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big apple lures little companies

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
This is a difficult city.
So, why are thousands more people posting here? (
Small fortune enterprises)--
It is crowded, noisy and very expensive, and the cost of living is 64% higher than the national average: Welcome to New York City.
While the more practical type may prefer the nearby linderhurst (No. 30 on our list)
Residents here learn how to live without ordinary amenities.
Like wardrobe spaceOr a lawn. Or a car.
Commercial property prices are 78% higher than the national average, with a further £ 3.
9% rent tax south of 96 Street, in some cases non-legal person business tax of more than $ 4% in income is 10,000.
However, there are 220,000 small companies here.
Up from 200,000 in 2002)
Two accounts.
Private thirty-sector jobs.
Why are so many entrepreneurs willing to endure so much?
On the one hand, New York buzzes with an energy that makes other cities look sleepy.
\"There\'s always a chance to try something you \'ve never seen, done or tasted,\" said 48-year-old John Stage, who moved from Syracuse to New York and opened his restaurant dinosaur bar. B-Que, in 2004.
\"If you\'re a fan of action, there\'s no place on Earth like New York.
\"Most of this vitality comes from the extraordinary cultural diversity of the city, as well as people of all races, faiths and classes (
Including billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg)
Rub your elbow on the subway
The Big Apple is a mecca for art, media and fashion, attracting assisted entrepreneurs --
Stage designer, lighting equipment manufacturer, performance coach, makeup artist, professional art fixer
Who will find it difficult to make a living elsewhere.
After all, there is only one Broadway, one Metropolitan Opera House and one clothing area.
New Yorkers are willing to pay for services that residents of other towns take care of themselves, such as walking dogs, washing clothes and picking up groceries.
Then the prestige factor.
57-year-old Paco onderhill market
Research consultant, who launched envirovio with an employee in New York a few decades ago.
He now has more than 100 people, including part-time jobs.
It is estimated that 96% of his clients are outside New York.
\"At the beginning, my business --
Observe and analyze customer traffic patterns
It\'s a tough sale, \"said Underhill.
\"If I work elsewhere, I don\'t know if it will do the same.
People are interested in the companies here, because New York is regarded as a global cultural and financial center.
\"The relationship between New York and the owner of a public relations company is so important (
Hope to remain anonymous)
His client called him with a cell phone with an area code of 212.
Although his company is based in Cleveland.
This prestige attracts a lot of ambitious talent, so business owners can recruit from top companies
Pool of labor gaps.
\"There are many people in New York who are engaged in the creative industry [
Outside business hours
I have a big chance.
Time help, \"said Underhill. \"A prize-
Award-winning illustrator for children\'s books --time.
I \'d rather have 30% of his brain than 100% of others.
\"The city encourages start-up through New York Business Solutions, which not only helps start-up
Ups not only provides affordable properties and training for employees, but also loans for them.
Pete O\'Neill, 45owns three dog-
Beauty salon in Manhattan
The third was funded by a $85,000 loan from another city agency, Seedco.
Before moving to New York, O\'Neal ran stores in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
\"None of them provided the funds and assistance available in New York,\" O\'Neill said . \".
But the real secret may be the willingness to live a double life.
As O\'Neal said: \"We think it\'s two different cities --
It\'s a nightmare during working hours, and the other is where we like to live the rest of our time.
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