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‘bhagawad ajjukam’ probes the concept of transfiguration

by:Marslite     2019-10-06
\"Bhagawad Ajjukam\" written by Bodhayan often sees Hindi translations on the Delhi stage.
Prahasana, originally Sanskrit, was considered by most directors to be just a farce for entertaining audiences.
Bhagwathi mi of its latest revision.
Recently performed by a second-year student from the National Academy of Drama at Abhimanch, a highly innovative theatrical work.
Without distorting the narrative structure, the dichotomy between reality and illusion is attempted through visual imagery, lighting effects, design, actor body movements and music.
It can be said that this \"Bhagawad Ajjukam\" with such a complex artistry did not appear on the Delhi stage in recent memory.
It evokes laughter, dazzling visuals, and explores in subtle ways the contrast between the world of Buddhist monks lacking and the fascinating life of prostitutes.
Directed by Suresh anagali, the show graduated from the National Academy of Drama in 1985.
Headquartered in Karnataka, he has long been working with different leading organizations such as samudaya, the Nunam Theatre Academy, Hegodu, Bhopal Rang Mandal Bangalore.
The imprint of his experience and excellent creativity is reflected in his design, stage creation and musical handling of the drama that is essentially pulachana.
The director deviated from the Sanskrit format and designed a well-crafted choir in which members dressed in sportswear, danced while singing, and comic the characters depicted by the performers under the stage.
These scenes are illuminated by the lighting effects designed by experienced lighting designer Avtar Sahni.
With the rich orchestra, it is full of vitality.
We watched the Buddhist monk Parivrajak and his disciple Shandilya look for each other in an unknown location.
Mountain bottom of Brahminturned-
Buddhism changed his faith not because of his faith, but because he could not get enough food as a Brahmin.
Although he adopted Buddhism, he did not get enough food and was still hungry most of the time.
His guru was not satisfied with him because he was slow to learn and mainly talked about food.
While the guru and disciples were immersed in the game of chasing each other, they met a prostitute Basantsena and her waitress in the picturesque Forest.
Although the flowers are enjoying the beauty of nature, they can smell the colorful flowers. A love-
Lorn, who is deeply in love with an alcoholic young man, was angry to have his company in such a romantic atmosphere and sent her waiter to take him.
The story took an interesting turn, and Yamdoot, Yama\'s messenger, entered the story, who was given the responsibility to take over Basantsena\'s soul and found her in a sentimental mood, deeply yearning for her lover.
He quickly brought her soul to the mountain music and quickly handed it over to the mountain music.
He made a mistake in a hurry.
In fact, he was ordered to take away the soul of a different Basantsena.
Shandilya lamented the death of Basantsena and sincerely called on his mentor to bring her back to life.
Guru comforted his disciples, and when the mission of the soul is over, it leaves the body.
The body is short and the soul is immortal.
However, the apprentice was not convinced and insisted on handing over his life to prostitutes.
With his spiritual strength, the soul of Guru entered the body of the prostitute, and the body of Guru died.
Look, life is back in Basantsena.
Yamdoot is confused.
He was ordered to undo the mistake he had made.
Upon arriving at the scene, he found that Basantsena had returned to life, but the body of the monk still had no life.
He transferred the soul of basansena to the body of the monk.
The behavior and conversation of Basantsena is like that of a Buddhist monk, and the behavior of a monk is like that of Basantsena as a prostitute.
The situation is very interesting.
Tantrik also has a character, a fake doctor, brought in to revive Basantsena.
He has shown to be full of absurd and rude quirks, ostensibly to control the evil forces that have the soul of Basantsena and to lose his temper.
After being exposed, he hurriedly retreated from the scene and made himself the object of ridicule.
But the artistic goal of director Suresh Anagalli is not just to entertain the audience.
His dazzling vision is a metaphor that reflects the dichotomy of reality and illusion and explores the concept of soul deformation.
The setting and use of properties makes the production itself unique. Upstage a two-
A layered structure was established.
Top musicians take up the space that the audience can see.
The space between the upper and lower spaces is covered by a transparent element that reflects the action on the lower stage.
Sweety Ruhel\'s colorful and vibrant outfit boasts a ring of modern style.
Yamdoot transformed himself into a deadly cobra to bite Basantsena\'s scene to present a larger image than life.
Puneet Kumar Mishra plays Parivrajaka in strange costumes, Bhuneshwar Mahilane is a disciple who is always hungry, obsessed with prostitutes and very funny.
Smriti\'s Basantsena has given her Basantsena character an aura of porn.
Meshram Saurabh Gurudas is Tantrik and he claims to have great mysterious power when he is faced with powerful power and Masood Qadir as Yamdoot,
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