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black feminism lite? more like beyoncé has taught us black feminism light

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
When a black woman comes forward and declares herself a feminist, the reaction has never been a universal celebration. Self-
Feminists and singers Beyoncé Knowles have a deep understanding of this.
Just recently, former artistic gymnast Anne Lennox, in a series of interviews, put forward the latest criticism of Beyonce\'s feminist certificate, calling the artist\'s position \"feminism\"
Lennox condemned Beyonce\'s example as harmful to girls and young women, who were fascinated by her performance\'s \"open sexual impulses,\" and declared her luxurious emotional image \"disturbing \",
However, when a black woman stands up and declares herself a feminist, this behavior has had a profound impact on other black women, especially when she is waving megawatts --
Beyoncé likes a distinct image, especially when she announces that the platform for feminism is the MTV Video Music Award.
The day before Lennox commented on NPR\'s interview, the schedule at the University of Texas in Austin released a new curriculum, which I will be teaching next spring, titled \"Beyonce feminism, Rihanna
\"There was a sensation and several news media reported it.
But those who approached me with the most appealing questions about \"Beyonce feminism\" are young black women: undergraduates and graduate students, emerging black female journalists, from Iowa like Ames and San Antonio, Texas.
They approached me and expressed the excitement of a professor taking Beyonce and Rihanna seriously.
Someone recalled the lyrics they sang, the songs they danced to, and they declared that the shirt \"I woke up like this\" might be important and worth it ---
This could be a meaningful source of authorization that they have always thought.
When Anne Lennox looked at Beyoncé glistening on the stage with a feminist touch behind it and saw the feminist lite, on the other hand, I, along with many black women and girls, saw
I\'m not talking about her lightning show.
Beyonce recently released an extended promo for her \"lady\"
Carter world tour.
The video revolves around Beyoncé\'s fantasy of layering in gold and rich.
She was dressed in a gold corset and a gold ring-free skirt with chains and jewelry dripping on it, waving a scepter, gracefully coming out of the back of the double doors while balancing in her curls
Red thigh-
Queen Bay, wearing high boots, slipped into the Hall of the palace, reminiscent of Buckingham Palace in Britain, where she was apparently the Queen of the sun.
This is clearly a place we don\'t have in the world as we know it.
Instead, it\'s a gem.
A rich fantasy imagined by a black feminist: a world
Changed the other reality of the value of black women.
This contrasts with a news story in Beyonce\'s hometown of Texas a few days later, which tells a black woman who appears from another door frame.
47-last February-year-
Old Yvette Smith opened the front door for police officers responding to family harassment calls.
The police shot and killed her at her door.
Later, the police claimed that Smith was carrying weapons and then withdrew the claim.
Smith\'s twin sister Yvonne Williams, who is pursuing a wrong death lawsuit, mourned: \"You know, part of me has disappeared, and I hope I can take it back, but I can\'t.
\"In Texas and the rest of the country, black women are more likely to be shot in the dark than they appear on stage under the lights.
Turning on the news and seeing black women classified as eternal victims, we all feel that part of ourselves has disappeared.
Girls do not rule the world, Beyoncé knows this very well.
But creating a vision of fantasy, in which we are all sun Queens, is very necessary to maintain the spirit of hope for black women.
I don\'t want to tell the student that Smith represents the only experience of black women\'s existence.
We have to imagine other options as well, and I appreciate that Beyonce offers us the opportunity to celebrate them.
I applaud her for how she creates the vision of black women\'s freedom, especially in this world where freedom does not exist.
Black feminism, light: Thank you, Ms.
A little gift from Knowles.
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