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bieber\'s hot show melts down apollo power

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
Justin Bieber performed a non-plug-in at the Apollo Theater on Monday, but it was not intentional --
A problem at the big concert that was a hit caused a power outage.
Scooter Braun, the singer\'s manager, said a private show was coming to an end in front of a crowded house, and the power supply for most stage instruments suddenly went off.
\"Then we heard the fire alarm,\" Braun said on the phone Monday night . \".
Literally, the boy detonated the Apollo.
He heated the Apollo.
\"But Bieber still finished his performance with the help of his fans.
\"It\'s turned into the Apollo moment, like one of those impromptu things,\" said Nina fros, the representative of Apollo . \".
\"It\'s one of the most special nights I \'ve ever had,\" Braun said . \".
The power outage only affects stage equipment and some lighting, which occurs at the end of the show.
Braun said they were told the problem should be only a few minutes, but the problem lasted more than 40 minutes.
At first, Bieber calmly responded to the power outage.
\"He was joking. He said it was all hot girls . \"
He then boarded the drum that was working for solo and asked the crowd to sing the Serenade for his birthday.
But Bieber is upset about the disruption of the show, which aired later this week as part of the NBC special.
\"He\'s starting to get frustrated because it\'s been 40 minutes,\" Braun said . \".
Instead of getting angry, however, Bieber decided to put his energy into acting for his fans, who stayed in the audience during the delay.
\"He went out and he really calmed the crowd and he said, \'I am sorry for the power outage. . (But)
You have been supporting me.
I\'m going to sing Boyfriend. you\'re going to sing it to me.
\"Then, he launched his hit song on the new album Believe, because when he danced, it was mainly the crowd of teenage girls singing together,\" Braun said . \".
Flower can\'t say what caused the power outage, but she praised 18-year-
The old artist who finished the performance.
He could have stopped.
He could have stopped saying that I did everything.
But he\'s back . \"
She added that Bieber had all night revered the famous theater, a sacred hall where James Brown, Steve Wangda, and Bieber\'s idol Michael Jackson, etc.
\"This is really a special moment,\" she added . \".
Bieber\'s concert was part of a series of promotions on Tuesday to launch his album \"Believe.
It received a strong evaluation.
Braun says he wants the album to prove that Bieber has more than just hype.
\"Every step he is suspected of,\" Braun said . \".
\"He\'s a great artist and entertainer and he showed it tonight.
\"NBC is controlled by Comcast.
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