new live performance venue.
Blue Bridge theater bought the Roxy Theater for $965,000 from businessman Michael Sharp.
\"We just signed these documents this morning,\" Blue Bridge art director Brian Richmond said on Wednesday . \".
He said his company will offer a combination of drama and film at Roxy, on Quadra Street, near Hillside Avenue.
Blue Bridge will officially announce its purchase on Thursday, launching an event to raise $2 million to cover construction and renovation costs.
This will include the sale of naming rights to Roxy.
\"This is a huge turning point,\" Richmond said . \"
\"If we do that, it means we\'re basically going to be a local fixture forever.
This will guarantee financial stability in the United States.
\"The key to the Blue Bridge acquisition is to loan the purchase amount to entrepreneur and engineer Michael Solomon and his wife actor and director Shawna Baird.
The company has 30 months to repay the debt.
\"You won\'t get the deal at the bank.
This is a very generous deal . \"Victoria-
Baird is the daughter of former city councillor Janet Baird.
She and her husband were impressed with the production of \"Who Is Afraid of Virginia Wolverine\" and decided to support the Blue Bridge financially?
\"I am passionate about drama.
No matter where we live, Michael and I believe you will dig deeper and take root . \" Said Baird.
After living in Paris for seven years, Salomon and Baird recently moved to Victoria.
Baird is a Grand acquisition and renovation-a century-old theatre —
At the Calgary Theatre Junction in 2005.
Grania Litwin, chairman of the Blue Bridge Board of Directors, said, 300-seat Roxy —
A 1949-square-foot cabin
It takes a lot of work to turn it into a double
Use theater and cinema.
\"It\'s very shabby. . .
There is no real stage there.
No backstage.
No locker room.
\"There is only one nice rectangle,\" she said . \".
Roxy will eventually be equipped with stage lights, refurbished lobby, stage, dressing room, back desk and office area, and more restrooms.
In terms of film, Roxy will convert from 35mm movies to digital movies.
Blue Bridge will continue to play at the McPherson theater, reducing the summer performance from three to two.
It will host three live performances in Roxy in the winter and offer a second one
Film screening.
It will also rent out Roxy to community groups.
Roxy will provide more for Blue Bridge, Richmond said
Cash flow is required throughout the year. The five-year-
The old theater company has accumulated a deficit of $128,000 in its $1 million operating budget.
Blue Bridge is cheaper to perform on Roxy than at the McPherson theater.
When the rent of the Blue Bridge in the city is reduced
For some programs, it has to pay for the union of the technical team (Roxy is not-unionized).
Richmond said Roxy will also help Blue Bridge art expand by allowing more adventure plays to be staged at Blue Bridge.
Blue Bridge is scheduled to host its first live performance in Roxy in November.
At the same time, it will continue like a movie theater.
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